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hey umm i really no idea why anyone would bother reading this lol but anywayz.

name: kait

dob: sometime in the last century i think...

fav books: (these are only some of them lorl)

The Song of the Lioness quartet: The Immortals quartet: The Protector of the Small quartet: The Circle of Magic quartet: The Circle Opens quartet: the will of the emperess: tricksters choice/ tricksters queen terrier the redwall series eragon/eldest inkspell/inkheart anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes though i haven't been able to read many yet. Harry Potter

this list continues but i will stop before you decided to stop me writting permanatley. (i rule at going on about useless stuff).

ok these are some of my favourite quotes/scenes:

teen titans:

Beast Boy: Yo, Raven! Try one! They're loaded with Soy-Beanie goodness!
Raven: I respect that you don't eat meat. Please respect that I don't eat fake meat.

Mumbo: Now, Robin, I'm sure there is a non-violent way to settle this. (Pulls out two bombs) But this isn't it! (Throws bombs)

Starfire: On my planet we have names for wrong-doers like you. You're a CLORBAG VARBLERNELK!!
Beast Boy: I'm a what-bag??
Cyborg: You heard the lady.
Raven: You are SUCH a clorbag.

Robin: Beast Boy and Starfire can scan from the skies.
Beast Boy: Maybe Cyborg should come with me instead?
Robin: Cyborg... can't fly.
Cyborg: (Pinches Beast Boy's cheek) Have a nice flight, my little clorbag!

Beast Boy: I got it!
Cyborg: It can't involve tanks or man-eating sharks.
Beast Boy: I don't got it.

Cyborg: What makes you think that you can go into Robin's room, try on his clothes, and use his stuff while he's away?
Starfire & Beast Boy: Uh...
Cyborg: Without me!

Slade: (About to kill 4 of the Titans) Trust me. This won't hurt a bit.
(Raven appears)
Raven: Wanna bet?

Starfire: You are not the only one with powerful eyes. (Shoots eye-beams)
See-More: (Blocks attack) Yeah, but I bet I'm the only one with see-through vision. Haha!
(Starfire gasps, then covers herself)

Mother Mae-Eye: (To Raven) Just because you're evil on the inside doesn't mean you can't look nice on the outside.

Raven: Morning, pancakes?
Beast Boy: Uh, thanks?
Starfire: What is the occasion for?
Raven: Can't I just do something nice for my friends?
Cyborg: Uh, yeah, but...
Beast Boy: You never have before. (Lightning flashes, and Raven glares at the rest of the Titans)

Robin: Slade. We're ready for you.
Slade: Give me the girl.
Robin: No way.
Slade: You don't really have a choice in the matter. I'm taking her.
Beast Boy: Oh, yeah? You and what army?
(An army of fire creatures appear, Beast Boy screams)
Cyborg: You just had to ask, didn't you?

(Robin, Cyborg, & Beast Boy spit out the pancakes after their first bite)
Robin: (Noticing Raven's downcast reaction) Don't you think it's nice of Raven to make us breakfast?
Cyborg: (Mutters) Even though the girl has no idea how to cook.
(Robin hits him, Cyborg looks up to see a depressed Raven)
Cyborg: Oops, did I say that out loud? Yum

Slade: You must be overjoyed to see me like this, Robin. Desperate, weak, vulnerable.
Robin: I'm here to save Raven, not pity you

Raven: (After dropping kids off, and hears crying) Teether just took timmy's blanket. (Hears more crying) Timmy just took it back.
(Crying stops)
Raven: Quiet, too quiet. (Runs back and bangs on door) Timmy! Teether! Melvin!!

Beast Boy: Robin's communicator, how may I help you?
Raven: Beast Boy, put Robin on.
Beast Boy: He's fighting crime at the moment, perhaps I can be of assistance.

Raven: I need backup. (On communicator) Raven calling anyone.
Beast Boy: (On communicator) Raven?
Raven: Anyone other than Beast Boy.

Raven: (To Kids) We're going to play a game. It's called Don't. Bother. Raven. Rule number one: no talking!


"I do not suffer from insanity I enjoy every minute of it!"

"A true friend will think of you as a good egg even if you are slightly cracked."

" life is good, eternal life is better"

-Honestly... Don't you two read? (Hermione)

"Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die."

i am a rob rae supporter. did anyone else notice in the cartoon the only time robin uses that birdarang sword it was in defence of raven...also in hide and seek we see that ravens handtohandstyle is extremely similar to Robin's. This could suggest that he has been training her how to fight.although i support this couple i respect most other couples. thing i don't support:(this list may grow lol) rae/cy they are like brother sister and any slashes soz i just not ready to swing that way and i probly never will be

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