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hello, everybody! I am nothing more than a person with a lost cause. And here are those causes.

Cause no. 1.) Mary-Sue's are evil. Period. I know, I know. I'm also guilty of making a Suefic, and I don't blame you or will stop you if you make one as well. I just want all Suethors to know that Mary-Sues are an ugly sight and to please be careful with the way they write. To Cheese and Fishcake, don't be naive. Don't make a Suefic. I was pathetic enough to begin one in the first place.

Speaking of Mary-sues, I advise you all to read The Saiyuki OC Mary Sue test by Yuelin . Very accurate and for those of you who are completely clueless about Gensomaden Saiyuki just ignore some of the minor details and replace Goku, Homura and Kougaji with Kenshin, Aang or Naruto, and Seiten Taisei Son Goku with Naruto Demon Form, and all that.

Cause no. 2.) This may be the greatest cause of all...for those of you with asshole profiles just like Adverk's, please cut the suethors some slack. is a free website and anyone can post anything they want. Be it crappy, good, a suefiction or not. They write because they have the need to write and the want to share their ideas. Not letting other people throw in their ideas just because you don't like it is practically criminal. Stop putting the imagination of other people in a cage!

Some authors may be seriously horrible, but telling them not to write anymore or just being a plain jerk is not helping them. You wanna' make a big deal out of it? Throw in some ideas to help them instead of just trash-talking them.

And stop saying suethors shouldn't write anymore, because, believe it or not, some suethors with the most ridiculous suefics are actually good authors. I don't know if it's because their good stories are a different genre or they just improved. I don't know, but one thing's for sure; they wrote again. And here's the thing. I just reread one of my very kind reviews. They flamed my suefic of course but the thing that got me the most was "never write again". And here's my observation: Some of the greatest writers in have actually written some of the most horrible suefics I've ever read. See how you assholes DON'T help by saying "never write again" to some random writer that may have the potential to actually be better than J.R.R. Tolkien or Edgar Allan Poe or J.K. Rowling?

And here's another thing. One of my flames said, "there are no such thing as darknessbenders" blah, blah, blah. But guess what? This is Maybe you haven't noticed but nothing here ever seems to actually HAPPEN in the original book/movie/show, etc.

Cause no. 3.) Here is something I dislike, but not hate. Really good fanfictions that don't finish. There are some incomplete fanfictions that's been done a reallllllllllllllllllllllllly long time ago and I can't help but think that its just a waste not to be able to read them.

Even though The Dark Side is complete and total shit and no matter how many flames I get I will not erase it and I will try my best to continue it. I might even get inspired by it later on.

The bottom line of this number would be: I don't believe in leaving unfinished stories.

Cause no. 4.) Quote-The space bar is your friend, and so is the Enter key-unquote, and I might add Spell Check. There's no excuse for at least trying not being careful with your spelling, grammar, and for causing typos and there's no also no excuse for disregarding a typo in PLAIN SIGHT.

Cause no. 5.) For those of you who bad-mouth those with a few spelling errors, cut them some slack. Believe it or not: some are actually doing the best they can even if they have a few mistakes.

Cause no. 6.) I believe strongly that reviews are there to give comments or things to help an author be better. They are NOT, I repeat NOT just for the sake of communicating with the author! Flames are a lot better than pointless reviews. I get very, very frustrated if I receive these from some people I know. To are a very good example of this. If you didn't actually read my fanfiction...then why the fucking hell did you review?!

Cause no. 7.) "Praises makes your conscience better, but criticism makes you a better writer." I highly agree with this. I will be mentioning this in almost all my fanfictions: please be straightforward with your reviews. Flames are very much welcome. Don't be like Paula Abdul and say that you like my fanfic but you actually hate it in reality. I'd very much appreciate that.

Cause no. 8.) Okay, I take back what I said before...THIS is the greatest cause of all...

Cheese is good. Cheese is almighty. Never underestimate the power of cheese.

Oh...and important advisory to all! before doing your "business"...please lift your toilet might save your life. Trust me dudes/dudettes...five people have died and the autopsy showed that their deaths were caused because they used the same toilet seats...guess what was underneath the lid...a spider called Telamonia Dimidiata (Can i HELP it if i like to research?) which is sort of light orange with a white abdomen with two red stripes: at least, that's what ONE of the spiders look like; its venom is TOXIC!! So...yeah...doing your business if never do it again!! Just joking...(Damn, I'm corny!)...Just be careful peoples...

Another adivsory! Don't eat chicken necks and/or chicken wings frequently. Especially women. This is due to the fact that steroids are usually injected in these parts. I didn't do enough research on this since I wasn't really interested in topics concerning 'not eating food'.

