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12/10/13--Ok, so the muse has graced me with its presence again, though not in the direction I was hoping for. Jaina's Trip should be updated soon, like by the end of the week soon. I have a new fic up, I have 4 chapters or maybe 5 done, I haven't looked at chapter 5 lately. I'll reread chapter 2 and post it if it is satisfactory, but I need inputs coming up pretty soon because the story lacks this small detail called a plot. Yes, I have 4-5 chapters of "setting."

12/11/13--infernal save button(this is the third time today I've written something out to post here). As you've probably noticed, Jaina is up as well as chapter 2 of the SW/SG-1 fic. That one is particularly cliffie, so I'll post on the 13th chapter 3, which will make things make a great deal more sense. I should be able to remember to post chapter 4 on the 15th, then I will have to look to make sure that chapter 5 is pretty well finished, and it should be postable by Christmas day at the very least. I celebrate Yule, so that's the 21st, I won't be on at all, we will be doing family stuff. Fortunately, it's a Saturday, so the boys are out of school.

12/15/13--Chapter 5 is pretty well in hand, just one section to finish out then I must give thought to what direction the story is going. Beyond that, I'm pretty open to the muse's directions, so I will try to get something else going by year's end, and get posting on a regular basis again.

12/28/13--Daniel and Ben is still undergoing this plot crisis, sadly, but I have FINALLY worked out what the problem is with The Necklace. I have one more section to write, then it will be ready to post. That SHOULD be tomorrow morning. Thanks for sticking with me, and welcome my new readers. :)

12/29/13--Yay, it's up. I didn't realize it had been so long--the last update for it was 10/28/09. Over four years. I now face one of the great hurdles of writing: the blank page (aka The Necklace chapter 13).

1/21/14--The holidays are finally over (tree down, decorations put away, life back on a normal schedule) though some of my characters are still in protest-hibernation. It's been about a week since I've worked on anything, I'm focusing on helping Yoda work on his book (edit run through of second draft, currently on chapter 5/12). I think my main problem is that Anakin won't talk to me. I do horrible things to him so he's gone on a silence strike. I can hear him moving around back there, but I haven't managed to drag him out. I suppose I will just have to do something else to someone else to make him talk. He'll start bitching then.

7/6/14--doing a read through of the Shadows of the Sith so I can grasp where I am ready to send that story. God things have changed so much in my life since I started even the revision. No more college, now I'm working as a Nanny, and other craziness. I read and updated the first chapter, Arrival.

8.1.14--As I go back and edit, it occurs to me that I might want to know how far I'm getting: Words: 165,587(total) Chapter 1, 373 words; Chapter 2, 7374 words; Chapter 3, 8343 words; Chapter 4, 10,248 words; Chapter 5, 17,445 words; Chapter 6, 11,526 words; Chapter 7, 13,254 words, Chapter 8, 15,531 words; Chapter 9, 10,646 words; Chapter 10, 11,816 words; Chapter 11, 10,398 words; Chapter 12, 12,379 words; Chapter 13, 11,659 words; Chapter 14, 7,794 words; Chapter 15, 9,118 words; Chapter 16, 7,683.

8/4/14--Chapter 2 is now 8,108 words, a jump of over 725 words. Now working on chapter 3.

8/5/14--Chapter 3 required minimal changes (no word count change), Chapter 4 is now at 10,231, and Chapter 5 is at 17,449.

8/9/14--Chapter 6 is vexing. Have managed to delete revisions at least twice; discouraging. Attempting again. Mostly revising the section between Leia and Aayla. Maybe more if more is needed after. Ahsoka and Anakin needs redone. but Sleep.

8/11/14--2 sections to go.

8/16/14--beginning on 8/21/14, I should be able to dedicate several hours every weekday to writing as that is the first day of kindergarten, which starts 2 days after the rest of the kids start. Because placement testing can't be done BEFORE school starts.

10/10/14--Chapter 6 is up now at 12,243, so 750 words or so. I did not do anything with Ahsoka and Anakin, but I think that got done back in August, before I sent everything over to Google for tandem editing.

11/2/14--Wow, I think I hate my life more now. "The boys are in school, I'll have more time for myself." What a crock. Anyway, starting on chapter 7 today, hopefully it will be ready to go up today or tomorrow.

11/11/14--I am working on Chapter 7, taking out that awful section where Leia and Anakin are having a tiff. I am trying out something different, I hope you guys like it. new chapter is at 12,775 words, replacing the 13,254 words previously. The section with Aayla and Leia going down into the Room of a Thousand Fountains, and added a section with just Anakin and Leia, but apparently I'm still about 500 words short of where I was before. Ah, well, better words now. Total word count stands at 166,546, so I'm still up almost a thousand words at this point, at a little under halfway through the editing(or at least halfway according to chapter numbers).

11/12/14--Reworked Chapter 8(15,130 words). Headed out. Blech. Maybe will have time tonight.

11/14/14--Went through Chapters 9 and 10, have a small amount of work to do, can possibly get both up today. I have decided to leave in the part where Julia is asking about Leia's anger, because I think that she is angry, that she is working through grieving her previous life. Whether or not things are better, she is still in the position of having lost everything that she knew before.

11/15/14 (technically)--Chapter 9 is going up now(10,301 words), then bed, maybe get more done tomorrow(today).

11/17/14--I should know better than to try to block off me time on the weekends. Ah, well. I have chapter 10 done(11,407 words), I'll have it up shortly. And chapter 11 is up at 10,103 words.

11/18/14--I have read through everything else, and I don't have anything but small spelling, grammar and such fixes. I have a project that I promised a friend I would help with, so in order to motivate myself to get that done, I won't post til that is finished.

11/19/14--Got busy yesterday, got the project finished. Got a letter from my doctor today that my PAP came back abnormal, so I have to go talk about that. This is not good territory, because my mom just died of cancer, my aunt has cancer, my uncle died of cancer(both dad's siblings 2/4. Mom's sibs are all healthy-ish). My dad died of his own stupidity, so there's a plus I guess. If this is anything, I'm young, and it's early stage stuff, so, bonus for me. I'll get the revisions up here shortly, and I may spend some time working on chapter 16, but I don't know yet. Depends on how long revisions take and how tired I feel after.

11/20/14(technically)--ok, so it's 7 minutes after midnight, and I am about to crash. Word counts for the updates are as follows: Chapter 12, 12,375; Chapter 13, 11,657; Chapter 14, 7,989; Chapter 15, 9,118; Chapter 16, 7,683. Total Revised word count: 165,285. I am at -302 words from where I started. Ah well, I wasn't doing it to pad the word count.

12/1/14--A year of updates and fixes, and still don't have time to write properly. Small fixes done on the Necklace.

2/4/14--I have been writing, working on a children's book series. I think I'm looking at roughly 100 books for the first run, so I'm going to be working my ass off. On the other hand, it will be really rewarding if I can get this going. I will be publishing digitally and the first set is pre-reader/early-reader focus, so if you want the link to the KindleBooks edition, email/PM/whatever and I'll throw it out there for you. They are super short, so I'm charging a lot ($0.99USD) but I am hoping to get something going there. I also have had MAJOR LIFE CHANGES, so I haven't been doing any writing here, but hopefully that will change. I am looking at SBOH to see if I can finish that out. Off to Shadows of the Sith Radio on Pandora...

7/15/15--So, life pretty much sucked all last year, and I'm possibly at a point where I can do the things that I want to do rather than just the things that I have to do.

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