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Author has written 2 stories for Sailor Moon, and Claymore.

Just another occupants of this earth.That will slowly,but surely fade into the light.

(ehem...)Yeah,that's for the intro.

Well,as a start-off,i'm a HUGE fan of Kajiura Yuki and Mitsuda Yasunori.(I'm so addicted to them and their songs)

Also,a real Suzumiya Haruhi-ism.(if you know what i mean).I used to be a full-time reader in those years back.And yet,i have all of these storyline swimming in my head.

And a die-hard fanz of CLAMP.I still prefer their old drawing-art far better than it is now.What they draw nowadays just so not CLAMP (ex:Gohou drug,suki dakara suki,and tsubasa chronicle) The story was great,but the drawing bothers me a lot. Just go compare RGVeda and tsubasa chronicle, you'll know what i mean.

Since i'm also a full-fledged gamers(Specialized in RPG and horror genre),i dont quite have the leisure to authoring between all the work,studies and games that must be done.

But i guess,i'll just try it out now.There's not many great games released nowadays,and i'm still saving for Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3 which gonna be released soon in PS3.So,rather than wasting my time sleeping,i'd prefer to enlighten some of my brain weights. ;

I'll be focusing more on Shoujo/Shounen-ai stories here.Just love 'em. ;D

There's no specific reason.

Somehow i just got this feeling whenever i dive into some shoujo-ai world,their relationships seems unbreakable and even longer-lasting than the common love stories i've seen these past years.Not to mention their romance and feelings they harbor for each other's goes deeper than what the eyes can see.Yep,they have this aura of strong and thick bonds wrapped around them.

As for the shounen-ai,hehe...where else can i find those bishounen scattered all over the place everytime you turn each pages or watch each episodes?? ;)

Ara...my apologies.I see i have yet to introduce myself properly.

Age : 19

Sex : Female

Location : Under the heaven above the hell,which means...purgatory realm.

Below is the lists of my favorite characters :

1.Kaede Rukawa (SlamDunk) ==================== 1.Himemiya Chikane(Kannaduki no miko)

2.Youko Kurama (YuYuHakusho)================= 2.Kikyou(Inuyasha)

3.Meisuke Nueno (NUBE)======================== 3.Lacus Clyne(GSeed)

As for the pairings :

1.Yoh x Anna -- 1.Kendappa-Ou x Souma -- 1.Kinomoto Touya x Yue

2.Himura Kenshin x Himura Tomoe --2.Hino Rei x Aino Minako-- 2.Kamui x Fuuma

3.Okamoto Katsushirou x Kirara --3.Kuga Natsuki x Fujino Shizuru --3.Sora x Ran

Thanx for reading! ;)


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