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Hello Dahlings, welcome to my page...

Name: Emi...XD (call me "emily" and i pounce... fear my fangs vv)

Username: mysterys (MUAHAHA)

Ways to reach me.: AIM: cuz that's me!!! plz tell me who u r tho if u add me here are my emails:,,,,, and (i like my name: vanillavampire isn't that awesome?)

Age: 156 moons, you do the math (cough-cough-hack-cough-13-cough-hack-cough-clears throat)

Gender: girl


Favorite bands: Beatles (omg u have see across the universe, it is amazing) PATD, ne-yo, sean kingston, fall out boy, akon (dont kill me, i just love the song lonely, its so cute!) led zeppelin, ac/dc, aerosmith (dream on is my all-time favorite song!) coldplay, the white stripes (denial twist is amazing!) stick and stones (ok this is a band with a couple of kids in my class in it; it is actually REALLy good... 3 ya guyz)

Favorite Movies: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! (that was so amazing!) 27 Dresses (so cute!), I am Legend, hitch, hp, ok don't laugh but i love the movie finding nemo :-),

Twoleg (human) Description- long-legged, skinny (eats alot- cRaZy metabolism, babe), brown hair, brown eyes... ok i'm not gonna lie; lotsa people call me pretty. Btw, if you're one of those people that are skinny but call themselves fat just to make people around them feel bad: i don't like you. I'm skinny, and I admit that; you can't hate me for the truth. I usually wear jeans, sneakers and a shirt (obviously)...

Favorite Color: lime green, pink, silver, brown sounds kinda yucky :-) but i look really good in that color.

Grade: 7th

what i wanna do (?): i really wanna be an author... i'm working on a story right now that i actually really like... usually i'll get like 50 typed pages on a story and then start another one but i think i'm going to continue on this one for a while. I'm going to post it on fictionpress eventually... click on my homepage to get to my fictionpress profile... mostly i just hav poetry on there... but i'd really like a review if you feel like reviewing possibly. Well... if i'm not an author i wouldn't mind being a book editor... or an actor but thats kinda unlikely. I would like to be a singer... but i can't sing worth crap so i don't think that's gonna work :-). I'm really good at drawing too... so i could be an artist... but i also play piano... and im pretty good at that so... there's another possiblity. I get reasonable grades (A- average probably) but basically i have no clue what i wanna do... how depressing is that? I guess i'll just have to marry into money.

Favorite Books-

1.Warriors- evil talking kittes! u cant get much better than that omg! This is like the best series in the world... actually it's tied tied with Harry Potter, but its still AWESOME!

2.Harry Potter- Hp is so tied with Warriors for first place; Malfoy... -sighs blissfully-

3.Eragon come to think of it... this is tied for first place too... Murtaugh is so hott in the movie! I feel so bad for him in the books

4.Twilight- ok, again this is in first place. Edward is awesome! it's about vampires and it is totally one of my favoritest books! Alice is awesome too, and so is Jasper... actually so is Jacob. The only person I don't like is Bella, even though she's the main character. Shes so damn frail!

5. Blue bloods- good series... not fantabulous but they're still good. I liked masquerade better though.

Celebrity Crushes! yes there are four

1. Tom Felton!- he plays draco malfoy... he doesn't look that hott as draco malfoy but go to his website to see what i mean about him being so attractive.

2. Hayden Christensen- ohmygosh, i really want to c jumper but no one will take me... becuz i'll probably just be saying how hott hayden is the whole times. oh my god... Hayden Christensen would have been the perfect edward in the twilight movies... don't 'cha think?

3. Garrett Hedlund- so hott!. he played murtaugh in eragon.

4. ALL MALE ABERCROMBIE MODELS- -fans self panting-

RANDOM QUOTES FROM MY LIFE- (most of these won't seem funny to you, but they're those 'had-to-be-there' things)

me and friend staring at photos of male abercrombie models in abercrombies website's photo gallery. Suddenly comes across picture of totally un-hott-un-sexy- and unacceptable male abercrombie model. I shout "GO WORK AT L.L. BEAN, BUD!!!"

Laura: Emi, why are there two horn buttons on the steering wheel. Me (-so innocent-): to me the driver super-horny (raises eyebrows insinuatingly)

-Laura does something mischevious and point up fingers trying to make devil horns-I see her motion and say (very confused... i know im stupid) 'why are you pretending to be a bull, laura?'

Amy... 'sebastian' hilarious laughter... you definately won't get this one... but it was hilarious if you were there.

Oh goodness do you know the song my humps by the black eyed peas... another hilarious thing was when my boyfriend (ex :()was dared to sing that to me... it was horrible :-)


BIRCHFALL!- he's the awesomest, and he's got the awesomest name... and he's the funnest cat to pair up with she-cats, for some Birchfall pairings, read Fallen Tear by me, the Birchfall pairings are Birchfall/Cinderpaw and Birchfall/Snowbird and Birchfall/Hollypaw and a lot of others!, BIRCHFALL IS AWESOME!

Graystripe- Funny, and I feel so bad for him because of Silverstream (read the 4th chappie of "Tragic" for a Graystripe Songfic) How can you not love graystripe? although, bud, i'm not exactly approving of his selction of millie... it would seem better if he never loved anyone besides silverstream.ya' know what i mean?

