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Author has written 6 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Let's see...

Name?: Chickatita

Why chickatita?: Well simply put, I don't know you well enough to get into that.

Age?: A million

Phone Number?: Well you perverts better write this down...1-800-NOT-A-CHANCE, I may also be contacted at 911-0245 but really, with the speed dial system these days, all you need are the first 3 numbers...

Likes?: Reading, some writing, drawing, anime, music, and... oooh spaghetti o's...i also sew... shut up!

Ambition?: To become the worlds first person to genetically alter and enlarge a sea horse so they are adaptable to land, sea, air and lava-so that i might be able to get to work in style,

To discover the cure for Lupis,

Teach my cat to jump through a hoop,

and to be the first person to sucessfully rob a casino and an ice cream shop in the same night...but in the mean time i'd like to finnish school.

?: My friend and I mostly team write, she has our story up.

This is just my page with my stories...

Do as you will with it...

So yeah I'm like totally into the Prince of Tennis, Naruto, and Life with Derek now. I haven't forgotton about my roots, I still read Inuyasha Fanfiction but I just don't have to same passion for it as I used to... it's a delicate situation.


"Only through other's words can we truly find our own."~Me (poetic isn't it?)

"Thanks God, Just when life was starting to get easy!" ~Me

"HAPPY feet?: Come on that's just asking for critisism!"~Beta

"At the end of an Ox is beef, at the end of a lie is grief" ~African Proverb

OKay I finnished april's fools!! wootness i know!! im working on other stuff so don't leave me if you're interested. I uploaded the last chapter quickly and didn't realize untill it was too late the i uploaded the unedited version so if you notice any mistake bare with me untill i can get the new version up.

Well muh new story is up! Funn! This one is a little more serious than my normal stuff so its kinda different... well tell me what you think of it!

SO In all my stories I write with the insipration of a light melodie and a heavy beat. I love music and try to encorperate it in my stories. In Love is Just a Word I decided to name all of the chapters after a songs that seem to set the tone of the chapter a bit. I just thought I'd put those lovely songs and their artists in here in case anybosy is interested:

People are People--Dope

So What--Pink


Right Round--Flo Rida

Poker Face--Lady GaGa

Devil's Dance Floor--Flogging Molly

Hunting For Witches--Bloc Party

Also included:

Brittney Spears--Circus (Don't roll your eyes!)

Don't Trust Me--3oh!3

Let it Rock--Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne

Gives You Hell--All American Rejects


This is all that's out. There's more to come I promise!

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