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Name: Indiana Constantine Blacking
PenName: Dian Black
Age: Sixteen
Orientation: Bi

The only thing I write is Harry Potter fanfiction. Not that my imagination is limitless, more that nothing interests me as much... which just flat-out gives me a caricatured Crazy Fangirl title. I write HP crossovers, as well, which include Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel, Charmed, and miscellaneous bands. I'm very blunt, I have many obscure friends, some of which I superimpose characteristics of onto the poor, defenseless HP characters.

Mannerisms, characteristics, and quirks used on HP characters:
- Harry: Rejection-phobic and does NOT hero-worship Dumbledore.
- Draco: Nice to those he wants to be, but an ambivalent asshole to just about everyone else.
- Seamus: Extremely obvious homosexual, but not a flaming Queen.
- Blaise: Open-minded, silky kind of dude... very smart.
- Dean: Laid-back, goes with the flow, and keeper-of-the-peace.
- Theodore: Quiet, emotional, nice... fan of ABBA... (don't ask, I read it in a fic somewhere...)
- Pansy: Bitchy, snippy, protective, and sarcastic.
- Neville: Split personalities... sweet-caring-perpetually confused vs. pissed off-angry-dangerous.
- Greg & Vince: Basically twins, particularily intelligent, and quietly supportive.
- Fred & George: Mischievious, don't like their mother, Ron, Ginny, or Percy, and witty.

I hate Molly/Ron/Ginny/Percy Weasley. They all need to be stung by swarms of wasps, then be eaten alive by fire ants. Except Ron... who needs to die by spiderbites... from baby black widows. I also hate: Hermione, Lavender, Dumbledore, both Patils, Cho Chang, Ernie MacMillian, Tonks, Cornelius Fudge, Scrimgeour, and Professor Binns. Don't ask me WHY Binns... I just don't like him.

I giggled at: Dolores Umbridge, Rita Skeeter, Luna Lovegood, Aunt Muriel Weasley, Kingsley, Fred & George, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Severus (yes, even when everyone thought he was an evil, snide, cruel asshole), and loopy Gilderoy Lockhart... just because of the complete idiocy and self-assuredness he wrapped himself up in (along with his lavender wizarding robes...)

I'm partial towards most of the Death Eaters (except Antonin Dolohov and Mr. Mulciber) and sneer at any story who basically bashes them. Poor boys (and Bella). Bellatrix Lestrange is often portrayed as an offspring of myself, so she's batty, pissy, and prone to random bursts of laughter (though, in her case I blame it on the loss of Voldy...).

My explanation of Bellatrix Black-Lestrange's behaviour: She's not crazy from Azkaban, mostly because she has no particularily happy memories if brought up to be an aristocratic harlot. She's just a bit touched in the head from the loss of her lord and master, Voldemort way back in '81. (She has a hard time coping with loss.)

I've believed Severus Snape a completely amazing character from the very first book, and defended him to Dumbledore fanatics... who are THE most annoying HP fans on the planet, by the way.

Canon Pairings I HATE Vehemently:
- Harry/Ginny... I see the point in it, I'm just really not much of a female-Weasley fan. At all.
- Ron/Hermione... honestly, if you were like one of them, would YOU be able to stand the other?
- Molly/Arthur... OBVIOUSLY he only married her because she was pregnant with Bill.
- Remus/Tonks... I just flat-out don't like it.

Explanation for my hatred of Remus/Tonks: Remus obviously had more than just friendly-brotherly feelings for Sirius. He doesn't want to be with a woman, mostly because women are capable of pro-creating, and Remus isn't vindictive enough to want any child going through what he had to go through as a young boy, then on through life. It's just flat-out mercy on any future children, for Remus' part, anyway. Tonks just wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Canon Pairings I Dislike:
- James/Lily... Think of it this way: temperamental redhead plus egotistical jock equals WWIII.
- Draco/Pansy... It's logical that they would date in a canon world, but I'm thinking Draco = Gay.
- Lavender Brown/Anyone. She's a snotty, stuck-up gossipmonger. Fuck that bitch.

The only canon pairing I like is Severus/Lily. Honestly, I thought Sev should've been Harry's dad.

Fanon Pairings I'm Partial To:
- Harry/Draco (obviously)
- Remus/Severus... PoA envy, Sev.
- Remus/Sirius... PoA. 'Nuff said.
- Blaise/Theodore Nott... since forever, I've preferred Blaise with skulky little Theo.
- Seamus/Dean... alright, show of hands -- WHO DID NOT see this one coming???
- Pansy/Neville... amazingly, the only het pairing I'm a fan of... besides Severus/Lily.
- Greg/Vince... Hulking, brainless, aimless lackeys? No. Funny, smart, quiet romantics? Yes.
- Fred/George... Oh yes please. Who doesn't enjoy a little twincest smut now and again?
- Bill... uhm... with basically anyone but aforementioned HATED people.

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