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Hello! I’m a woman in my early mid twenties, wow time fly's faster than I want it to age wise. I'm still single, not that it matters or anything. I figured that instead of having empty white space here I would tell you a little about myself. Not that there's much to say.

I still live in a small apartment with my mother, We both support one another due to money and many health issues. We're trying to get disability for my mom since her health has gotten really bad these last few years and she has permanent damage to both arms from an accident that happened two years ago.

As for the whole living at home when you’re fully grown, well considering the state of jobs right now that’s not so shocking so I don’t feel too bad about that. Still feel really bad but nothing i can currently do right now.

I'm still working as a cashier at a store i won't put here for security reason's, And like all people all my money goes to bill’s and other necessities. I still don't know what career i want to go into, which is causing me stress since I really need to find a job to fully support myself and help out more with my mothers medical issues.

I still haven't gotten my life in order and to be honest haven't even tried to. I suffer from massive depression and due to past problems in my environment growing up got into a very bad habit of blocking reality out and living in my head where I could control what happened it started as a coping/ revolt and has grown beyond out of hand.

Its gotten very bad in the last 5 years and has made my depression even worse so its never ending cycle right now. I honestly don't know where I'd be without online stories. I haven't read I new book in I think 4 years, so I'm really hoping to change that as well as my non existent life.

I won't go into everything since I don't like having my issues posted online but I also needed to just put some reality on here. I have no life and honestly have no skills to cope in the real world.

Trappedbetweenrealityanfantasy, ( my former username) is a good way of describing me, I'm honestly trapped in a twisted fantasy a trap really of my own making and the reality that creeps up to remind me that I have screwed myself over. My new username describes me as well.

I've never been good when It came to internet sites or remembering each site I signed up on or there passwords, it was even worse when I was younger, so I can guarantee there's a lot of accounts floating out there that belonged to me along time ago that I have no way of deleting or remembering what they all were.

I’m the middle child of three siblings four including my estranged half sister from my father’s first marriage. No brothers just sisters, I have PCOS Pulmonary cystic ovary syndrome, and am on three different medicines numerous vitamins and a special diet since many of the yummy foods I like no longer agree with me. I also haven't gotten it under control.

I love reading; listening to music and walking around while I think of new story ideas. Though don’t hold your breath on me posting anything. I still have issues getting my ideas onto paper, and the few stories I have posted on here since making this account were all taken down. Due to my not liking how they turned out, that and the grammar wasn’t the greatest.

I don’t have any favorite genre when I read, and not every book series I read will I read fanfic’s about. Another interesting tidbit I’ve never read the Harry potters series, but I have read many fan fictions about this book series and have gotten the gist of the series down.

The series Twilight is a series that I can only stand fan-fiction wise, due to the potential I see buried deep beneath the insanity, that is brought out by fan fiction, Showing a much more in depth and well written side to this series.

All in all I became hooked on it’s potential, but I hate how it was written canonly.

I love the series once upon a time though I've only seen a few episodes so far. Really need and want to watch them all but am putting it off due to personal problems getting in the way.

I have the very bad habit of wondering what it would be like if I was a mythical/supernatural creature. I cannot fathom what my life would be like if my imagination dies, I am also Christian as far as personal religion goes, though I need to strengthen my faith majorly.

I Also have the bad habit of deleting stories once I’m finished reading them from my favorites list, don’t ask why I don’t have a valid reason though I have gotten in the habit of saving the authors of stories I like to my favorite author list.

Though I know there is many more I have forgotten to fav or forgot the name of the author so yeah.

As for the Twilight Category ( I'm keeping this here since the stories that are still in my favorites are from the Twilight category.)

I’m a non-canon girl; I rarely read stories with the canon couples as they are no matter the series.

In the Twilight category, my favorite non-canon pairing in this order are Jasper/Bella Carlisle/Bella Peter/Bella Garrett/Bella Volturi king/Bella. I love these couples because the writers always grow the characters and makes them into kick ass people!

I cannot stand reading Edward/Bella stories, to me there is just too much wrong with the relationship for me to read it. Though I admit there are a rare few stories under that category that are brilliantly written and the writers work through all those problems that have me screaming no for that couple.

There are a few things that I need to vent about when it comes to S.M'S Twilight Series, since if I ranted on every little thing that bugged me, I would have to write a mini novel to get it all out.

First off, all the men in this series are suppressed pussies and are supremely sheltered from their world and the real world, the girls are not much better, plus every main woman has had a tragic end to there life’s in this series. Are you trying to imply something Meyers?

Ok the main thing is I cannot stand is the animal diet. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with an alternative diet and I absolutely love reading how writers give new twists to old things, creative license and all that.

But there was nothing noble or functional about this diet, it was to put it bluntly the result of a man so afraid of becoming what he was taught to fear that he made the most fucked up illogical diet to date, and if that wasn’t bad enough he actually got others to follow it!

As if that wasn’t bad enough there was no network to the supernatural spectrum of this world and said supernatural beings were basically clueless to there world, I mean it’s the 21st century you would think they would advance some and make a actual functioning society so, oh I don’t know the humans don’t figure out you actually exist!

Not to mention the shifters were sheltered and delusional. I do remember Aro mentioning he knew about shifters so that points to there being more shifters than just the La Push pack and yet like many things in the book its ignored and glossed over in favor of the human world.

Not to mention we’re given nothing about this race, she focuses on hair growth instead of important things. Not to mention until the last book they suffer from mistaken identity leading us to think there screwed up werewolves when they turn out to be shifters What the hell!

And don’t get me started on the twisted thing called imprinting, or the fact that imprinting can be done when your “soul mate” is a baby. Don’t even try to sell me oh there only be friends until they grow up, that is screwed up no matter how you spin it.

Then there’s the lack of character and backbone in each character and the fact I know more about how Edward looks then how every character evolved through each and every book, Oh wait they didn’t evolve. Would it have killed her to have evolved her characters it doesn’t have to be major just small growths as the series go by until we get the end results.

The last main thing that bugged me was the leaders of the vampire community, there basically just there to be there. There’s no purpose to them, then there’s Carlisle our main coven leader, or so Meyer Say’s. He doesn’t lead or do anything letting his spoiled sheltered children lead the family.

He’s deluded and useless, Hot but useless, plus as a doctor you would think he would know turning teenagers is insane, I can excuse Edward to an extent since Medicine was just really getting started at the time, but the rest what the hell!

The final thing I must vent about is, I HATE BREAKING DAWN!!! The last book was basically a thirteen year old fan writers fan-fiction that some how got published. S.M say's that she had planned the hybrid twist since the first book yet there was no proof in all the books leading up to this outrageous monstrosity.

I could go on and on about it but nothing about the last book made sense or flowed together, it was the worse book in the series to date! For god's sake she made Nessie into the constellation prize for the loser of the love triangle.

Not to mention she basically said screw you to the previous plot and all its supposed struggles and gave a completely unrealistic even for fiction ending that made me want to scream, I mean we‘re constantly told that In order for Bella to be with Edward she will have to give up her human family, have no children among other things.

But all those things are shoved aside she gets to keep her family, stay in Forks for longer keep her friends and have a biological family What the hell, there went every struggle and sacrifice.

I could go on and on and nick pick every flaw but those were the main things bugging me, they just piss me off. Thank goodness for awesome Fan fiction writers.

I’ll end this little bio about me, by saying PM me if you have comments, questions, or just want to say "hello." I would love to hear from you.

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