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Yo people it's DuskW with the writing styles of me. Games, anime, manga and anything else that comes to mind will get a touch of my creative thoughts. Might be good might not, but who cares it's all for fun. So sit back and enjoy, and while your at it tell me what you think of my musings. Later.


Been a little while but I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (if it is summer where ever you're reading this). I've been working like crazy but at least I'm loving what I do, so enough about that lets talk about the stories. Alright first of all NiGHTS chapter 3 is up, not very long but I'm moving on it. The big one Brightest Day, started writing the new chapter for it and may possibly have it next week if I can keep my momentum up. Also started a new idea that someone kicked at me a while ago, I was mewling it over whether I should write it or not and one day at work I just put pen to paper and the first chapter kind of just came out; so I'll probably post it sometime soon. Lastly, halfway through chapter 2 for Mercenary Tales; since this is my baby I want to do it right (plus original ideas keep getting coming around to taunt me so I have to be careful). Now a quickie book review: James Patterson's Private was not much to my liking. I feel that his newer works are not living up to his usual flair. It was a good read but I would not want to see the characters again in a sequel because it felt to unrealistic (and yes I know I'm talking about fiction but come on no way would a private investigation company be helping on a serial killer case pro bono for the LAPD.) Next up John Maberry's Joe Ledger series is a fantastic read (Patient Zero and Dragon Factory) with action intrigue and plenty of character depth to involve you in the story beginning to end, can't wait for the next book in this series about a covert military organization that combats potential world ending events (a manufactured zombie virus and genetic engineered diseases are just examples of what the Dept of Military Science has dealt with). Lastly is F Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack, this I would never have heard of if not for Mr. Maberry doing a little informal interview with Mr. Wislon on his blog. The whole premise of an urban mercenary fixing problems with a twist is just too intriguing not to try out, plus mostly all the novels of Mr. Wilson string together to form a hidden history which I can't wait to unravel myself. Well that's all I got for the moment back to the (following is hidden to protect the writer from his own paranoia) wait who wrote that. Oh boy gotta go. Late.


Well it looks like I was able to keep up with my wanting to write more, good for me. Today's publishing wonder is a new one, Mercenary Tales: Tale's Beginning. This is the story that I have been working on and it's a throw back to the first story I ever wrote. Mercenary Tales is a series that I have actually put a lot of thought into and see it progressing through each Mega Man series and events that happen in between them. So hopefully everyone will enjoy it and I will be able to kick out the chapters in a timely fashion. Okay so on to my critique review of what I have been reading, first we'll start off with World War Z this was a great read with the content being interviews of different people all describing what they witnessed as the zombie apocalypse transpired I highly suggest this book. James Patterson' Fang was alright but I feel that the Maximum Ride series hasn't really been gripping me like it did with the original three books, just feels like it's lacking somehow. Well I'm off to get some more work done and hopefully have more chapters up soon, don't ask what I'm going to do next even I haven't figured that out yet. Late.


Okay so it's been a somewhat eventful and crushing year since I was last here. For many reasons my soul was crushed my body broken and yet my spirit remained indomitable in spite of everything that the world could throw at me. Now on that cheery note how about we get to what you all really want to know, my writing status; well chapter 2 of NiGHTS is up for you all to enjoy and I have a few more written up so they just need typing. The next part of the Mercenary Tales has seen progress up to mid chapter 2 that will be seeing the light of day soon, halfway through a new chapter for Hidden in the Elements and the big gun Brightest Night will get some work done soon because that is what everyone wants. Obviously there is a lot to say I've been doing over my year absence but I'll save the reviews and thoughts of various books, movies and games for another time for now enjoy NiGHTS and I should be back soon. Late.


