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Name: CharlotteAnne
Age: 24
Nation: The United States of America

Wow, it's amazing when you look back at things you started over several years ago and you realize that you've grown and turned into someone completely different, and yet the same. And yet Life goes on. Mere moments are gone within a blink of an eye, with only you memories and the written word to remind you about the way you used to think... to dream. Anyways, I'm yet again working on the Demons in Me. Even though I wasn't actively working on it, it has been in my thoughts. I just couldn't find a way to put it on paper.

About Me: As I said above, I am 24 years old, and still with my Fiancé, although hopefully we'll be changing that status to Husband and Wife in the year to come. Our 6th anniversary is coming up soon I might add. I currently work with Autistic Children in New Orleans, LA, while also writing on the side and attending night classes to finish my degree so I can become a Nurse. I'm still learning a lot about life, but I have come a long way in the last four years, battling depression after my Grandfather died and learning how to pull myself out of it. It's been hard, but that's what being a grown-up is all about, learning how to roll with the curveballs life likes to throw at you.

Anyways, in my new plan to get my life in order, I am working on writing again. If things work out with The Demons in Me then I plan to start branching out into other Fanfiction genres, but first I would like to get mostly finished with what I started back in 2012. If anyone would like to contact me, and maybe help me brainstorm and Edit, you may PM me here and we'll go from there.

Thanks so much for the few people who stuck with me despite my *cough* extremely long hiatus. You guys helped me find the words to finally get this story back on track.

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