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I used to be totally against to concept of fanfiction, but when a game leaves loose ends behind, you turn elsewhere for closure. The KotOR series is the guilty party that introduced me to the medium, and Obsidian as a developer seems to leave things unfinished as a rule. Of course, once the floodgates were opened, I turn to fanfiction for pretty much anything I enjoy nowadays, which generally tends to be game romances. Usually with jerks.

As a writer, I have a tendency to not post anything until the story is complete, because I don't really have the time to write regularly. And we all know how frustrating it is to have a nice story be discontinued. Not that I have any confidence in my writing skills. I usually only launch a project if I can't find what I'm looking for in the body of work that's already been published, and frequently I find that my story's already been told. Of course, the problem with waiting to publish until my story is complete... is that between the time that I start and the time that I publish, a story similar to mine will be posted. At which point I quietly tuck away my story and never allow it to see the light of day. Not the most productive method of writing... but I'm generally just looking to enjoy a great story. Whether it's mine or someone else's makes no difference.

About my stories...

Fighting From the Inside

A WeskerxJill Resident Evil 5 fic. My first posted story, and the point that I realized the only way I would finish anything was if I kept it as a short work. I had been writing for quite a bit before this came out, so all that past tossed away experience landed here. A few reviewers pointed out that they felt the story ended too soon, and in a way they're right. I originally had an extra chapter of an infatuated Wesker and a brainwashed Jill gallivanting about the marshlands, but an entire chapter of Wesker pining and Jill with zero personality just seemed too cheesy. And though I tried to make it work, the simple act of having Wesker dwell too long on his feelings felt out of character to me. So I cut it. It may have left a noticeable hole, but I feel the story is better off without it.

Your Loyal Attendant

A ReaverxPrincess Fable III fic. I had come this close to writing a Fable II Reaver fic when I was playing the game, but decided against it. So by the time Fable III came out, I just couldn't resist Reaver any longer. The overall plot changed about five times, and I scrapped at least two chapters of material to get it flowing right. I even gave up entirely on ever finishing it at one point, but I couldn't stop writing it out in my head when I was idle. No heavy ruminations on humanity or the duality of love here, just good old fashioned innuendo-laced banter.

The Hunter's Game

A BishopxKC´╗┐ Neverwinter Nights 2 fic. The first fanfiction I ever started seriously writing, and the reason I've vowed to keep everything else as a short work. At seventeen chapters and over 70k words, it was just too long to find the time and proper motivation to work on it over the years. It was written entirely out of order, starting near the end and then jumping around to wherever I found inspiration without ever properly completing a chapter. I spent countless hours revising and rewriting to tie it all together, because I felt not finishing it would have just been a waste. Though it's got samples of my early work, overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

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