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Hello, Hello!

WARNING: I find myself with several half completed works that are not seeing the light of the net. As such, I will be doing a mass upload of the first chapter of every story I already have at least the first couple chapters completed. The thought is to put the stories out there, and- depending on audience response to a story- said story may or not be continued. If you enjoy a story, please make a note to review, as it let's me know that someone is reading it. Even one reader will keep a story going.

My "In Work Shop" will remain though for stories that I have not completed at least three chapters on. I change a story depending on ideas over the first couple chapters, so I may need to go back to change things in chapter one. So I'd like to keep a story in shop until I have an idea of where I'm going with it.

Profile Update: You'll notice a few things have been deleted for the sake of cleaning up my profile, or just change something depending on my changed interests over the years. I no longer have "Story Info", "Sneak Peak", or "Beta help add". I will be adding a cancelled part. This is for the stories that have been sitting in my "Work shop" section that I will no longer be doing. There will be a reason beneath it. If at any point a story that looked of interest to you get's place in the cancel section, PM me. Some of these pieces I might still do if I find there are people interested, or would be welcome to the idea of co-writing or even adopting out the plots I already have.

Welcome to my homepage! Things about life I think about ( mottoes)...

Love to live. Live to love

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice... and let life wonder how the hell you did that

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments our breath is taken away

Love your neighbours as you love yourself

We could never learn to be brave and paitent, if there were only joy in the world

Honesty: Better to fail with honor than to succeed with fraud

Chaos Theory:

An attempt to see and understand the underlying order of complex systems that may appear to be without order at first glance. The philosophy that every event can be traced backward to the influence of a previous circumstance, no matter how random a result may appear.

The Butterfly Effect:

The sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

orgin: 1980–85; so called from the notion that the fluttering of a butterfly's wings may set off currents that will grow into a hurican on the otherside of the earth.

Stories in the Shop:

Note: All summaries are below the title and info in italics


"To Earn a Kiss"- ROBSTAR, BBRAE, CYBEE Genre: Romance/Comedy

Madness is a foot! Find out who will kiss and who will miss in an epic challenge!

"Journey to My Memory" BBRAE Genre: Romance/ Humour/ Adventure

A fight, A prank gone wrong, and now BB and Raven must work together to find and recapture Raven's scattered memories. A task that may just prove to be impossible.

"Tis the Season" BBRAE, ROBSTAR Genre: Humour/ Romance

...To be jolly! Yeah, right. Not with the ultimate Christmas prank war at hand. Merry Christmas Titans! slight RobStar & BBRae.

"My Beautiful Curse" BBRAE Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy

In his dying hour, Trigon left a curse upon his daughter. Now it has come to claim her. Rated for sensitive topics and character death.

"Tiny Titans"- BBRAE Genre: Romance/Adventure (or drama... undecided)

The little things do matter, at least when you've been shrunk one cm in height. With danger lurking, can BB and Raven survive long enough to undo the spell?

"Tis the Season" BBRAE, ROBSTAR Genre: Humour/ Romance

...To be jolly! Yeah, right. Not with the ultimate Christmas prank war at hand. Merry Christmas Titans! slight RobStar & BBRae


"For Love and Honour" Shampoo/Mousse Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort (or Tragedy)

His love for her lead to his death. Now, for his honour, she's going to finish what he started.

"Show Down, Okanomiyaki style" Ukyo centric Genre: Western/Parody

"So I hear your the best okanomiyaki chef in these parts" "Yeah, you got that right, sugar." "Well I just so happen to be the best Okanomiyaki chef in Japan... and I've come to challenge you."

"Jump in, Furiken!" Genre: Humour/Song-fic

Okay, KK, the big kahuna gonna teach me students a thing or two this time. Wanna come jumpin' in the line wit us?

DIGIMON (Adventure/02)

“Dawn of the Crests” Taiora, Takari, Kenyako, Koumi Genre: Adventure/ undetermined

When a powerful tablet turns back the Digital World clock, a new generation of chosen is called upon to fight the rising darkness. Next Gen Ocs.

“It's Complicated” TaichixSoraxYamato triangle Genre: Romance/ undetermined

Love is just a complicated mess. TaichixSoraxYamato triangle.

