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Real Name:Sarah

Nickname:Angel Styx



Proud Member of the Risembool Rangers!

Marital Status:Engaged

Hair:Chestnut brown




Interests:Acting,singing,dancing,reading,anime,video games,writing

Fave Shows:Mythbusters,Walking Dead, OHSHC, Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, Say yes to the Dress,Fairy Tail

Fave Bands/Artists:Key Of Awesome, Good Charlotte,A7X,Metallica,H.I.M.,Simple Plan,MCR,30 seconds 2 mars,evanesence,Nightwish,The Rasmus,Toy Box, Weird Al Yankovick,lostprophets,Within Temptation

Fave Song: Phoenix-Fall Out Boy

Fave Movies:Beauty and the Beast(Disney)Newsies,The CROW,Lost Boys,The Forbidden Kingdom,Hell Boy, Avengers, Dark Knight Trilogy,Thor,Tangled,Sabrina

Favorite Quotes:

"YOUR FACE ASPLODE!"-Me, usually when playing Fallout.

"I would cut off your head, dwarf,if it stood but a little higher from the ground!"Eomer LOTR The Two Towers

"ITS JENOVA'S FREAKIN HEAD!"Reno, Advent Children

"Maggots Micheal,you're eating do they taste?"David, Lost Boys

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father...Prepare to die!"-Inigo,Princess Bride

"Tombstones don't talk back"-Leland, Dog the Bounty Hunter

"Name ONE thing you're gonna need the stupid fucking rope for!"-Conner, Boondock Saints

"Screw the rules, I have money!"-Seto Kaiba, YGOTAS


Favorite Broadway Shows:Little Mermaid,Phantom of the Opera,Cats,Wicked,Beauty and the Beast,Spamalot,The Producers,Young Frankenstein,The Wedding Singer,Mama Mia,Les Miserables

Most Frequented Website:Here, Facebook, and Memebase

Favorite Fanfiction:Ouran High School Host Club, Yugioh, Inuyasha, FMA

Favorite Pairings:HaruhixTamaki,HaruhixKyouya(Favorite!)/Aureshipping, Manipulashippng,Stolenshipping,VexShipping,Polarshipping,Apprenticeshipping,Revolutionshipping/Edwin,Royai

Things I love in Fanfiction: Great plot, long story(as long as it doesn't drag), well developed, good description of setting, creative AU's, rewrites of know stories with a twist.

Things I HATE in Fanfiction: Marysues, YAOI where it doesn't make a lick of sense(Seriously, how do people think that Seto and Joey would EVER be together?!), Incest(eww...just EWW!Except for the twins,but they're on a WHOLE other level!)

Pairings I hate: TamakiXKyouya,RengeXKyouya,HoneyXMori/Puppyshipping, Thiefshipping, Puzzleshipping, AnzuxHonda, SerenityxMarik,AnzuxIsis, Silentshipping /InuKikyo, InuKouga, InuSango, SessKags, SessRin, SessKagura, SessInu

Favorite Food: Spray Cheese on Doritos

Any Current Projects?Other then fanfiction,Im currently working on 3 musicals(Yes,you heard me!).One is titled 'Mother Earth' and it's done to the music of the Band Within Temptation. The other is called "One Thousand Paper Cranes" and it is the story of the events that occured in my life in the year 2009 when a dear friend passed away. The third is a post-apocalyptic city based show called "City of Evil" which is to the music of A7X. Also, I'm currently writing a post-apocalypse story about the struggles between instinct and morals within the human mind after a major disaster.

Favorite Lyrics: Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast

Coolest person I know: Push the Talking Trashcan :3

Childhood Heroes: Batman and Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Current Addiction: Tom Hiddleson(and I enjoy every second of it!)

What I'm Playing right now: Lego LOTR

Story Stats:

Don Juan Ouran- Currently on hiatus. Due to many home and family issues, I am unable to update, but I am working on it!DON'T KILL ME!

I am pro-choice, I am not anti-life.

I am Pagan, I am not Evil

I am Marriage Equality, I am not Anti-straight

I am Young, I am not ignorant

I am rebellious, I am not an Anarchist

I had premarital sex, I am not a slut

I am against my government, I am not for it's enemies

I have a mutation, I am not a crime against nature.

I think abortion is a woman's choice, I am not a monster

I think marriage is a civil right, I am not Damned

I believe the Bible is a book of fiction, I am not an aetheist

I believe in evolution, I am not a heretic

I am a witch, I do not worship the devil

I am who I choose to be, I am not what I seem.

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