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Hey, I'm Bre. One of my best friends introduced me to fanfics, and now they're my life. I mostly read Hannah Montana fanfics. I'm a huge Jiley shipper. My icon was drawn by my friend Liz. There's a link to that and another drawing if you scroll down.

A New Thing I Wrote (Don't forget to give me credit!):


You ship them because of...

... The way they first met.

... How Jake immediately knew he was in love.

... The way Miley wasn't 'fallen all over him.'

... When Jake was able to tell Hannah Montana that he liked Miley.

... How Miley went to great lengths to get her love-confessing tape back.

... The way they love to play the game of jealousy.

... Their spur-of-the-moment first kiss.

... The fact that Jake would do anything to get back with Miley,

including being her knight in shining armor.

... When he announced his love to her, and when he named a star after her.

... How they trust each other with their biggest secrets.

... The way he signed his note with 'love' and left a rose.

... How he still wanted to be 'friends.'

... When Miley expected Jake to want to be more than friends.

... The fact that she wanted him to snuggle with penguins, rather than Mikayla.

... The way he turned back before walking out again.

... How they can't forget about each other.

... The way they fit perfectly in one another's arms.

... The way they reluctantly let go.

... The fact that you know he's coming back again.

Copy and paste if you feel the same way!


Access me and Liz's Jiley Site Here

Access my Youtube profile Here

Access Liz's Jiley art:

Jake/Miley- Always and Forever

Chances: A Million To One

Jiley... thing


I also manage a Jiley forum here on fanfiction, which you can access Here

Ships I Support:

-Jiley (Duh, they belong together)

-Loliver (Very cute pairing; the skater girl with the donut)

Ships I Don't Support:

-Moliver (They've made it pretty clear that they don't like each, plus, the show has been giving hints of Loliver)

-Lake (The only reason they went to the dance together is because Miley said no to Jake. Lilly is more of the fruitcup to Jake. I don't really understand this pairing)


-Lackson (I'm pretty neutral about Lackson. I'm pretty sure they won't get together in the show because of 'Sleepwalk This Way' when he kissed her head and she had a disgusted look on her face. Though I prefer Loliver, I do read a few Lackson fics: 'Dreams,' 'Nightmares,' and 'Wishes' by AlwaysxAddicted)

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Month Two

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Month Three

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These are my favorite Hannah Montana quotes:

-Miley: Lily, build a bridge, and get over it!

-Lilly: Look, Jakes about to change!

Miley: Into what, a decent human being?

-Hannah: Why can't we sing a song about whales, and not stupid boy whales. Girl whales, happy, independent, girl whales!

-Miley: I guess I do deserve this, I did use Willis.

Lilly: Boy, did you ever! It was like you had a love cold and he was the tissue. Willis can I borrow you for second? (blows nose) Good bye Willis!

-Lilly: That's me, Lola, her most important people, which is why I might look familiar, but we never met... not even at school or anything... cause I'm home schooled... in Canada... were the moose are. (waves her hands on her head for antlers)

-Miley: Nice going Ricky Bobby! You could've driven us off a cliff.

Jackson: But I didn't, because i have lightening reflexes!

-Jackson: Flip a coin?

Miley: Good idea. Heads!

Jackson: Two outta three?

Miley: Sure. Why not? Oh, that's right, cause it'd be stupid!

-Lilly: Easy on the liner, looking a little trampy

Milios (Jake): She looks very nice to me

Miley: Thanks, appreciate it, but I have a boyfriend

Milios: What a coincidence, eh? I have American girlfriend named Miley

Miley: Weirdo say what?!

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24 by marbleFACE reviews
What if 24 hours can change how you think. Miley hates Jake, but when the engine starts, feelings are formed, and even a little jealousy. [JILEY] [LOLIVER] [CHAPTER 14 11:00:00 PM]
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