Okay, I'm really pissed off. What happened to I can't update all my previous stories! I can only work with the most recent ones. "The Dark Side" and "Man's Best Friend or Sanzo's Worst Nightmare?" are both waiting to be updated. I've already typed at least two more chapters for each but some asshole just keeps them from being uploaded!! WTF HAPPENED!! I mean, I also have to change something in "The Dark Side"! How the heck am I supposed to change EMBER green to EMERALD green?! People are gonna get confused!! Both about the story and my mental competence! (Thanks so much to the anonymous reviewer ara6012 for informing me about the ember thing. sorry that you hate mah' fic)

Okay, what the hell?! First, the Bold and Underline options wouldn't work, and now that they're fixed, I'm not allowed to put dashes as minor dividers! WTF?! I can't even put continuous periods/dots. The glitches and/or setbacks in are starting to get on my nerves.

And now, for examples of some kick-ass authors and people with kick-ass beliefs.

--Hall of Awesome Assholes--



Zuko's Flamethrower PWNS j0O

Seriously...You guys are really total jackasses... but man, brutally honest! Internet evil...I love it. You're not only amusing and entertaining, but also so fucking awesome!

--Hall of Even More Awesome Authors--


Your wordplay is unbelievable! And though there are many recurring themes, it's still awesome to read your stories. And I bow down to your patience to finish your stories, though it takes years for you to do them. I look forward to all your updates.


Seriously dude(dudette)! You're so awesome! Your story Enemies, Right? and Dysphoria kicks butt! Your writing style gives so much inspiration to me! You're awesome and a kick-ass author!


SCANDAL IN THE JEEP! was so freakin' hilarious! But what really got me was Raspberries. Totally awesome. If it would've been possible, I'd have cried! It was so sweet! You're so good and really creative

So far, you guys are the best writers I have EVER seen. If not for the writing style, it's the creativity or sadness behind it! Or maybe even BOTH! Keep it up you guys!


The Dark Side -I've done three to four chapters. But for some reason, the internet won't work with updating my previous stories. I've tried different computers but it still won't work. I'll look into this.
04/18/08 - Well, seeing as fucking won't allow me to update on this one, I'm just going to do a rewrite. Not only for that reason because I'd have to admit this story is, for most parts, crap. Yeah, crap. Of course, the whole essence of the story is about some godforsaken, damn mary-sue, so yes, I still have to add Reggie. But I won't be starting until I'm finished with my other fanfics.

Man's Best Friend of Sanzo's Worst Nightmare? - I've done with 2 chapters. The internet will only work with the new stories I submit. The old one's have something wrong. I've gotten tired of waiting for Gensomaden Saiyuki in Japanese with English subs to appear so I'm getting less and less motivated to write this. And I have a new interest now!
I might also be doing a rewrite on this.

How to Annoy the Twilight Characters - I've posted Charlie's chapter. Thanks so much to Cheese for helping me out on this. As it is, it's complete, but I may still be posting up more chapters.

A Bad Day - Chapter 6 dudes! Anyways, it was supposed to be longer but I decided I'd just continue the Grandma Sheldon arc in the next chapter. So as it is, I've already started chap 7! Like four paragraphs. And I'm already wrapping up the whole story! Yays! 8D! Finally! A multi-chapter I'm about to finish! XD

Three More Problems to Deal With - Actually, I'm already starting with chapter six. I'm going to wait until I'm done with this chapter before I post anything else. It's so I'm more motivated to write. It's how I work, dudes.

NAME: Now that is something I will NEVER reveal on the internet! Fine! Take my account, but I will NEVER reveal my NAME!

AGE: (censored)

ADDRESS: #3, Planet Earth, The Solar System

LIKES: Anime, Mangas, Television, Music, Gadgets (My ipod, my laptop, my cellphone), Sports (Track and Field, Soccer, Swimming), Scuba Diving, Marine Biology, Zoology, Calculus, Trigonometry, Video Games (I prefer RPG), The internet, Challenges, English and Literature, Animals (especially wildlife), My dogs, Choir Practice (Even though recently I just quit choir), Money, Sleeping...FOOD!!, crack

DISLIKES: Pink, airheads, airheads who try to mingle with me, Losing bets(I hate this because this RARELY happens...except to Crackers),overly-dramatic mediocre acting, too much drama, Spiders (which is weird since my fave superhero is Spiderman and my fave toy is a tarantula or some sort of huge spider), being called 'Chimpy', too much heat, black-outs, Barney, The Teletubbies (Not sure of spelling), Dora the Explorer...Gravity (note: I don't hate it, just dislike it)...The person right beside me...What I hate the most: very expensive buffets...

