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Hello, hello, wassup peoples! sees silent room full
of very VERY pissed off readers who are glaring menacingly
; heh, I
guess you all know it has been a while room is suddenly filled with
Okay, okay! It's been almost a freakin' year, but who's
counting huh? silence Yikes, tough crowd. Ahem, okay, moving on to
the point or more acuratley my excuse as to my absence; I was going on
a sort of bullshit hiatus or whatever its called when you leave ff.net
for a good while to explore further into my career choice. I wanted to
make sure that my writing skills weren't restricted to merely Harry
Potter fanficton, as wonderfully addictive as that fandom may be, and
found out...that they weren't. YAY ME! I can multitask does a little
In that time, however, school and exploring other career goals
seeing as how that time is'a comein' realatively soon. Thus far my
interest is leaning towards culinary work...only problem is I can't
cook worth a shit...BUT THERE IS STILL TIME TO LEARN! raises a mighty
fist and shakes to the heavens

That's okay though, writing will always be my first and only passion, and speaking of first and
only passions - I'm getting back into the Demon Knight game baby.
woooo _. I still can't believe people are still reading it up till
now, I mean seriously, if I were you reviewers, and I'd taken this damn
long to update, I'd never read this story again. But, not to fret
peoples, I'm getting back into chap thirteen just as soon as I'm done
with my homework, not questions asked about it. There also may be a bit
of revision form the earlier chaps, but at the rate of this adrenaline
rush and my lack of attention span, its not likely going to happen
until after I'm done with chap 13.

Since I didn't say it before
I'll say it now I'm so, so, so, so VERY VERY VERY SORRY for my lack of
update! But you know, that's the way life is sometimes, but its all
good now ya'll cause I'm back! Now, I despise making dates because I'm
a procrastinator at heart, but since its been so long, I'm going to.
takes a deep breath Expect chapter 13 up and ready at the end of
Feburary or before, and if not then, then the first weak of March and
no later. If I don't, you can all just beat the living shit out of me
until I do.

Sirius and Remus put up a little stand selling various weapons for two nintey-nine

Get your rusty chainsaws here! See how many ways you can slice and dice
Potter/Pikachu. Comes with free hockey mask for all of those Jason
lovers out there!

Remus: Come one, come all! Machete's,
butterfly axes, napon, and hand grenades all on sale! Buy one AK-47 and
get one free of charge!

0_0 I was tinking more along the lines of a slap on the wrist, but that works too...I guess. laughs nervously

Sirius: salutes Only here to do our civic duty ma'am.

Remus: And earn easy cash.

Dear sweet mother of Jebus help me. Well, hopefully I'll be seeing you
all again at the end of Feburary. If not for the update then...for a
royal beat down. ; Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?

Potter/Pikachu sigining off!


Hi every - gets cut off from being pelted by blunt objects OW!
What happened to tomatoes and rotten vegatables. ducks as she gets
pelted with sharp objects Okay! Okay! I deserved that! Its been a
while I know. Its only because of this damnable summer school I have to
go to in Davis city. Its worse because I don't really need to go there.
My stupid old school didn't count my English credits in 9th grade, so
I've been basically getting a review of crap I've already done. I tell
ya peeps, its been hell on high water, especially since I'm doing
repetitive work with a bunch of utter IMBECILES! I know that's mean,
but almost everyone in there is making up for work they didn't feel
like doing either last year and some other previous time in there life.
Normally, I would vouch for something like that, considering my own
laziness, but these fools are in freakin' 12th grade! And they're not
from low budget crap holes like me, so there's no got damn excuse for
them not to know between a quotation mark and an APOSTROPHE!

takes a deep breath

Anyways, other then summer school, my own bloody story hasn't been much
help with the situation either. I think the whole thing of chapter 13
got deleted twice during this entire month! The first time because my
disk got fucked up, and the second because my psycho father deleted my
enitre drive (or whatever the hell makes the documents dissapear)
somehow...again. sighs These are the signs people, I'm a firm
believer in Karma and the like, and everything seems to be pointing
towards "DON'T FINISH THIS STORY" Of course I'm not going to stop, I
don't listen to ANYONE, let alone cosmic higher powers_ Plus, I
enjoy writing this, and it still seems like all you people out there
enjoy reading it...and that's good enough for me!