“Stupid Cupid-mon” Multi-pairing. Genre: Romance/Humour

What do you get when you cross a cupid like digimon with poor aim and an unsuspecting group of chosen? Let the madness begin.

“Wild Things” No pairing (surprise!) Genre: Adventure/ Humour

A quiet neighbourhood is about to be disturbed by cross-demotion travellers, inhabiting the bodies of their beloved pets. What's all this about doors and a wrong card?

“Kaiseren” slight Kenyako Genre: undetermined

Summary not yet available

“What Next?!” Taiora Genre: Romance/Humour

Taichi and Sora are going to learn the hard way never leave fate to chance. Karma does not like to be challenged.

“Order of the Digimon Springs” Taiora Genre: Romance/ Adventure

AU. An ancient cursed spring will show itself to those chosen to protect the lands of humans and Digimon. Drinking from it will give you great power... with a few interesting side effects.


"Temptations" Harmony (HHr) Genre: undeterminded

What if Horcruxes were different than what we thought they were? What if the locket had been much more dangerous?

"Encounter with a Troll" Harmony (HHr) later in story.

AU. What if things had taken a turn for the worst against the troll? Re-write of series. Rated for character death.

“Nightmare” Harmony (HHr) Genre: horror/ unknown

One night after another, Harry finds himself awoke with fright. Is he simply loosing his mind? Or is there something more to these nightmares?



"Right to Wed"- ROBSTAR Genre: Romance/Adventure

Cancelled for a lack of plot devices. It was supposed to be humours, but I didn't quite have a strong enough chanllenge.

"Where are the Heroes?"- Cross over between the cartoon and comic book. Genre: Angst/ Drama

Cancelled for lack of plot purpose. The story was supposed to centre a post apocalyptic world and the titans lives within it, but I could not get an actual purpose or meaning to the story.

"The Proposal" BBRAE Genre: Romance/Humour

Cancelled for lack of plot. I literally had a title and a summary. The concept was there, but not a working plot line.

"Allies and Enemies"- ROBSTAR, BBRAE Genre: Drama/ Angst

weak plot line. Even after working on this for some time, I only solid thing I had going for the story was the back story that created the conflict. The actual plot itself had nothing let alone a memorable and exciting climax.

"A Western Tale" mostly BBRAE, slight ROBSTAR, CYBEE, KFJinx Genre: Western/Drama

I don't know how to write Westerns. I started this to help teach myself and broaden my writing talents, but it didn't work out.


"Kitten Harry" remake of HP:tPS Genre: Parody/

A sensless pardoy was the goal, and a senseless story is what I got. To the point there really wasn't a plot.

Prize Info:

Update: 02/07/2013:

Since life is taking up so much of my time, I am unable to get to my writing as often as I would like. For this reason, I am no longer doing "surprise prizes". I just don't have the time like I used to, and what time I do have I would like to use writing my own works. For those that have won a prize from me, you will still get it (in time). Anyway, here are my seven winners.

1st- Bonez1925 for being the first to review Bloopers and Behind the scenes

2nd- Maei13 for being the second to do a review/fav combo to Brother

3rd- Dude Your Awesome8 for being the fifth to fav It's a Mystery

4th- noradiana for being the first to review after updating Act 1: Scene 5 to Romeo & Juliet

5th- still.looking for being the 12th to review Late Night Encounter

6th- Eagle wolf05 for being the 100th reviewer to Staying Alive Til Dawn

7th- Harmonious Wolf for being the 20th to fav Frog Prince

Personal Info

Gender: Female

Age: adult.

Country: In case you missed the little flag at the top of my profile, I am Canadian. You know, that ice-y place above the US were people live in igloos, ride moose, have a polar bear for a guard dog, and lives off maple syrup.

favorite past times: Reading/Write, drawing, ceramics, painting, travelling/exploring, and just generally living.

Did you expect to get much out of this?

Fav Shows/Books (and couples I support!)

I am apart of couples peace. Which means, I will not bash character(s), you or your work because of difference in choice pairings. All I ask is that you do the same for me. If you wish to join, just copy and paste the following to your profile: Sharing the Love Through Couples Peace!

please, spread the peace, stop the bashing. Support couples peace today!

