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Occupation-high school student/ at night I'm BadgerBoy hero hidden in the shadows!...Not really

Anime's i like

Naruto,One Piece,Konjiki no Gash bell (Zatch bell), (Detective Conan (Case closed), Card Captor Sakura, Bleach, Pokemon, Digimon Savers, Kaze no stigma, Happy Lesson, Ah, My goddess!

Pairings i like


Naruto/(any girl exept Hinata or Sakura)

Shika/Tema, or Shika/Ino

Shino/Hina or Hina/Kiba


Inu/Sango- inuyasha desereves someone strong and sweet, not weak and shrill and mean.

Konjiki no gash bell(Zatch bell)




Things I Hate

Naru/Sasu- I can't hate this more than i do now. I don't care if you like this or not but right now it has the most fictions of all the Naruto pairings. It is just not going to happen. I don't care if you write them but i won't read them.

Sasu/Saku- I HATE THIS PAIRING! it wont ever happen, Sasuke is blinded by revenge and why would he like someone who is weak and all she knows is book smarts. People always say Sasuke is worried that if he likes someone Itachi will kill them so he would probably get someone thats strong enough to defend them selfs. That is no sakura at all she wouldn't last one minute with itachi so Sasuke would go for someone stronger like Karin or Tenten or Hinata.

Yaoi/Yaoi- What can i say i'm male so i find this disgusting

Yuri/Yuri- while i am male and i am aroused by these stories they usually have terrible plots and not worth reading in my opinion

Naru/Saku- i dont think that sakura deserves naruto I believe she is a bitch to Naruto and i wouldn't make her like him unless he likes someone else so she gets ignored

High school fics that are about an anime that doesn't have a high school (Anime-Naruto)- I don't know who thought it was a good idea to think 'Wouldn't it be cool if Naruto and friends go to high school?' but i read fanfics for the fact the Naruto and the gang are freakin NINJAS! I engulf my life in anime to get away from reality. Not read about high school. Another thing is that i'm not a big fan of cannon pairings (Naruhina, Sasusaku, Nejiten, Shikaino/shikatem) and so maybe i'd read one about NaruIno, ShikaSaku, ect. Yet people usualy only write cannon pairings with highschool fics. The worst thing is that when you visit the main Naruto fanfiction page there is always at least one Highschool fic on the first page. Wow, it Feels really good to get that of my chest.

Hoshi no Naruto Ability BIOs

This section is where i keep all the information from Hoshi no Naruto. Such as what abilities he's copied so far, what advancements he's learned and explanations on what the hats look like. An Advancement is an ability thatNaruto learns when he trains or experiences something during an ability is activated. A Natural Ability is something that happens naturally. Sort of like how fish can breath underwater.


Natural Ability


Natural Powers

Cutter throw: Narutothrows the cutter from atop his hat. He can throw up to three. They act like boomerangs



Hat Description

A yellow baseball cap with black beady eyes and wings on both sides. A silver blade sits atop it.

Visual and Origin

Vid can be found Here. Origin is from Kirbys adventure (NES)


Natural Ability

Photosynthesis: When in strong sunlight, Naruto slowly replenishes chakra

Natural Powers

Leaf Shuriken: Leaves appear in Naruto's hand. When thrown they act, fly, and cut like real shuriken.


Konoha Bunshin no Jutsu: Naruto uses leaves to create clones of himself. Each leaf will become one clone.

Hat description

Naruto's eyes and skin turn emerald green. A vine is wrapped around his forehead and leaves are sticking out from it forming and taking the appearance of his normal hair.

Visual and Origin

Visual N/A (I might draw it but i can't draw worth shit...) Origin is OC (Original creation)

Story progress

The Little Green Vial -Story has been taken over by Whitefang16

The True Power of Courage V2-The first re-writen chapter is finally up.

Hoshi no Naruto- first chapter is up and running.

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