Well, chapter 13 is still on its way, when it'll be out...believe me,
you wont be happy with the answer. ; But, since its my last week of
summer hel - school, I'm going to be writing at it none stop. DON'T
WORRY, I'M STILL ALIVE! Remember my children, patience is a
virtue...so find a virtue and get patient!

This is Potter/Pikachu signing off!


Yellow peoples! Sorry you haven't heard hide nor hair of me in a
while, but I have a reason for this. My Internet is
currently...nonexistent, at least in my room. So the only connection I
have to Fanfiction.net at the moment is in my dreaded sisters room, and
her wanting it for herself, has caused me to be on for limited amounts
of time, the longest being an hour.

As for the HPDK, for the first month or so I've hit something that I
never thought I'd hit in my dreams...WRITERS BLOCK! Every writers
worst nightmare. Thankfully I'm over it now, and things are going
smoothly for chapter 13. Unfortunatley this doesn't mean it'll be
posted anytime soon, I'm hoping before the end of this month. And
speaking of before the end ofthis month...SUMMER VACATION IS COMING!
Yahooo! YEAH! Yip, yip yahooooooooo!

And you all know what Summer vacation means right? Well I'm telling you
anyway. More free time people, and more free time means...more time to
sleep! Oh and more time to write too. heh, heh ; Anyway, I'm counted
the days to June 16.

Oh and on an even cooler note, I've been offically 16 years old for
almost two weeks, as in my birthday passed May 22nd. As a present I got
a green car. YEAH! Now I can do things, now all I have to do is learn
how to drive, and I'm all set.

Sorry for the long wait once again, stares at Ryshora who is whistleing innocetnly but I'm still alive and still writing.

Peace and Chicken Greece!



Now that I have your attention..._.

As for the next Chapter, number 13 got deleted yesterday, just when I
was about half a page from finishing. growls and pulls at hair
Worthless technology. I'm starting it over as I type this, but now it
may take a little longer for it to come out since I can't remember what
I wrote before. But it'll be posted eventually, not to worry!

This goodby fo real this time. Peace and Chicken grease!


Okay people, I just have one thing...no two things to say about Harry
Potter and the Demon Knights because freankly it seems I'm not being
SORT! And just in case that's not clear enough, that includes
no Harry/Ginny no Harry/Hermione no Harry/any other female in Hogwarts
and also no Harry/Draco no Harry/Snape no Harry/other Gryffindors or
teachers or his guardians or Remus. Now, if you don't understand that,
then well...I guess you'll be looking forward to something that'll
never happen. So I'm going to ask you all this, now that you realize
what's going on, stop asking if there will be Romance, and stop
suggesting any type of parings.

The second thing is this, which also concerns my story Harry Potter and
the Demon Knights: WARNING: Extensive violence, cussing and crude
humor. If it were up to me, I'd say it would be PG-14, but they don't
have that up there, so...now that you have the warning, you can decide
for yourself if you're mature enough to read it. I know this was
written in chapt 11, but just in case someone skipped it.

So, now that everything is all legal and clear, I hope you all enjoy
the story and the next chap should be up in a month or two if the
dreaded thing called fate doesn't take a turn for the worst.

Peace and Chicken Greece!


Important notice!

rushes in panting and looking around nervously Sorry folks. No time
for greetings. Okay, here's the skivy in a nutshell about my long
absense. Half way done with chpt 11, Got put on punishment because of
bad grades in school, Mom wont let me use Lap top, but can use it on
weekends. There ya go! Don't worry, I'm still writing. Except now its
gotta be at five a.m. and I have to practically sneek onto the internet
every now and when. I don't know when I'll update now, but I will, if I
have to put it on a damn disk and use the fucking school computers
during lunch! Thanks to those who are still interested, and sorry
for such late notice to those who are growing impatient and haven't
heard a word from me waves to Ryshora aka The Zig Speaking of which.
I got halfway through your story Zig, well not halfway, like chapter 2
before I got on punishment. Its great so far, and as soon as I get off
I'll be sure to reveiw! Peace out, I'll try and keep you updated as
much as possible, it'll be riscky, but its a risk I'm willing to take.

Buh, bye! Siri, and Remy send there love!

Time for a bit of a makeover on the bio:

Name: Yeah! Like hell I'll tell anyone! It's Potter/Pikachu to all you readers out there.

