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Goose the Pudgoose
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April20th, 2006

Eh... hehe. Wow, it's been nearly a month. I've been considerably busy, but not altogether unproductive! I admit I reached a bit of a hiatus Imprisoned by the Prisoner when I came to a dull moment and realized that I hadn't planned my plot well enough to continue... But that's fixed now! I brainstormed and came up with a most excellent plot that will stand for at least 10 more chapters of writing, and the story's been coming along well since then. It's real great, btw, and I'm very excited!

After looking through old files, I've decided I'll repost and work on Crossed Paths too. I had a really great thing going with that story, and it's a shame I took it down. It'll be a fresh break from Imprisoned by the Prisoner, which is so dark, dramatic, and angsty. Crossed Paths will be lighter, with more humor and action/adventure. Look out for both of them. I promise I'll start posting both before the end of the school year (which is the last day of May...)

Until then...


My name is Lori (or Pudgoose) and I am an 18-year-old fanfiction writer. I've been doing this for... oh, about 6 years, and the road has been chock-full of ups and downs. Let's see, where to begin...

In 6th grade, there used to be a domain on the web that offered free websites that were easy to make and sooo easy to maintain (I've long forgotten the domain name, by now). Well you could put your website under certain "groups" and then search for sites under these "groups," and that's just what I happened to do one day.

One of the "Dragon Ball Z" sites that I had looked up had a section of "fanfiction," a term I had never known before. I clicked on it, out of curiosity, and was astounded that someone was writing a story with DBZ characters... out of the DBZ storyline. The piece was poorly written, and perhaps only a few paragraphs long, but I was blown away. For the next few weeks, I would return again and again to that site to read those paragraphs, just to relive the experience.

You must understand... at about this time, Cartoon Network was currently airing the "Vegeta Saga," and I instantly fell in love with the character. Back then, the voice of Vegeta was done by a man named Brian Drummond, NOT Chris Sabat. Brian Drummond was known for his very maniacle-sounding voice (and screams like a rockstar), and I could not get enough of it. (However, Chris Sabat took over Vegeta's voice around the arrival of the Ginyu Force on Namek because viewers were concerned that Vegeta did not sound "regal" enough, nor "deep and sexy" enough. Personally... I'd love to have Mr. Drummond back.)

So anyway, I continued reading any and all kinds of fanfiction I could find. I even once tried typing in a "fanfiction.com," and, of course, got nothing. Little did I know what existed only three characters away...

Well one day, while scrolling through "Bored.com's" list of sites to visit, I saw an advertisement for a "FanFiction.NET," and couldn't believe my eyes! I remember that moment as clearly as if it happened yesterday: I was in my school's computer lab, made a mental note of the site, and anticipated getting home the entire rest of the day so I could check it out.

And, in a nutshell, that's how it happened. I eventually convinced my mother to allow me to get a FanFiction.Net account (she was extremely protective, you see...), and I began posting. All of my stories were not that well-written (when you're about 11-12 years old, the imagination doesn't need very many words to guide it), and most were one-shots, so I didn't receive very many reviews. I wasn't far down the road from "glory," though...

My "greatest" work (the one that received 700+ reviews) was only several months away. It was my first serious FF.Net story, called Steal After My Heart, Would You?, and it no longer exists on my account. I grew angry with it after about a year of its completion, because, looking back, I thought it was slutty and poorly written and needed to be trashed. But, before I tossed it, I gave one of my fans permission to put it on a website of hers, and, as of 2 years ago, it was still accessible. Google it, if you're interested, and you just may find it.

Anyway, needless to say, that spurred my confidence a whole lot more, and I continued to write--even to this day.

One great thing did come out of Steal After My Heart, and that was the meeting of an excellent friend and writer, Stef-chan. I hit it off with Stef like I'd never before with anyone else, and she spurred my writing aspirations and drive to a new level. She has helped me become a better writer throughout the years and, as she was a year older than me, helped guide me on several things in my life, too. Check her out, she's in my "Favorite Authors" section.

Well, to complete my biography... About the end of my freshman year, I took a break from FanFiction writing, because that's when I had my first boyfriend, and I stayed away for nearly a year. From that point up till now, I've had brief periods of writing followed by long spaces of... nothing... in between. The completion of the Dragon Ball Z story (especially the completion of the Namek and Cell Games sagas, which are my two favorites), has caused my FanFiction drive to suffer, particularly for DBZ. That's when I branched out into other subjects, particularly games, such as SSX and Final Fantasy X.

But the drive to write DBZ has never gone away entirely, and I don't believe it truely ever will. I love to write; it's part of who I am. The character of Vegeta has always been a favorite of mine, throughout all the books I've ever read and anime I've ever watched. And as long as it stays that way, I will continue to write stories about him, no matter what phase I'm in in my life.

If you're a newby to me, I'll list my personal favorites of my stuff, just to give you a hint as to what you might like to check out:
1. A Christmas Wish (FavoriteOne-Shot)
2. The Brute (Favorite Story)
3. Soothing Souls
4. We Are NOT Sports People

5.The Santa Exchange
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