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Ok so I'm not big on telling people about myself, where's the mystery in that?

So that basics are...

-I'm still in high school

-I'm a sucker for Wincest or AU Sam and Dean stories

-Favorite Fanfics EVER: Innocence and Feathers and it's sequel & Full moon, fast cars

-I hate when people don't spell check their work, it bugs that crap outta me. By the way if you need a BETA..let me know!


Movies: American Werewolf in London, John Tucker Must Die, The Big Hit, North To Alaska, DeVour (Meh somewhat, thank you Jensen Ackles), Cry_Wolf, House of Wax, Casino, Goodfellas, The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original NOT the remake) and a few others that seem to be eluding me.

TV Shows: Supernatural (Duh), Dark Angel, Gilmore Girls (Only the first 4 seasons), CSI (Occasionally), Jericho (Woot go small time TV shows!) and Grey's Anatomy.

Food: Hot wings or anything spicy

Drinks: Shirley Temples and cranberry soda

Ok I think that's enough about me...that more you know, the more there is too hate.

I take REQUESTS!!! I get bored easily so I like writing small or long stories for people who like the same things I do.

Alright, Just so you know...I take my sweet ass time updating because I'm in Highschool. I'm in an AP English Literary class and that takes up most of my time. We have to read a new book EVERY week.

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