Sirius: heh, heh. I know what it is, its...Youch!

Pistol whips him up side the head with a glock 40 One more word out of you and pulls saftey

raises hands in the air Okay, Okay! Sheesh, I wasn't gonna say it anyways.

Okay...um what's next?

Remus: Occupation.

I have an occupation? Since when?

Sirius: What the hell is an occupation?

Remus: Job of some sort.

Oh, well then Occupation: er, none as of now?

Wheight: None of your damn buisness!

Eye color: Coffee brown.

Sirius: Blue.

Remus: Brown or gray.

Hey this is my bio!

Sirius: Can't we join gives puppy dog eyes

Well, I guess, just don't screw around.

Sirius, Remus: Yay!

Sex: Female and nothing else.

Sirius: I'd love too...er I mean, Male damnit.

Remus: All male.

Hair color: Well, I have corn rows in right now-

Sirius: You mean weave.

Yeah, well, that too but Hair Color: Brown.

Sirius: Black for me!

Remus: Brown, little bit of gray.

Sirius: Sure Remus, I've seen you with that hair dye for men.

Remus: blushes heh, heh. No comment.

Race: Black and Mexican baby!

Sirius: White and er white.

Remus: Same as the above.

Height: 5'4" last time I checked.

Sirius: Erm, I don't remember.


Remus: Me either.

You two don't remember how tall you are?

Sirius: Um, did J.K. even give us height?

Remus: shrugs Maybe me, I dunno about you.

Just skip it.

Fav. Book: Every Harry Potter book of coarse (Except the 5th) The other
Daughter, Tall Dark and deadly, Fat Tuesday, Most of the Vampire
Chronicals, and The Giver.

Sirius: Don't like books.

Remus: Let's see, A Tale of Two Cities, all of Wiliam Shakespear of coarse, The boy next door-

Sirius, Me: The Boy next door!

You actually read that?

Remus: Yeah, well half of it anyway. After a while it just got weird.

I'm sure you have a lot more Remus so I'm just going to move on.

Location: Vallejo, California in America.

Sirius: Europe

Remus: Europe

Descriptive aren't we.

Birthday: May - 22, 1988

Sirius: Ermmmm...

Remus: Like wise.

smacks head Don't tell me you don't know your own birthdays?

Sirius: All right, we won't tell you then.

Remus: Um, sometime around the 1960's I think. puts up a peace sign old school for life baby!

Uh...shakes head never mind.

Fav. Fanfiction: Jesus! Let me go get my list! Never Alone, Never
Again, by bored byeond belief, Power of Will by Farseeker, Harry Potter
and the Emerald eye by Unicorn Whisperer, Almost all of Essence of
Magic works, Harry Potter and When the Dawn Begins by Rufus, Harry
Potter and the Dueling Master by Malena, Pokemon Master by Ace Sanchez,
Fith year fic by Couqui or Magenta the Muppet, Of Western Stars by
Neutral, College days and College days 2 by Sonic19902 and countless
other stories that I can't remember as of now.

For Anyone out there who wants to read a hella good quality fanfiction,
go on and check out Board Beyond Belief's fanfiction. It's finished,
beautifully writen, and all the abused Harry, crazy and cool Sirius,
and trying to keep control of those two Remus! I'd wager anything that,
that is the best Harry Potter fanfiction on the net and in real life.
That's my Harry Potter fith year, and quite worth the year until it was
finished. I suggest all true blue Harry Potter fan's to check that bad
boy out. You will absolutely be addicted, and love it to the end_

Sirius: Er, fanfiction? I don't think I've ever read any of those.

Remus: You don't really read at all remember.

Sirius: I do read some things!

Remus: mutters Porn doesn't count.

Sirius: Hey! I don't look at porn!

Remus: Oh, so I guess you were looking at those naked African Woman on
those National Geographic magazines just for it's historical
information hmm?

Sirius: blushes What makes you think that I don't just like traveling.

Remus: To Africa?

Sirius: Hey, I do get out.

Remus: rolls eyes Really now. Then let's not get started with all that Vicotoria Secret you have under your mattress.

Sirius: How'd you find those...! I mean, er...I use those for purposes that don't include the one's your thinking.

