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Okay welcome to JungleGirl2010's profile


I. Certain Magic-

Certain Magic is my only completed story, so far. It's kinda my idea of what would happen if InuTaisho ever came back to life, with the help of a cooky original character of mine that is totally out of this world. ...You'll understand when you read...

II. The Crystal of Twilight-

This story is built on my love for Shaman King, and Hao, with three new main characters added to the mess. Along with the other main characters, team twilight try to do everything from stopping Hao from trying to get the Great Spirit again, dealing with their relationships they hold with each other, getting through the tournament, and basiclly surviving one average Shaman King day after the next.

III. Summing Up Trouble-

You all have heard of the natorious Akatsuki of the Naruto series? Of course you have! Well, our old friend Deidara finds himself in one big bit of trouble when he using a " supposedly" fake summoning scroll. Little does our exploding clay friend know, Leader has been planning everything from the start and will do anything to fulfill his secret objectives.

IV. Akatsuki Goes to the Beach. Rainbow Beach-

A silly and random one chapter story about what would happen if Akatsuki went to Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Beach is the pool in my tow


Cats: Cow( white with black spots), Chicken ( a calico cursed to have a name based on her brothers), Tigger( a flame-tip saimese), and Mittens( she might look like your average stay but she has a sixth toe. Mitten Kitten!)

Dogs: December( a small sized dog called a ratterrier), Daisy ( a terrier/ something else puppy)

Fish: Fishert( the huge goldfish), Tiny ( the not so huge goldfish)

P.S. I love my Marvelous Mister Moo Cow! Hes on my bed, which is right behind me, fast asleep. Hes soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

TCFT Update: The SK gang, and team twilight get the shock of there lives when they find out Team Ren has a match against Team Twilight. Elsewhere, R.G. and an unexpected comrade / cough Lyserg cough/ have joined forces. What do they plan to do to the SK gang and what will they do to R.G.'s shadow Hao.

Shows I like:

1) Inuyasha

2)Shaman King

4) Rurouni Kenshin

5) Naruto

6) The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzimiya

7) Tenchi Muyo!

8) Not a huge fan, but Nightwarriors Darkstalkers revenge is another. I love the Darkstalkers!

9)Kind of with Bleach as well

10) Tactics

11)Sugar Sugar Rune

The best all time anime character in my book:

1) Asakura Hao

2) Jon Talbain

3) Sesshoumaru

Shows I dislike:

1) FMA ( If you are a fullmaetal alchemists fan you can join my sister in stopping me from personally stabbing everyone on the show except Den and Black Kyate.)

I can't think of anymore at this current moment.

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