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May 30th 2007

Hello! I'm Red Jack evidently, and, I'm a terrible newbie type. I think I stole the name 'Red Jack' from Vampire: The Requiem, before anyone accuses me of stealing (right after they accuse me of being a Nazi because of my unashamed love for all things Millennium related - I also think Heinz Guderian was awesome - so yell at me for that as well if you like). Anyway, I write entirely for fun, and generally because I have little better to do in the breaks between semesters (when I'm not terribly, terribly drunk that is - which is a great deal of the time - with a little luck of course).

Yeah, and I've a tendency for literary elephantitis - so if I go on and on like a Jane Austin novel (snore) poke me with the action stick and I'll write a ficlet where a werewolf fights a pair of giant boobs (wait...isn't that Hellsing 82?).

Random facts and suchlike section:

Favourite novels/short strories/comics: Anything by Lovecraft - but particularly 'Call of the Cthulhu', 'Herbert West; Re-Animator' and 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward', some of Stephen King's less titanic works - 'Carrie', 'Firestarter', the short story compilations and 'Christine' (his best novel IMO), anything suitably gothic from Poe or Angela Carter (I challenge you to read 'The Lady of the House of Love' and NOT be just a little upset at the end) on the same note C.P. Atkins' 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is great, and I love alternate history novels - although NOT Harry Turtledove. I'm also a big new WOD fan, particularly of Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening and Promethean: The Created. As I'm sure anyone can tell from my less than extensive writing history - that I'm a Hellsing fan (strictly Mangaverse), I also love 'Priest' (although I think I'm the only one sometimes), the BR manga and the just completed 'Trigun Maximum'. Never been a huge fan of western comics - although you can't go wrong with a bit of Frank Miller - '300' in particular.

And Johnny. The Homicidal Maniac.

How could I forget you?

Beyond the more modern smorgasbord I've rambled on about above, I'm also a firm Shakespeare fan - my favourite works being 'Macbeth' and 'Richard III'. I also enjoy H.G. Wells, and, at the exact opposite end of the historical spectrum - The Iliad.

(I love you Hector!)

Reading at the moment: Rising '44: The Battle For Warsaw People who whine about Poland should read this book. I'm tired of people bitching about Poland. We owe them for Stalin people.

Just finished reading: Ghost of Yesterday, the Transformers the Movie Prequel I really enjoyed the Transformers movie, so i thought I'd read the prequel novel. I wish I hadn't.

Planning to read next: American Psycho Come on folks. It's a classic orgy of violence and pr0n. I can't belive I haven't read it already.

What I like in fanfiction: Thought, effort, and time spent on writing the damn thing, literary references (it makes me feel intelligent if I get them), plausible character pairings, something different, some action - so many people seem wonderfully able in sucking the action out of an action novel/film/manga and replacing it with romance, a lack of emo-teen-angst is essential as well.

What I don't like in fanfiction: EMO. God. I hate emo so much. Lighten it up, please. Or make it believably dark. Pick one. By the same note, people who write small gothic fics with rampant Mary Sueism. I hate that as well. Generally written by people who claim to have read 'The Vampire of Kaldenstein' but actually just saw in on a list of Gothic stories and put it in their ‘top ten stories evar!!!’list because it has vampires. Crack Hellsing pairings - I don't need to read another story that has MajorxSchro. Ever. Or CaptainxSchro. Or AlucardxSchro. What is it about that little guy? For the love of God people, leave him alone!

Okay, in addition to my ranting here, after doddering around the Hellsing fanfiction section here for a while, I've come to a few conclusions. Aided by recent moanings about Hellsing on My main revelation is:


Really, Hellsing is an action manga right, am I right on that? So where are all the stories about the fighting? And the war? Do you know how many stories that involve thermonuclear explosions there are in this section? None. (I know, I know, I can't believe it either!) All I see is relationships and romance (or sexy time)! Help me please, to understand this, people - I get folks moaning about 'too many fight scenes' (WTF?) on Bloodknight and here, I see people writing nought but 'Integra has sex with Alucard/Major/Walter/Seres/Hitler' or 'Hellsing cast in crazy situation X... and then Integra has sex with by Alucard/Major/Walter/Seres/Hitler'.

That's not to say that some of the romance stuff isn't good...but seriously...bring the violence people, it's significant (to quote those lyrical geniuses...Disturbed...).


For the children.

Don't let them grow up in a world where Nazi werewolves are denied the opportunity to fight Dracula.

It's just not ethical.

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