Sandstorm- AMAZING! I love how she hates Fireheart and then is like in love with him... but she a cool cat :D

Squirrelflight- She's awesome but I liked her better as an apprentice and kit when she got hyper and annoying instead of flirty and deep (who wants to hang out with someone intelligent? That's why people hang out w/ me: Ms. Ditzy!:-p

Yellowfang- How can you not love Yellowfang? She is like exactly like me ;-) and everyone loves me. (jk)

Sorreltail- she's so awesome, and Brackenfur and her were made for eachother

Tawnypelt- Same reasons for with Yellowfang. Tawnypelt should have been with Rainwhisker though

Mothwing- this is seriously only put on here out of pity

Crowfeather- this is seriously only put on here out of pity; i feel so bad for him; he lost Feathertail and Leafpool and is stuck with breezepaw!

Leafpool- awesome kitty; she and Crowfeather should have been together.

Top 10 LEAST favorite warriors.. in order-

Onewhisker-star- EVILLLLLLL! I have serious issues with this dude.

Hawkfrost- awesome name... but evil kitty

Darkstripe- how could he be so mean to Sorrelkit?

Brook- evil... evil... EVIL! She took Stormfur away from Tawnypelt! And her clueless personality seriously ticks me off.

Daisy- poor Brightheart... and she's kinda disloyal... I mean, she already had a mate at the nofurs place, and then she goes falling heels over tail for Cloudtail!

Ashfur- grr... he made my Brambleclaw unhappy! HE dies!

Feathertail- Some people hate me for this... but she's just too dramatic

Firestar- full of himself


Brokentail- grrrrr. i need to kill him... he killed little defenseless kittens... DIE DIE DiE!!!! -stabs with plastic spoon-

Top 8 favorite couples/ships-

Brambleclaw Squirrelflight- they were made for eachother... seriously

Leafpool Crowfeather- sobs so cute, and then they seperated... curse you warrior code, curse you Nightcloud, but she's also really good with Thornclaw

Firestar Sandstorm- this is so unexpectedly cute! They hated eachother... then they loved eachother

Sorreltail Brackenfur- OMG! What a cute couple! They were so made for eachother

Birchfall... virtually anyone- I luv putting she-cats to Birchfall, he's so sweet read my story Fall and Tear for the pairing Birchfall Cinderpaw (sobs) by me or...

Graystripe Silverstream- so cute but so sad

Leafpool Thornclaw- I made this one up, they are so cute, Thornclaw has been single too long Read

Birchfall Apple...- awww... puppy- I mean kitten love, so adorable! Read Forbidden Romance » by wolf with panther eyes

Lionpaw/Heatherpaw or Lionpaw/Cinderpaw- these may only work in this story, but read my new favorite fanfic with both of those pairings; The Claws of a Lion » by Rainwhisker Luv

--Story Stats--

1. Doubted: Grieving Hearts reviews

Griefpaw, Maskpaw, and Sorrowpaw doubted because of heritage, and dangerous talents. The dead whisper to one, one holds an uncanny power to kill, and the other has a power of healing yet untouched by the cats. The one thing they fear,is their own clan.R&R
Warriors - English -Tragedy/Romance - Chapters: 15- - Reviews: 136-

This is my favorite fanfic on here, and also has themost reviews, but still, please review to it. It is basically about three kitten whose parents were disloyal; one was from Riverclan and the other was from Thunderclan. One has a power to kill (Maskpaw) the other has a power to speak to the dead and Starclan (Griefpaw or Grieffeather) and the other has a power to heal (Sorrowpaw or Sorrowstream) PLEASE REVIEW

2. Doubted: Divided reviews

Trust the sea trust the stone, but do not leave the dead alone. Groundclan invades the land, devouring what we know of the clans and killing all but nine. Devilkit is doubted for a fiercesome prophecy surrounds her ruining her hopes of love, life and hope
Warriors - Fiction Rated: T - English - Drama/Tragedy

This is the sequel to Doubed: Grieving Hearts, but technically you didn't have to read the first one to read this one. It's about the life of Devilkit and her aquaintences, her life battling with the doubt of her clan, Groundclan and love. Please review! AHHH I HAD TO DISCONTINUE THIS!!!! I'M REALLY SORRY BUT I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO NEXT... I MIGHT CONTINUE IT SOMETIME THOUGH!!!

3. Fallen Tear » reviews

Romance Oneshots. R&R!
Complete - Warriors - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama

this is a fanfiction that is a bunch of random romance one-shots, mostly Birchfall, and please make requests of random pairings for me to write about. First Chapter : Birchfall x Cinderpaw_-_ Second Chapter : Birchfall x Snowbird.

4. But You Missed It » reviews

Crowfeather and Leafpool are still attracted to one another after Nightcloud happens. When jealousy reigns Leafpool decides to play along seducing and using Thornclaw and soon having it be more than a joke. Who should she choose, Thornclaw or Crowfeather?
Complete - Warriors - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 5,596 - Reviews: 50 - Updated: 7-10-07 - Published: 5-26-07

This is a pretty random fic that people seemed to like, the pairings were Leafpool/Crowfeather Crowfeather/Nightcloud and finally Leafpool/Thornclaw. REVIEW

Updating Stats and Patterns;

Doubted: Grieving Hearts will be updated every weekend and sometimes every other COMPLETE!

Doubted Divided will be updated when i feel like it...

Fallen Tear- will be updated whenever I have a new oneshot to add.

The Kit Era- will be updated every other weekend... maybe two weekends in a row occasionally. (Sorry about this guys... i've only posted one chappIe! But i'm onvacation so I'll post another one soon)

fave youtubes!-

i luv these guys!!! this is my fave- or another favorite

Harry potter Puppet pals HILARIOUS!!!!-

oh my goodness i'm in love with this little gummy bear... i just want to eat him:

Review to my stories and you get a free virtual hug!!! AND if you're story isn't like over 5 chapters I will review to it if you review to mine!

luv yal' -mysterys

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