Remus: raises eyebrow What do you need womans draws for?

Sirius: There not for me! I um...er...buy them for my...um...the girlfriend I'll have in the furture. Yeah that's it.

Remus: The future?

Sirius: shrugs gotta be prepared. winks Especially to all you lovely ladies out there. I'm available. Call me!

Um, people, can we get back to the bio please?

Sirius, Remus: Oh, sorry.


Fav. Movie: Demon Knight, Matrix, and Matrix realoded, (Just saw that
one, best action moves I've seen in my little life time!) Blade 1 and
2, Resident Evil, Jay and Silent Bob strike back, The Big Hit, The
Mummy and the Mummy returns, The Scorpian King, Fast and the Furious,
Queen of the Damned, A Goofy Movie, Mulan, Romeo must Die, Scarry Movie
1 and 2, The New Guy, Get Over It, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, Money
Talks, Tripple X, All about the Benjemens, Knock around guys, and of
course Rush Hours 1 and 2.

Sirius: Pitch Black, Sword Fish, heh, heh, Hali Beary, that's my girl. Mortal Kombat, and Night at the Roxbury.

Remus: Face off, The Terminator 1 and 2, The Wolf Man, The Faculty, and all the James Bond Movies.

Since when did you two learn how to work a VCR?

Sirius: VCR? That is so 90s.

Remus: Yeah, we use a DVD player.

Ah,I guess that makes sense. Moving on.

Fav. Shows: Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, One on One, World
Wrestling Entertainment aka WWE, The Simpsons, Courage the Cowerdly
Dog, Fairly odd Parents, Will & Grace, and The Parkers.

Sirius: Sponge Bob Square Pants, Family Guy, South Park, and Smart Guy.

Remus: Cousin Skeeter, Angle, and Haunted.

Where'd you get a T.V. from?

Remus: Cillicon Valley of course.

raises eyebrow Is that where you got the DVD player.

Sirius: Nah, we got that from Radio Shack. Much cheaper there.

sweatdrops Er..right.

Fav. Color: Red and Black. And no, not just red and not just black, it has to be red AND black.

Sirius: Black of course.

Remus: Midnight Blue.

Fav. Anime: Pokemon, Inu-yasha, Cowboy Beebop, Yu Yu Hakashu, Outlaw
star, Dragon Ball Z, .HackSign (is that how you spell it? Oh well, it's
weird, but when you watch it a lot it grows on you _) Hamtaro,
Yu-Gi-Oh, Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin and Trigun (Newly added, those
shows are so tight!)

Sirius: Ani-who?

Japanese Cartoons.

Sirius, Remus: Oh.

Fav. Animal: Dragon, pikachu, and Jaguar.

Sirius: Dogs.

Remus: Wolves.

Fav. type of weapons: Swords, guns, daggers, glaves, chakram. (just to
look at people, not use. Okay, maybe use one day. Heh, heh.)

Fav. type of gun: snipper rifle, Tec 9, AK47 and glock 40.

Sirius: Er, wand?

Remus: Same here.

Fav. Sword: Katana, sometimes a Claymore, depending how it looks.

Sirius: Sword? You got some weird favorite things.

Fav. Dead sexy Men:...

Sirius, Remus: WHAT?

Heh, heh. Fav. Men: The Rock, Vin Desial, Sisqo, Ludacris, Ginuwine, Mark Walburg, and Tom Welling.

Sirius: narrows eyes I have no favorite MEN thank you very much!

Remus: Me either. I'm as straight as a line.

rolls eyes Sure.

Sirius: Yeah-Hey!

Oooh, but I could just strip them all butt naked and slap some chicken
greace on them. And maybe some chocolate sauce too, heh, heh, yummy.

Sirius, Remus: eyes bulge out of head in fear What the absolute hell?

blinks Oh, sorry about that.

Remus: shakes head in disgust You and your sick fantasies.

Fav. things to say: Son of a..., You lousy spit faced moron, shut your
face, son of a pikachu, you is hecka stupid, Make ME, Damn you and your
monkey too, Neva, fa sho, This won't end well, You fool, You foolish
mortal, Bloody freakin monkey cheese, I'm sorry but I don't care, You
simple minded imp, and last but not least you are slimy like ze pig on
the corn cob.

