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Hello there. I'm a 16 year old girl with the mind of a 6 year old, or so my parents tell me. I'm new to writing fanfics, so I could use any advice anyone can give me. What I really want to do is write a fight scene with the piece The Kraken by Hans Zimmer playing in the background, cause that was such a great song. Or maybe even Storm by Yoshida Brothers. If anyone who reads my fanfic, and gets impressed by it, and wants to collaborate on a story, I'll be happy to oblige.

I enjoy reviews, plain and simple. They're the reason I write fanfics. It's nice to know that your story is appreciated. So I try to review anything I read. And they are all so nice!!! I like people who review my fics, and I try to return the favour. And, to be honest, their fics are way better than mine. That kinda sucks, but it drives me to improve.

I am a writer who painstakingly constructs a plotline and ruins it after writing two drafts by suddenly changing the ending while I am typing out the chapter into Microsoft Word. I hate myself for it.

I so totally love Terry Pratchett. My favourite characters: Sam Vimes...and Death. I absolutely despised Tea-time. Thank God he's dead.

My emails are, and But I would prefer that you send any emails to my yahoo account. Feel free to drop a line anytime, whether its to criticise, praise, or just talk, because I would like to meet new friends. Boys or girls, feel free to write in.

I've got one story running, but I'm actually thinking about writing a Zutara story consisting of pure fluff. I like fluff. Fluffy fluff.

And I think Zuko is sooooo hot. If I could go into the Avatar world, I would.

A live action movie of Avatar is coming out!!!! I have mixed feelings about it, but if it is anything like the Sixth Sense, it will definitely rock.

I enjoy a wide and incredibly odd variety of music, which includes Latin Rite Church Songs, some Cradle of Filth numbers(Absinthe with Faust is strangely enjoyable), Evanescence, Dolly Parton, classical music(Moonlight Sonata is soooo incredible), musicals(Phantom of the Opera, anyone?), Il Divo, Muse(Hysteria is a great song), movie soundtracks(Pirates of the Caribbean, The Exorcist, Hunchback of Notre Dame) and a number of anime beginning and ending songs. But I do not enjoy Britney Spears. Kitaro music is totally cool.

I have also recently discovered the pleasures of reading comics. Some are pure nonsense, but others, like the Marvel Comics Civil War, actually makes sense. And the Spiderman World Trade Center Special was incredible. The scene where Dr Doom cries, that was incredibly touching.

Oh yeah, one last thing...Liverpool is the best. You'll Never Walk Alone.
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