Also, each 'crack pairing' to me means I fake support it. I've seen some good and bad versions of these relationships, but in all honesty I'm not a true supporter. I just think it's funny.


1st: Taichi (Tai)/Sora

2nd: Ken/Miyako (Yolie) and Hikari (Kari)/Takeru (TK)

3rd: Koushiro (Izzy)/Mimi

My crack pairing? Daisuke (Davis)/Ken

Teen Titans (the show):

1st: Raven/Beastboy

2nd: Robin/Starfire

3rd: Cyborg/Bumblebee and Jinx/Kid Flash

Crack pair? Raven/Starfire

Harry Potter:

1st: Harry/Hermione (in case you couldn't already tell from my mass amount of Harmony fics :P)

2nd: Tonks/Lupin

3rd: James/Lily

crack pairing? Ginny/Draco


There are too many to count so I'm not going to write them.

Ranma 1/2:

1st: Shampoo (Xain Pu)/ Mousse (Mu Tsu)

2nd: Ranma/Akane

3rd: Ryouga/Akari

crack pairing? Nabiki/Kuno

People/Things that tick me off

In Stories

1) Though I have come to be more open to stories with adult content, I still believe it does not need to be graphic. There is a difference between adult literature and porn... thankfully is not as spammed as it once was with the second one.

2) Really, Really, Really bad grammar. There is nothing more distracting than reading along and finding half a dozen grammatical errors in a single page. I understand that not everyone is good at grammar, but that's what Beta readers, or heck, even a best friend, is for.

3) Incoherent stories. You know, the kind that jumps around or the plot moves too quickly with no build up. It's just annoying. A good story lets a reader get into it, not give them a headache trying to figure out what the heck you're writing. These stories are obviously from writer's that don't care to take the time to edit or have a friend edit their work. And because of this, really good story ideas go to waste. You can just see the potential and yet the author can't be bothered to improve for their own and their readers' sakes.


1) Sora/Yamato (Matt) pairing. My preference for Sora/Taichi aside... this pairing just doesn't work. High spirited, sociable tomboy, Sora, with melodramatic, loner musician, Yamato? Not to mention the writers never developed this pairing. Throughout season one and two they barely interact with one another (and when they do, it's not very soul touching deep). Up until they start dating, there is only one scene that shows them connecting on a personal level, and that's the dark cave episode. Honestly, if they are going to use that as the base for this pairing, they may as well have her date Jyou (Joe) who was also a big part in that scene. At least a Jyou/Sora pairing has more to work with.

2) Takeru(TK)/ Hikari (Kari). How is it a couple that had no build to it makes it into the series, but a pairing that had the strongest foundation for a relationship did not? You're going to tell me that a pair who becomes best friends in a life changing adventure at eight-years-old, separated three years, and then come together again for another life changing adventure are not going to at least have a crush on one another? Especially when they are in the age range of early puberty and, thus, are at a point they would be very interested in the opposite sex? That's just bull. And you know it's not even the age that's holding back this pair. Miyako (Yolie) and Ken are twelve and eleven (respectively). Do they start dating? No. But through out the season you know the two of them like each other (Miyako even comes right out and admits she has a crush on him). Then comes the epilogue, and it turns out they are married with three children. The same idea could have been done with Takeru and Hikari. Heck, the writers could have had everything the same through the whole two seasons, and then slap onto the epilogue "and they married and had a family together" and people would believe it! All in all, another poor choice in the pairing department.

3) The English names. Usually with anime, I find the Westernized dubbing to be horrendous. Mostly because a) they pick the worst voice actors for the dub and b) take away giant plot devices in favour of cheap one-liners because the plot device was too deep for our sheltered Western world children. However, I was very pleased to find that was not the case with Digimon. Yes, there were some quirks, but they actually made the effort to make it work. I can happily enjoy it in both English and Japanese. But the names! Why change Taichi and Hikari's name from Yagami to Kamiya? It not like it would clash with an English word and thus make it inappropriate. It's not difficult to say either (if that was the concern, why not change Sora's last name? I still have a hard time pronouncing it!). Then there's changing Tailmon's name to "Gatomon". Again, why do it? Further, why change the names of the Digimon's attacks? Those were already in English! I much prefer "petite fire" over "blue blaster" (for example). But the worst of it is the season two names. Changing Armadimon's name is understandable (though they could have come up with something better than "Armadillomon"). Iroi to Cody, and Daisuke to Davis... again, reasonable since they are trying to play to Western audience (still could have picked better English names). But Miyako and Ken to Yolie and Kennith? Honestly, can't they just once dub an anime and not (censor) it up?

