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Well, I'm obviously Tiggermyk. Thanks for stopping by my profile!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you've come visiting me because of one of the three stories you see below, which makes me very happy. I hope my stories made you smile for at least a few minutes--or brightened your entire day. I can deal with that, too.

Some Bunny Loves You is nothing more than a few comedic songs "sung" by various characters belonging to RA Salvatore. Although I greatly enjoyed deciding who "sang" what and which songs would be featured, I'm afraid that it won't be updated again. I was putting off doing an English essay one day and rereading FF.net's rules, and came across the one that said "no song lyrics! Rawr!" and so I was all, "Oops." So, while I'm leaving it up for your enjoyment, there will be no more updates.

Drizzt Got Run Over by a Reindeer was published around Christmas. (I bet you couldn't figure that one out, eh?) It's much more straight-forward than SBLY, and is nothing more than, as the summary states, lyrical warping. As with SBLY, there won't be any updates to it.

An Old Married Couple was something that I started writing in irritation and finished with a huge smile on my face. I'm a huge fan of romance (which my English professor takes delight in teasing me about), but for heaven's sake, do there have to be so many slash fictions? This is just my response to the sheer number of them.

A little bit about me:

I've been full-time at a public library for about two years now, which I'm loving! I do a little bit of everything: storytime for children, a manga club for older teens and young adults, and a sewing group for older folk (exclusively women at this point).

I'm rather short--the only way I break five feet is if I'm wearing two inch heels. This fact was driven home at work the other day when I stood up to help a customer check out, she looked confused for a moment, then laughed, "I didn't realize that you stood up! I thought you were still sitting!"

I have three sisters, two of which also have accounts on here: Irish Nobody and moggetchan. I fully expect my third and youngest sister to be joining us any day now.

I write original fiction as well, so guess where you can find me? That's right, www.fictionpress.com! Don't worry, I'm under the same penname; in fact, this is my penname everywhere on the internet, so if you see me hanging around Gaia or somewhere, feel free to drop a line if you're bored or something. I also have a Tumblr (tiggermyk.tumblr.com)--check me out!

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