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Author has written 10 stories for Equilibrium, Firefly, Harry Potter, Underworld, and Hunger Games.

A little bit about me. I am a thirtysomething mother/writer/librarian who has been writing original fiction since I was five years old. Most of my work consists of short stories though I have been working on a sci-fi/post-apoc novel for close to a year...but isn't everyone? Whenever that becomes too much for me I turn to fan fiction, which is just so much fun.

My foray into fan fiction began when Firefly was cancelled. I simply couldn’t believe that it was over and I turned to the stories on the web to try to fill the void, to get some kind of closure. What I discovered was that closure is overrated, and that stories can go on forever, characters resurrected, new directions explored and, my personal favorite, that the question what if, can lead in very, very interesting directions. My personal writing tends to fall into two categories: I like to find the little moments within the story that I think could have been further developed and lead to something more. I also am prone to falling in love with characters and not wanting the story to end. (See earlier Firefly discussion.)

Given my love of Firefly, it is not surprising that the first fan fiction that I wrote was “Family Secrets.” It was never meant to be a one shot, and I actually have an outline for where I planned to take that story, but for some reason I have never returned to it. Perhaps at some point in the future I will, but for now it remains unfinished.

“A Lost Letter” is arguably my most “successful” piece as I have received extraordinary feedback for it, despite Equilibrium’s relatively small audience. I even had another author request to translate it into French and post it under her name, crediting me, a thing that I am still grateful for and inspired by. “Minutes Become Hours” and “Lessons” were also Equilibrium-inspired pieces. If you like dystopian societies and hero journeys I suggest that you check out that movie. It is somewhat low budget and there are some plot points that need work, but the theme of story is thought provoking and somewhat frightening. And who can beat Christian Bale and Sean Bean?

"Dearest Friends" has finally been re-written! I have chosen to not take the original down and put this one up as something new because I felt like that was cheating. I know that this will cost me new readers, but I'm just happy to have this newer, better (in my opinion) version out there. For those of you who care and are not happy with my decision I'm sure there will be some versions of the original floating around on the web until I can hunt them all down and change them. For the people who haven't read it I am now happy to share it. It was one of those moments in Harry Potter that lent itself so well to fan fiction and I am glad that I have finally made it into what I wanted. The second chapter has been permanently dropped as it is no longer necessary.

“Lay Down Your Burdens” is about one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter universe, Dumbledore, and it was written at a time when I was clearly having some kind of an existential crisis. It is well written but very heavy handed.

“Second” is the end result of my deep love for the character of Lucian that began way before The Rise of the Lycans. I was really mad when they killed him off in Underworld…such a waste of a great character. Especially since it went on to become a franchise. It is also the home of my one and only OC in fan fiction, which was fun to write.

“The Time It Takes” -- if you read anything of mine read this story!!! I worked very, very hard to preserve Katniss's voice and the feedback that I have received has affirmed that I have been pretty successful to that end. I am aware of the fact that there are thousands of stories that depict what may have happened to make Katniss and Peeta grow back together, but mine stays very true to the spirit of the novel and I take it in slightly different direction than most. Please give it a chance!

"Braving Fire" is mostly a character study about Peeta, my favorite character of the series. I think that he is a young man who is somewhat misunderstood by a lot of us. I find I have a hard time wrapping my brain around him sometimes. Since we aren't privy to his internal dialogue I have often been left wondering exactly what was going on with him and what would possess him to throw it all away for this one prickly girl (I tend to be a bit prickly myself and I love Katniss so I say that with affection). I anticipate continuing these types of stories for a while, and am interested in doing something similar with Haymitch.

Thanks to all who read my stories, and especially to those of you who review. I try to always review the stuff that I read, not only because it is the least you can do to thank the person who has just offered you entertainment for however long you have been reading, but also because as an author I know how inspiring it is to know that people like your stuff. Also, and this cannot be overstated, constructive feedback about what works and what doesn't work is crucial to becoming a better writer, which is something that is very important to me, as I suspect it is for many of the authors in this community as well.

And since I almost never bother to do so in my stories I shall make the disclaimer here that none of these stories/characters belong to me…I stand on the shoulders of giants.

My avatar is attributed to Akshay Moon on Flickr.

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Braving Fire reviews
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