4) The giant piece of swish cheese they call "Adventures 02". Don't get me wrong, they did a beautiful job with character design and development. And the Kaiser (Emperor) arch was to Digimon Adventures quality. But after that... they may as well rename the show "Planet of the Plot Holes". There are points that make no sense, story arches that go no where, major plot devices that are not fully developed, and a story line that is ultimately forgettable. The first time I saw Digimon I was a little kid. But even after ten years, I could still tell you the just of the story and characters for season one and the Kaiser arch because they were that timeless. Past that, however, forget it. The good news is, at least the Kaiser arch lasts about half the season, so it's not complete (censor).

5) Every season after Adventures 02. Don't hate them. Can't even say I don't like them because I've only seen bits and pieces of each. Just can't be bothered with them. Yes, that includes Tamers.

Teen Titans (The show)

1)She doesn't REALLY tick me off... but I don't like Terra. Actually I'm kind of Neutral about her because great character development... not a great character.

2)Slade came back! Come on! he was dead HOW long?! Then he just vanishes after "The End" episodes. What the Hell is going on... Is he in, or out of the story? I hate this! If a villian disappears... he needs a reason! What ever happens to him?!

3)"Things Change"... I both love, and loath this episode. It should NOT have been the end of the entire show. That episode needs a second part! It leaves you with WAY more questions than answers. What happens to BB? Where is Slade (that majorly has me ticked)? Who is Red X? Does BB move on to Raven, or do they both find some one else (That's just 'cause I'm a BBRae support)? Does Cyborg find someone? What about Jinx and Kid Flash? This list goes on!

4) (a new one since reading the comics...) They didn't include Donna! I hear there is ONE Titans Go! comic book (you know, those comics based off the show) that she shows up in. Way to take out a good character from a series she belongs in!

Harry Potter

Professor Umbridge (she can go to Hell)

Professor Snape (But only until I read the last book)

Rowling killed Cedric, Serius, Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Hedwig, Dobby, Mad Eye, Colin, AND Fred (am I missing anyone?)... most in one book! :'(

The whole "19 years later" bit. I actually don't have a problem with it. It was well written like the rest of the series, and it spoke volumes of Harry's journey living as Dumbledore had taught him after the war... with love, friends, and family. My only issue with it is more that of a selfish fan. It was a kick in the teeth for anyone that did not support a cannon pairing.

Ranma 1/2

Okay, so I like some open ends as long as the story is finished. However, I am very disappointed with Romiko's choice to leave the story completely without resolution. Like WTF?! It may as well have been done in some other part of the story! That is NO ending. There isn't even a freaking ending! You can only come up with a few things from that:

Ranma and Akane are finally accepting each other and plan to get married (or at least try again... maybe exclude a few people from the guest list).

Ryoga has finally decided to give up on Akane and go for Akari (somewhat).

But what about the other characters? What happens to them? Do they find someone to love? Does anyone ever break their curses? There is just too much left open! Not even a 1/4 of the story is covered! I think an ending must cover at least 3/4 of the story (author can choose to do it to 100% IF it fits into the story). I know she's capable of writing an amazing ending... she wrote the Inuyasha series after all, and that one's ending was one of the best story send offs I've ever read.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Thanks to all those who actually took the time to read the above... you guys have more patience than me. lol. I hope you all enjoy my stories! Tchau (Goodbye)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Trouble With Tabloids by SpecialNotCrazy reviews
The lives of movie stars and musicians seem to no longer interest the reporters of Jump City so what do they write about now the Teen Titans. Watch as they start rumors, take pictures, and twist the truth. BBxRAE STAxROB CYxBEE rated for saftey.
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Neji has been acting weird lately, and Tenten has no idea why. He keeps asking her, if she’s hiding anything from him, and she keeps telling him no. Who would have thought that the answer was just under her shirt?
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Something Like That by GrimmZ reviews
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