Vwoot, making a stop by and posting a new story for all you story loving people on the interwebs (yeah that's what I called it today). So right new story that I've been talking about for a loooonnnnnnngggggg time, NiGHTS: The Possiblity in Dreams is out. If you can guess from the title what kind of story it is then you wins the cookie, if you read previous posts by moi then you already know it's (spoiler for you cookie guessin folk) KP/NiGHTS and if you didn't feel like being either I just told you what it was (you can still have a cookie but no milk sorry). Well what have I been doing is some fun stuff (not really all I've been doing is working and it's booorrrrring) but I have read some really great books. Let's recap my literary prowess; well first off is Max by JP completely loved it and died laughing numerous times for all fans of the Max Ride serious this was the one we were waiting for. Next up is Orson Scott Card's Ender Quartett, this was mind boggling good with Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide and Children of the Mind I loved this series going from a future militaresque upbringing of a young boy to a theological examination of life. I'm probably not doing it justice but you should really give Ender's story a try. I'm slowly but surely making my way through the Prey series by John Sanford and the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connely (hell I want to read everything by these guys), both are really good crime thrillers with Prey being more character driven and Bosch being a bit more techinical police wise. Mmmm I can't really think of anything else that's new that I've read except my fav authors (James Patterson, Dean Koontz, other writey people) and gaming has been a slow point for me (although Spiderman: Web of Shadows was awesome fun and I just beat Wanted which was alright) so I don't got anything else to say except go read my stuff and leaves them perrty words in a review of some kind. Late


Yes I know, I know it's been over 3 months since I was last here and updated and I know that everyone out there who is reading my fics have had pitchforks and torches ready for when I would raise my head, but I have an excuse. It wasn't my fault they made me do it! But no seriously remember much much much earlier when I said that there were some life altering changes I was going to go through and then when those plans fell through, well I got fed up with it and decided to press on myself rather than wait for an offer. So what does that mean, simply that I'm going back to school. It's a special course of study and I'm about halfway through now but I still have a ways to go.

But Dusk what does this mean about your stories? Come on get to the point man!

Okay calm down there me impersonating someone else, what this means is that updates are going to be very scattered until I get things settled. However on the up point it being the time of the season that it is I can bang out a few chapters of things here and there. Such as Chapter 7 of Brightest Day which is short but I needed a transition chapter to make the moves I have planned. Also if any one was around last year then you should know that as my Christmas present to you all I will update all of my stories and even though I'm already cut for time I will be publishing at least one new story. So look forward to all of that and I want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday from your buddy Dusk.



Okay I have to make this quick since the Eagles game is about to start in like a minute, so new chapter of Hidden Elements is up and ready. I wish I could throw myself into it more cause all the great stuff I have planned for later I really want everyone to read but constraining circumstances such as real life get in the way. Moving on planned items: I have written three chapters for the new story I mentioned before, this will not be uploaded until I have a significant amount written (I get the feeling I'm not going to be able to write so much soon), second I am going to work on all my stories and get a few chapters for each ready. Last all I've got is to say thanks to all my reviewers and everyone who has put my stories into a C2 it means a lot to me. Alright it's kickoff time so that means I'm out of here. GO EAGLES. Late.


Oh my goodness is this me updating so quickly again after my last update, why yes it is! Seriously though I am trying to get back into a more regular updating schedule now that I am back to not being a moping mess. Well as for what has been updated that would be chapter 4 of Cobalt Streak, its not really a long chapter but it was fun to write. Also why I'm here let me give a big thanks to the people who put my stories in their C2s, it really means a lot that you like my stuff. Also big thanks to my reviewers as well without you guys I don't really think there would be a reason for anyone to post around here. Oh right as fro Breaking Dawn I did go after work and get it at midnight, felt a little weird standing in line. Only guy + probably oldest there = little weird. Eh who cares the book was amazing, I read it twice already and I am kind of pleased with the ending. Well that's about all I've got to say now so be seeing you all soon (I hope). Late.


