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Here's my Deviant Art link but I haven't been on in a long time:

Okay so I've decided to stop Ryuu-hime indefinitely because I really don't know where I am going with the story as a whole, but I really want to get back into writing so you will definitely see more stuff from me!



10 Things I Hate About You: Back to work on this one (sorry for the wicked long wait guys. So much has happened in the past two years)


Ryuu-hime: on hold indefinitely


Roses vs. Cherry Blossoms: done

Sakura-Hime: done

this story is by MY BEST FRIEND. I decided to put it up on here. There will be more! Unfortunately I'm not in it. I do realize there are spelling mistakes THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!


Strikes again!!11!11!1!!

The First Novel in the H-Money Series.

By Super Camille and Mildly Super Katie.

Once upon a time therer was H-MONEY. H-money lived in a small town called superville, where she has the best friends found on the whole entire earth, their names where SUPER Camille and SUPER Katie. They lived only to serve the great H-money. However one day h-money fell upon a fleet of SUPER high drunken secret monkey agents with cool hats. SUPER Camille and SUPER Katie where off on vacation in Guatemala, on the sole reason that it had a cool name. H-money had nothing but the note her secret lover patty wrote for her professing his love, commitment and devotion to her, but patty left her yesterday so it was all a load of crap. H-money decided she would have to try and kill the SUPER high drunken secret monkey agents with cool hats, but HOW?

She found a conveniently placed AK-47. With what glee did she pick it up! She then proceeded to “light up” the high drunken secret monkey agents with cool hats. As they exploded into millions of tiny red clumps of fur, skin, and bone she noticed they turned into candy. She the daintily picked all the candies and put them in her kangaroo pouch that had been surgically connected to her belleh when she was 3. Later on she met her bestest buddies Super Camille and Mildly Super Katie (Name has been changed.) and gave them the candy.

After throwing up the disgusting candy all over H-Money that surprisingly tasted like high drunken secret monkey agents with cool hats and a little bit o’ chocolate syrup, Super Camille and Mildly Super Katie went off to hunt down Patty for leaving their beloved but not really friend H-Money. They went directly to the FHH (Future Husbands of Hazel) clubhouse which was in H-Money’s clubhouse in her backyard. For some reason they had thought it was Xmas and hung chairs from branches. Upon further examinaton of this small clubhouse Super Camille and Mildy Super Katie noticed that there were banners all over the clubhouse with pictures of H-Money in all her grace. Super Camille and Mildy Super Katie then knew that Patty leaving Hazel was all in the FHH’s plan to win her over!


only to find Chris D., Jimmy D., Kenny M. and none other then PATTY HIMSELF! They were all sitting in the small chairs and were very smushed. It almost looked like a man orgy, maybe it was. Super Camille and Mildy Super Katie then took action and proceeded in kicking some serious boy fag ass. Mildly Super Katie even had to take out her dreaded Super Sandal. Unfortunatley, the Super Sandal went on a rampage and killed all the FHH’s members, including their pet squirrel, Fluffy Lumpkin Head of Dark Doom Fist III.

But it was all gewd cause Super Camille and Mildy Super Katie didn’t really wanna solve the mystery between the FHH and H-Money.

On their way back to Superville, Super Camille and Mildy Super Katie stopped for ice creamies. Super Camille had vanilla ice creamies, and Mildy Super Katie had mild vanilla ice creamies (figures). THEN! IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, A LITTLE INNOCENT BABY WHO OBVIOUSLY HAD SOME CONNECTIONS WITH THE DEVIL ORDERED GREEN MONSTERS ICE CREAMIES. SUPER CAMILLE AND MILDLY SUPER CAMILLE JUMPED INTO ACTION!!

They then left so the employees and police could clean of the the bloody mess where the little baby once stood.

Names have been changed

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