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I will finish "As I Remember"! It is my new goal to finish every story I have abandoned. Even if no one will ever read them, or care, I'll walk away feeling accomplished.

Name: Let's stick with Silence k? Describes meh perfectly! Well, erm, sort of...
Age: Technecially not old enough to read most of my own fics. XD
Occupation: I have no job. Waa! D=
Location: American. Woo hoo.
Sex: I prefer males, one right ontop of the other, but I'm not picky!
Appearence: Average. Bleh I don't like myself...grr...
Favorite Animes: Yugioh (only for my Ryou and Bakura), Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket (Tohru annoys me though) Princess Tutu (LONG LIVE FAKIRXMYTHO), Negima, Spiral, Loveless, Full Metal Alchemis, and I've recently started watching Trinity Blood.
Favorite Pairings: For YGO: Ryou and Bakura, Ryou and Marik are my FAVORITES! I love anything with Ryou though. Hehe! And Ryou needs his mate to be manly, evil and sexxxy! Hmm..I suppose I also like MarikxMalik and YamixYugi. Gotta love the hikarixyaminess. Oooh, and I sorta like NoaxMokuba. They're not blood brothers so it's alright. I support JoeyxSeto too I suppose.
For Host Club I love the brotherly love of Hikaru and Kaoru whether they really be together or not. Mori-sempai is mine! -grabs- Hunny and I shall share...because without him Mori would be sad...And we'll invite Tamaki along with us for a few laughs. =D
I like FakirxMytho (I'm possibly the only person who does). NYA! There are so many Fruits Basket pairings I like it would jsut be easier to say 'any pairing without Tohru' and all pairings between guys. : ) I like all of the pairings shown in Loveless. They're all awesome!
Anything Else: Erm...I used to love Digimon. You know why? Here's why: Matt and Ken! They were my bishies back then! I support guyxguy and girlxgirl. I'm usually very critical on hererosexual pairings for some reason. I always catch myself saying "He just wants to get into her pants." Eh heh..

GirlxGuy Pairings I Support List:

1) Jane and Mr. Darcy from Pride& Prejudice
2) Bell and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast
3) The two kids from Skipper Parts
4) Lily and Archibald AND Lily and Dr. Craven from the Secret Garden

There are more, I just can't think of them...

My Sister Account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/783657/

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