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Hello, and welcome to my profile. As you can obviously tell by my pen name, I am an avid Katoph shipper. Why, you ask? Well...I find it incredibly adorable. I know there are a lot of more..."likley" ships, like Kataang or Tokka, but, none of them are nearly as cute. I myself tend to lean to the not-so-predictable ships, including the ones I find irresistable. On another note, I also usually ship for yuri, because I myself not only write it, but I am also bisexual. Laugh if you wish. I have recently discovered that 10 percent of the earth's population is gay, and more so bi. So there, all you gay haters. That concludes the introduction to my Profile. Enjoy the rest, for it is far less boring than this section. (Sorry for the formalness, but I was obviously not myself whilst writing this...Hehe -Sweatdrop-)

Favorite T.V shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, Kim Possible, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchimest, Blood, Bleach, and of course, Robot Chicken. (I can't help it. I find it hilarious.)

Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge, RENT, Pirates of the Carribean, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissor Hands, John Tucker Must Die (I LOVE the kissing scene in the car!!) Shrek, Under The Tuscan Sun, 200 Cigarettes, Little Manhattan, 300, and Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2.

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Avatar (Its Everywhere...), Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider.

Favorite Books/ Manga: Love Hina, Harry Potter, Avatar (there it is again...), Kingdom Hearts, and anything by either Lurlene McDaniel, or Stephen King.

Favorite Shippings: Katara x Toph, Motoko x Kitsune, Tifa x Yuffie, Hermione x Ginny, Shinobu x Su, Naru x Mitsumi, and Azula x Mai. (Don't ask where that came from. I just personally like it...)

Favorite Quote(s): Kitsune: Say, Motoko, that yukata really looks nice on you, doesn't it? That's my little traditonal girl...
Motoko: Wh-what's the matter with you, Kitsune?
Kitsune: Hey, do you still have those little puppies wrapped up under there? Don't you know you're supposed to go naked under these things?
Motoko: Kyyyaaaah! Do you happen to have some "other teamly" tendancies?
Kitsune: Well, I've been associated with those rumors latley. Hahaha... Katara: I know this probably doesn't mean much...But You're really pretty.
Toph: I...I am?
Katara:...Yeah...You are...
Toph:...I would return the compliment, but I have no idea what you look like...
Katara: Laughs lightly
Toph: Thanks, Katara...Punches her arm
Katara:...Oow.. Me: What in the blue fuck was that? Tiffany: Let's doooo...The underwear dance!!!
Me: ...Dude...You snorted Monster again, didn't you? Me: ...There's frozen dog shit in the freezer...
My Mom:...Honey...That's barbeque sauce.
Me:...WHAT THE FUCK IS BARBEQUE SAUCE DOING IN THE FREEZER? Me: I'm on tonight... you know my shit don't lie-...Wait...Whoops. Me: It's not My fault your face looks like that! Tiffany: Hmmm...Let's ass rape her. Tiffany: Meet Humphrey! My mom wanted me to name him Bogart...Just Bogart...I was like...What the fuck is a Bogart!?!?
Me: ...An actor.
Tiffany:...Oh...Well...What's an actor have to do with my hamster? Me: Dude...You look like Rosie O'Donnal and Gwenneth Paltrow mixed... Me: This is Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff mixed together...Ahem..."Muuuuurraaagh!!!" Me: You know what annoys the living shit out of me? Avacados. What the fuck do they have to do with existance?

Yeah...I say some weird shit...Er...I'm sorry but I must be going. I have lots of writing to do! I should be coming out with a lot of new stories here soon...I just have to find a way to transfer them from my laptop onto my internet-using computer... Oh, and as for my general information, here is a bit about your's truly.

Age: Somewhere between fourteen and sixteen...
Location:...None of your buisness...
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Eye color: Brownish sometimes...Greenish others...
Hair color: Blown (Black/Brown)

Well, that, my friends (and people I don't know) is my profile. Feel free to write me any messages and what-not about anything...Advice, Avatar talk, Katoph approval, Zutara rant (preferably a Zutara rant...)...Anything at all. And again, look out for some of my up and coming writings. Ciao.

Fear-My-Katoph-Obsession (Or, sometimes as I sign my reviews: F-M-K-O)

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