Hey people how are you all doing? Me I've had a better few months than the last few. Last time I wrote that some big changes were probably happening for me but well they kind of fell through and are in limbo for right now. That kind of kicked off a bit of a down period but I bounced back and slowly got my head screwed on right. Now I'm feeling like my old self, got a new job that isn't entirely awful, and my braining is churning out the ideas around and around so I finally feel like writing again. Well melodrama over I hope everyone went out and saw Dark Knight because as the internet has already told you it was awesome, although I'm extremely said that Heath is dead and can't reprise his role as the Joker (made that movie he did). I can't say I've read anything earth shattering either, although the new Artemis Fowl book was good (fans of that series finally got the... whoops not going to say you'll just have to read for yourself) and James Patterson started a new series The Dangerous Days of Daniel X: enjoyable but it left me feeling that more could have been put in it (I feel this way because I read through it in one sitting of an hour or two). Besides that nothing has really blown me away, of course Breaking Dawn comes out tomorrow at midnight (will I get the book then depends on how tired I am after work) and I am really looking forward to the end of the Twilight series. Now that I have ranted for a bit I will leave you to your musings and let you enjoy yourselves, as usual I hope to be back soon and maybe I'll finally start working on that new project I mentioned months ago (a hint would be that it's another KP/ fic but I'll let you all wonder what I'm going to do). Until then, Late.


Yo my adoring public what up? Well if you ask me I've been busy busy busy, a lot going on at work and possibly a life altering event could be happening to me in the next month or so. It really eats up my time which is why it took so long for me to update, but hey I did and now I can work on the next story which if you all are wondering will be the next chapter for Brightest Day. I know that is what most people are hoping I'll update but I like playing with my OCs too much and I just had to give them some quality time. Of course as busy as I am I still find the time to read some excellent books and my latest find happened after watching a trailier on G4 for a movie, of course it's a huge series and probably everyone knows about it but if you haven't read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer I suggest doing so. It was just what I was looking for because reading crime thrillers for so long makes me go searching for something otherworldly. Also Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, which is what I'm reading right now, is a trip in itself. I highly recommend any book I comment about up here so go out and enjoy, but as for me it's time for me to go training and then work. So hopefully it won't be a long time until I'm back, until then. Late.


Hi everybody, now I know what you're all thinking "Dusk what the hell happened to you?" well people it's like this. All my writing was done on my laptop so that I could do it anywhere I felt a sudden impulse to, sadly though the cord for my power adapter got stripped and I had no power to charge my laptop. So I was out of commission until I got a new one, so I get the new adapter but now my LCD lamp decides to play games with me. Now I can't see what I'm doing so basically the laptop is dead to me now and I've got all my work on my desktop. So to make up for my down time I'm going to do my best to put out chapters for each of my stories quickly and maybe begin a new one that I thought up. Also I'm dividing my time between playing Smash Bros. Brawl, totally awesome game and I surprised myself by playing with my Wii-mote, reading, for all you Max Ride fans who stop by Final Warning was awesome (although a little short, I finished it in one day), writing, of course, and training, which is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Well next up I have Cobalt Streak going, then Brightest Day and if I find the time the new one that thought up might just make an appearance. Until next time kiddies enjoy your selfs. Late.


Ok so my first update of the year and it is a good one, at least I think so. Brightest Day chapter five is up and ready for your viewing pleasure, when I was writing this I didn't expect to make it so long but apparently I was possessed for the last few days with awesome; that's my only explanation. Well I managed to finish all the books I got for Christmas and some ones that I bought after, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman amazing piece of work if you haven't read these books go out and do it now, you're still here go read them trust me you'll enjoy them. Some other stuff that has been occupying my time well beat Assasin's Creed; cool game definately going to go back and play it again, Mario Galaxy became extremely challenging when I had to get purple coins; I feared for my Wii-motes that I would smash them on the ground in frustration, and of course Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 provide enjoyable amounts of distraction. Wow that's a lot to get done in about a month for me, but hey I hope to get more done as time goes on so expect updates some time soon. I hope. Late


Yes people the reports of my accident involving a hamster and a giraffe have been greatly exaggerated, if you don't know what I'm talking about then pay no attention. Anyway it's been awhile and even though it is a day later than I had originally planned on updating here I am with not one mind you but two updates. Consider this my Christmas present to all you peoples out there. What's been updated you ask, why I'll tell you; Cobalt Streak and Hidden Elements now come with brand spankin' new chapters. Well I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas, as well as any other holiday you might celebrate, as for me I've got tons of games waiting that need some of my special TLC. Happy New Year people. Late


Ok so here we have the newest chapter of BD up and ready for everyone to enjoy. I planned to write more for this chapter but I am experiencing a bout of sickness, namely a cold that's been annoying the hell out of me for the whole week. Thankfully though I think I'm getting over now, so we have the holidays coming, work still building, and whole load of games and books that are coming out, but I will still find the time to write cause hey it's what I like to do. Expect more soon. Late.


