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Name: Reese

Age: 24

Location: Bay Area...that's in Northern California for those who aren't in the know

Likes: movies, music, italian food, surfing, dancing, fireworks, snow, snowboarding, Christmas, writing, my fiance, my puppy and the other two dogs plus two cats, rpgs, pulling things apart and putting them back together

Dislikes: shopping (gasp!), really hot weather, boredom, being overworked, birds (it's a long story), gum, anything chewy that gets stuck in my teeth, hot dogs, pizza without enough cheese or sauce, the whole 'love at first sight thing'

Favorite Pairings: Caleb/Sarah, Dean/OFC, Lucas/Brooke, Chuck/Blair, Dan/Serena, Nathan/Haley

Despised Pairings: Lucas/Peyton that's it. I can't stand them. Ever heard of the phrase "Disgustingly cute"? Yeah, that's them

Brief bio: I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I moved to Southern California to go to UCLA for college. When I got engaged to the man of my dreams I moved back up the the BA to be with him while he finished up school. Currently I manage a restaurant while putting my finace through getting his Masters. I have always been a writer of fanfiction, back to when I was in junior high school. I picked up on RPGs when I was 16 and love them. I've got a bit of a knack for photoshopping and i love it. I have some stuff in the works for my current story, which is the first one I've decided to put up. I think that about covers it. Want to know more, let me know.

When Everything is Made to be Broken

CALEB DANVERS - Steven Strait
CHASE COLLINS - Sebastian Stan
POGUE PARRY - Taylor Kitsch
TYLER SIMS - Chace Crawford
REID GARWIN - Toby Hemingway
SARAH WENHAM - Laura Ramsey
KATE TUNNEY - Jessica Lucas
EVELYN DANVERS - Wendy Crewson
DANIEL PRESTON - Thomas Kretschmann
TRAVIS CARMICHAEL - John Ratzenberger
JOSHUA TRENTON - Maetrix Fitten

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