Sirius: I'm about to open a can of whoop ass! That fraze is officially
copy written to Sirius co. and Stone Cold Steve Austin inc.

Remus: Can't we all just shut the hell up and get along.

Fav. fighting style: Karate, Ty-Quan-Do. Especially when people with
those techniques combine it at the same time. It looks so tight!

Sirius: Kick boxing.

Remus: Kung Fu.

How do you...never mind.

Fav. type of music: Rap, R&B, Rock, Reggea.

Sirius: Rock and Rap.

Remus: Everything.

0 really?

Remus: Yeah.

Even techno?

Remus: Some...yes.

Fav. Artists: Nickle Back, Ludacris, Sisqo, System of the Down,
Ginuwine, Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm, No Doubt, Missy Elliot,
Evanesence, Shakira, and Sean Paul.

Sirius: Nelly, Ludacris, Jenifer Lopez drool

Remus: Micheal Jackson, various other people.

Fav. Songs: Bring me to life: by Evanescence, Tourniquet: by
Evanescence, Chop Suey: by System of the Down, Never Again: by
Nickelback, Foresaken, System, Not meant for me, Slept so long: all
offa the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack (damn I love that movie!)
Swing, swing: by The all American rejects, Girl all the bad guys want:
by Bowling for soup, All the things she said: by T.a.t.u, Kiss from a
rose: by Seal, and of course...every bloody song on all of Linkin Parks
three CD's. They're all my favorite!

Remus: Actually, my favorite song is that one by Faith and

diddy -

Sirius: His name is still Puff daddy to me.

Remus: Whatever. I forget what it's called, it goes like: I'm on fire,
burning up, my heart is like burning up...something like that. Oh
well. My other Fav. is Rock it: by Master P.

Sirius: Well, mine is, of course Pimp Juice: by Nelly.

Sirius, you know damn well you ain't no pimp. The only Pimp around here is Remus.

Remus: I don't remember signing up for that.

You don't get signed up for it. You are one wheather you like it or not!

Sirius: Then what does that make me?


Sirius: Hey!

Okay, okay. You can be the gangsta.

Sirius: grumbles I wanted to be the pimp.

rolls eyes never satisfied. Anyways, moving on with my life...

Fav. Song out of all the songs I've already listed: Evanescence's Bring me to life! Oh, oh! And Imaginary by Evanescence!

Runner up's: Seal, and all of the songs Linkin Park have ever made.

Fav. Bands: Linkin Park (could you tell?) Nickelback, No Doubt,
(started likeing them again cause I keep listening to them) and
Evanescence. (There CD is great, I suggest everyone out there get it!
It's absolutley beautiful, but if your all sensitive and shit I suggest
you don't listen to it at night time. I think I was almost saddened for
a quick minute, and that really doesn't happen often.)

Remus: I'd have to say No Doubt. waves at someone who can't be seen I love ya Gwen!

Sirius: It's all about the All American Rejects! I choreographed the whole music video you know.

Oh yeah. Only Sirius would know the art of moving your feet crazily around the place while eating the microphone.

Sirius: Damn straight!

Age: 15 as of now

Sirius: Erm, 30...something.

Remus: Same here.

You guys are pathetic.

This has got to be a very long bio by now.

Fav. Sport: Basketball, Football(American version).

Remus: Quidditch.

Sirius: Quidditch.

Fav. Games: Sonic Adventure's 1 and 2, Spyro the Dragon 1, 2, and 3,
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Sotne, Vampire Night, and Crash

I'm only in like, just about the middle of Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets. Ugh I'm terrible! Sorcerer's Stone was hella easier, I
passed in one freakin' day!

Sirius: That's okay, WWF Smackdown is better anyway.

Remus: Gonna have to agree with him there. Although WWE Shut your mouth isn't bad either. And Resident Evil is cool to.

Man, you guys are just mad cause your not in the video games yet.

Remus, Sirius: Of course we are!

Sirius: How long is it supposed to take till they make a Prisoner of Azkaban video game?

Remus: All I have to say is, if they make someone like Brad Pitt play me then I quit!

Sirius: I'm with you Moony. If they get someone like Tom Cruise, or worse Ben Affleck -

Remus: God forbid.

Sirius- Then I'm tourching the WB studios.

Remus: Why the WB?

