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I’ve recently decided to give writing a try since I’ve wanted to do it for years. I just haven’t gotten around to it before because my career has usually dominated my entire life.

So what is my occupation? Well, I don’t really wish to disclose that information (truthfully, I don’t really know what I do, or what my job title would be). My job involves sorting through paperwork, planning, outsourcing, lying, gossiping around the water cooler, tacking up Star Wars posters around the office, and dodging tax collectors. So I suppose I’m no different from the average American in that respect (minus the part about me being a massive Star Wars fan).

I hate my work colleagues. I honestly believe that they are incompetent. In fact, yesterday, every time my associate left the room for some reason or another (I don’t know what he does with his time, apart from nagging me constantly about utter nonsense), I shifted his desk three inches to the right. He finally realized that something was different once I had moved the desk to the opposite end of the room. Yeah, that’s pretty much how I spend my time. Either that or I’m swivelling around in my swivel chair while munching through an entire packet of Pringles. You’ve got to watch out for the crumbs though, as they can get wedged between the keys of the keyboard. So I suppose writing fanfiction will be a good break for me from doing nothing.

As for how I spend my free time, I enjoy working out and learning any style of Martial Art. I listen to ‘80s music, however I have recently developed a liking to Evermore. I enjoy a good horror movie, with my favourite being Hannibal (he’s just so delightfully twisted!). I also have a pet Siamese fighting fish, which I keep on my desk at work. I named him after the Renaissance artist (since that seems to be the trend in the TMNT fandom), Lorenzo. Personally I think the name reminds me of one of those foreign, buff male pool cleaners that desperate housewives perve on from their balconies – which I suppose suits my fish considering he that he does indeed suck up and clean through the gravel at the bottom of his small aquarium.

If you can’t already tell from my penname, I really like the Foot from the fandom, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like the Foot A LOT! So all of my fanfictions will revolve around them, as I feel that the villains are hardly ever focused on (and they should be given more attention, as without them, the Ninja Turtles would be nothing but gluttonous pizza eaters). The Shredder is (obviously) my favourite, as I personally believe he is an awesome character, who, I find, (if I were female) is incredibly attractive and is very talented in what he does. He definitely is the best character in the entire show, unlike Krang whose very presence annoys me. His only equal in all of fiction, is Darth Vader, who I also adore, particularly his choice of outfit and colors.

So I hope you enjoy reading my Foot-centric fanfics. If you would like to contact me, either use fanfiction.net’s PM feature, or find me on the Stealthy Stories Forums.



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