Well a new day and a new story for everybody to enjoy, Cobalt Streak has just hit the net and I'm pretty pleased with it. The story is a Maximum Ride fic but like most of my stories it follows my own characters, which I like writing about because then it's more original than just rehashing an idea with already developed characters. Anyway it's really cool to be doing a fic based off of a book by my favorite author, if none of you have ready anything by James Patterson I suggest you go out and pick up one of his books I suggest his Alex Cross series and of course Maximum Ride. Well now that I have given life to Cobalt maybe now I can focus on my other stories (I spent half a week just brainstorming Cobalt when I thought about it and then another week writing the chapter) so until then. Late


I'm looking over and I see that I did not write an update here for chapter 2 of Hidden Elements, how embarrassing. Oh well that was put up at the end of the month, not too many reviews on that one but I felt that I forced the chapter so I'm not totally happy with it. Any way moving on to today post I put up Brightest Day chapter 3 for everyone's viewing pleasure, took me a while to write since it involved me going over some things but I am happy with it. So what comes next I'll just have to play by ear or what ever pops into my head either way something will be along. Late


So chapter 2 of Brightest Day got put up extremely early this morning and I'm already getting some good reviews for it, thanks people. Now I suppose I should write up chapter 2 for Elements because I was brainstorming on it and came up with some really cool ideas, so that's next on my agenda. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the week, but then who knows. Late.


Ok so my weekend isn't a total loss, since I managed to finish the first chapter for Brightest Day, my KP/GL fic. Of course I get home from work after not sleeping for about 24 hours, post the story and what do I forget to do, duh update my profile. Well problem solved now and I'm also happy to see that both new stories already have reviews, I guess Naruto and KP fans are more forth coming with them than MM fans. Well right now I have nothing currently written down for anything which probably won't change till tomorrow, now I need to go get lunch (man am I starving.) Late.


Well it's 2AM again and here I am finally finish the agonizing process of coming up with a summary for my new fic, Hidden in the Elements. Trust me the story will be a lot better than the summary lets on, I just suck at writing them. Also just started work on a KP/GL fic that came to me as I was working today expect the first chapter for that up sometime soon. And with that we cue the sleepy time. Late.


It's what 2AM and I have just completed Mercenary Tales. WOOOOOOOO yeah baby it's finally done time to freak out. Or at least I would if it wasn't 2freakingAM, but we must suffer for or art at times. Yeah right I'm up this late anyway. So the main story is done and I'm going to do a little epilogue that popped into my head, that will be up some time tomorrow. Late


Chapter 29 is up and ready for viewing enjoyment. I finally got some reviews and some more people put me in their alerts, getting recognition finally is really pushing me to finish soon. Hopefully I can finish Chapter 30 and get it typed soon, oh well here's hoping.


Finally finished typing chapter 28 today, as well as posting it. I was also planning on having the last chapter written last week but complications at work stopped me (such as people not owning up to their mistakes and then throwing tantrums like a 5 year old) so hopefully this week I can finish and then get to work on new projects. Next chapter will hopefully be up this weekend, but it's long so it might take a while to type. Also thanks to Summerton for putting this in your favorites it means a lot to me to see someone enjoying my work, now all you have to do is leave a review and I will be extremely motivated to finish. Well that's all readers see ya later.


Updated Mercenary Tales: 21XX. Only a few more chapters to the end, man have I really been working on this for a while. Next up for me is a Naruto fic I've been putting together, so look forward to that and subsequent stories of Mercenary Tales (which should total maybe 6 fics in all, I'm not sure yet). Later.

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