Sirius: Because they have it coming! shakes his fist UPN's next.

mutters crazy ass arsenest. Back to the Bio then shall we...

Fav. Brand: And 1's, FUBU

Sirius: Nike.

Remus: Addida.

Fav. Catagory: Action, Adveture, Angst, and Action, and you can't forget action.

Sirius: Action, Action, Action and Action!

Remus: Drama, and Adventure.

Now for the best part. My absolutley most favorite characters in the
Harry Potter series have to be: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus

Sirius, Remus: Yay!

Harry: Yeah! I'm first. Gotta go! runs out of the room

Uh yeah.

And my absolutley most favorite characters in Vampire Chronicals have
to be...Lestat, Marius, and our favorite little homicidal maniac Armand!

All three vampires come in and take a bow.

Sirius: Uh, vampires? gulps

Ok guys, go take five. You're scaring Siri and Remi.

Now as for my own Fanfictions my favorite and most popular is Harry
Potter and the Demon Knights. Don't worry I'm still working on it, I'm
just very, very, slow-

Sirius: and lazy, don't forget lazy.

Yeah uh heh heh. Anyways, more reviews will certainly spead the process
and get my ass in gear. I do have a sequal planned to, but I am no
where near getting close to starting it until I'm done with Demon
Knight, so don't ask and don't expect it to be up until around...2020.

Remus:sweatdrops That's a long time.

Mmhmm. Sisqo's Music Magic: I've already started another chapter but
haven't finished yet. I just don't really feal like it right now. Not
until I'm done with at least 2 more chapthers on HPDK.

Wizards and there Personal Problems: that was just something to get the
juices flowing when I couldn't think of anything on HPDK, but I might
continue on with it.

Back off Hardy boy: I practically have that one finished already, the
only problem is, is that it's all written down on paper and I can't
find it now. So until then, there won't be much going on with that
other then a title change or something.

Any other fics new I haven't started yet. I'm really focusing mainly on
HPDK as of now. But pretty soon I'm hoping to post up a few more humor
fics in the Harry Potter section, and an AU. I also might start a
Romance-yes I said romance-in the Pokemon section. AAML shipper for
life! Maybe, just maybe, I might bust out with a Smallville fic. with
the help of my friend. But first I need to figure out where to go with
it. I've also got another wrestling fic. in mind that's written on
paper and will probably be up soon.

Well, it looks like this bio is coming to an end so I shall finish it
off with a request that anybody who wants to can e-mail me at
Siriuspitchblack@yahoo.com and a complete summary of Harry Potter and
the Demon Knights. I bid you all adui, until the rambling shall begin
once again.

Peace and Chicken grease!

Summary: Voldemort is back and with a whole bunch of new allies, he’s
just as evil as ever and now even more determined to kill Harry Potter.
But that’s not the worst of Harry’s problems, two strange women are
stalking him, insane demons are trying to kill him, and some boy crazy
girls just won’t leave him alone. Action, drama, angst, and humoristic
romance ~ at least to me ~ await. Note, there will be none of that
mushy romance stuff but I will put in a little something for all you
Ron/Herm fans but that’s it. Oh yes and of course there will be a bit
of Sirius and Remus (not slash!) to top it all off.

A quick word for the wise for everyone out there, before I really end
this: Please DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, stop writing because you haven't
gotten that many reviews! That is hardley the point of being a writer.
I've seen too many good writers quit just because they didn't get
enough reviews on there fanfic or (especially) original and it pisses
me off to no end. You don't write because of what everyone thinks, Who
gives a flying freak about there opinions. It's your shit, you do what
you want with it! You write because you've been reading books and
fanfiction and no matter how good it is you find yourself saying to
yourself, "If it were me, I would've done it differently" or "Hell, I
could write it better then this. Maybe that's not for everyone, but
that's how I started. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, quit being
whiny little bizznitches cause you didn't get a review and keep writing
anyway. I mean, if you don't write cause you enjoy it and really,
really, like your own stuff, then you shouldn't be a writer right?
Besides, it's most likely that about a million have read it anyway,
they're just like me and to lazy to review. That's all my opinion, you
don't have to pay attention, just abusing the right to speak my mind.
But please take head to some of my words huh? It's not that hard is it?
Well, enough of this, I've gone on with this sentimental ranting for to

See ya! Seriously this time.

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