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Hi peoples this is mii home page. Now im not goin to spil out mii whole privacy info but i can say dat i live in chocolate city, utah. Oh and i was born in Peanut city, alabama. jk jjk (duh) w/e anywys. i luvv, CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! o and i love shows like Naruto Avatar: the last airbender House Code Lyoko ER Futerama Ayashi No Ceres Fushigi Yuugi Blood+ Vampire Knight Alice 19th and a bunch of others Random stuff about me: Name: yes like I'm going tell you Age: 14 Address: not on your life Phone: sorry stalkers but not on your crappy lives School: its a jewish private school happy? Race: jewish and extremely proud of it so don't try converting me Hobbies: art, drawing, and writing Stories that I WILL write between next year and this year that are still in my head: 1. Parent Trap: Avatar Style (Basically katara and zuko have twin girls who are seperated after katara and zuko go through a nasty divorce, firebender twin goes with katara, waterbender twin goes with zuko. each have different lives yada yada they meet at bending academy and hate each other and they find out ther twins, they love each other and missed each other and switch places, try to get parents back together. basically, its a parent trap movie only avatar version. more to it in mere future. give me tips) 2. Zoey 101: Shalom Torah Academy (Basically, its an orthadox jewish religious version of Zoey 101 fic, they are all jewish and are religious, logan comes and isnt religious but falls for zoey and he becomes religious for zoey yada yada give me tips) 3. Avatar: So this is love? Or is it cheating?:( Basically, Katara and zuko are married AU version and katara goes on buisness trip and finds out zuko has been cheating on her with Suki, Sokkas furious blah blah, Katara wanted to tell zuko shes pregnant with his child and they fight, she runs away to jet after meeting him on buisness trip and finds out hes just using her for money. more to it in mere future. give me tips) 4.Reliving The Love: (basically, sokka is 23 and needs a wife so he goes to the north pole to find a wife but when he finds yue best friends yuki and falls in love in her, will he love her or will his love of yue come and dejavu) 4. I'll Always Be Their To Guide You: (Katara has lost her new born son and her husband in a fire nation rade and is now in a total denial. fire lord zuko still needs a wife and goes hunting for one, when he finds katara, will katara give him a chace or never love again?) News for my story(ies): Will We Ever Be Free?: ok so im on a huge writers block so i need tips My Love Shippings: Zuko+Katara (Zutara WILL RULE THE WORLD THE WORLD AHH!!) Aang+Toph Sokka+Suki Yumi+Ulrich Aelita+Jeremy San+Ashitaki Chihiro+Kohaku Sakura+Naruto Gaara+Sakura Tsunade+Jiriah WHO EVER HERE LOVES ZUTARA AND WANTS TO KILL KAAATANG (AVATAR STUFF) THEN PLZ JOIN MII PETITION!!! AND PLZ SEND ME UR USERNAME AND I WILL ADD IT TO MY PROFILE. SUPPORT THE ZUTARA MOVEMENT!! 1. ZukoIris An od to zutara: Zuko, Katara perfect forever Kaatang will not win NEVER NEVER NEVER Zutara rules Kataang drools We will take over Kataang will move over So heres my poem and pass it on So Kataangs, you better run!! ZUTARA 4LYF! Some sayings from random shows: Avatar: Friendly MUSHROOM!! Fairly Odd Parents: The number you are dialing, is trying ot kill you! Naruto: Hes looking at me with bedroom eyes! House: Do you have hair in your "special" area? Xaolin Showdown: Chearleader robots: GO EVIL GO! Some names i want to make fun of: Hilary Clinton: Hilary Rotten Clinton Barak Obama: Barak the dumb Llama Mahoumud Achmadinejad: Mahoumud Imadamnnutjob Saddam Hussein: Saddam the Insane Nancy Pelosi: Nancy the girl with a big nosy Bill Clinton: Bill the First male whore Jimmy Carter: Jimmy Farter If you lost a love one of cancer put this in your profile If you are a supporter of the state of Israel put this in your profile If you think Mahamoud Achmanejad should be attacked and killed put this in your profile Even if you can't see him Hashem (G-d) is their f you believe this put this in your profile Put this in your profile if you believe the Holocaust was one of the worst tragedies in Jewish History Put this in your profile if you believe 9/11 should be remembered If you think about Avatar practically 24/7, copy and paste this into your profile! If you go around writing Zutara fics all the time, copy and paste this into your profile. If you are one of those few who think Zutara will happen, copy and paste this into your profile. If you find yourself cleaning your room often and constantly rearranging things, copy and paste this into your profile!\ If you despise Jin, copy and paste this into your profile If you are obsessive about Zutara, copy and paste this into your profile.
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