FAVORITE COLORS: Black!...Purple/Violet, Green, Silver, Electric Blue, Vermillion (There's just something that draws me to the color of blood)

FAVORITE ANIME/MANGAS: GENSOMADEN SAIYUKI!!...Hikaru no Go (It's such a beautiful manga),Get Backers(I was obsessed with this very much...until I saw the dubbed version), Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Naruto: Shippuuden, BLEACH (Not the cleaning product)!! Death Note, The Law of Ueki, Ragnarok: Into the Abyss (or was that Enter the Abyss...not sure), Saber Marionette J, Jigoku Shoujo, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, Black Cat, Chobits, Avenger, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Wolf's Rain, Inuyasha, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Rurouni Kenshin, Rave, Kino's Journey/Kino no Tabi, Araiso Private Highschool Student Council Executive Committee

FAVORITE GAMES: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, Ragnarok, Diablo, Guild Wars, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Bully, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 5, Yu-Gi-Oh: War of the Roses, Resident Evil 4, Sims 2: Pets, Sims 2

FAVORITE BOOKS: Artemis Fowl, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Click, To Kill a Mockingbird, Twilight Series, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Inheritance Trilogy (which is not yet a trilogy), The Lord of the Rings, The Color of Water, The Alchemist, Septimus Heap, A Wrinkle in Time, Harriet the Spy, The Divide, Charlotte's Web, The Wish List

FAVORITE T.V. SHOWS (non-anime): Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Living Life with Derek, That's so Raven, My Wife and Kids, American Idol, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Mad TV, The Simpsons...Spongebob

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Kung-fu Panda, Saiyuki Requiem, Harry Potter Series, Pirates of the Carribean, She's the Man, Final Fanatsy VII: Advent Children, Firefly the movie: Serenity, Pokemon: The Legend of Latios and Latias, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala, Naruto movie 3, 300, The Ring, Resident Evil 2, Click, The Lord of the Rings series, Charlotte's Web, Bridge to Terabithia, Pan's Labrynth, Treasure Planet, National Treasure, I am Legend


(Anime) Simple and Clean; Sanctuary (Both by Utada Hikaru; KH/2), Everything in Gensomaden Saiyuki, Sakasama no Chou; Nightmare (Both by snOw), Every Heart (By BoA; From Inuyasha), Gift (From Clamp School...), Barairo no Sekai (By PIERROT; Get Backers), Rakuen; Overlap (Cave/Kimeru; both from Yu-gi-oh), Beautiful World; All the Way (Ai Maeda/ Mikuni Shimokawa; both from Kino's Journey) Yura Yura(By: Hearts Grow/Naruto 9th ending) Nagareboshi-shooting star- (By: HOME MADE KAZOKU/Naruto Shippuuden 1st ending) Namikaze satelite (By: Snorkel/Naruto 5th or 6th opening, not sure), Asterisk (By: Orange Range/Bleach 1st OP), Season's Call (By: Hyde/Blood+ OST), Michi-To you All- (Naruto Shippuuden 2nd ED)

(Non-Anime) Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (The name of the singers' way too long; Lilo and Stitch OST...What? I like it, it's fun), anything the non-girly Avril Lavigne sang, Missing (by Evanescence), Numb; Faint; Breaking the Habit; Points of Authority, What I've Done, In the End, What I've Done (All by Linkin Park), Lean on Me Hip-hop Version (by Rockapella), I'm Still Here ( by John Rzenzik; Treasure Planet OST) One Way (By: Hillsong) Comatose (By: Skillet) Your Guardian Angel, Angel's Cry (Both by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; first song: Don't Fake it), Sum 41 songs, Iris (Goo Goo Dolls; City of Angels OST), How to Save Life (The Fray; Grey's Anatomy theme...I think), Narda (Kamikaze; Maharot)

HOBBIES: Vegging out, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Playing the Piano, Skateboarding, Biking, Researching (When I'm interested in the topic), Seeing my teachers/professors not able to answer my questions properly, Blackmailing my brother, Learning Japanese, Street Dancing/Break Dancing/Hip Hop Dancing, Hoarding money(which is a bit different from collecting, I'm too greedy to I hoard), Sleeping,...EATING!!


And of, I'm easily satisfied with these much sites to surf...


"I claim this land in the name of cheese"

- Calysta Sylpher

"Cheese is almighty"

- Me

"There are many words to describe how sad this is, but I'll just go with sad."

- Cheese

"Death is not always the act of ending a life, sometimes it is a step to rebirth."

- Ashbear

I know this doesn't apply to me, but it was too nice...

"Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is

the triumph of hope over experience."

- Samuel Johnson

Still doesn't apply to me, but this time coz' it's too funny

"An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have; the older she gets the

more interested he'll be in her."

- Anonymous

"Cheese-milk's leap forward to immortality."

-Clifton Fadiman

"When life gives you lemons, make apple juice...

"Sit back and watch how people wonder at how you did it."

-Calysta Sylpher

Random Avatar loving classmate: "So what's your fave pairing?"

Me:"ZukoXbucket!!" o_o

-some random in-between-lecture conversation

"Yagami spelled backwards is 'I'm a gay!' "

-Calysta Sylpher musing about Light in Death Note

"A conference is a meeting held to decide when the next meeting will take place."


"To link the far past with the far future."

-Shindo Hikaru

"Here...The Sai I couldn't find anywhere...was here."

"Above the board I face, within the Go I play..."

-Shindo Hikaru

"I walk my own path, with sincerity and heart, to make

others see me in a different light."

-Hikaru no Go (no idea who said it; possibly Shindo Hikaru or Kiyoharu Yashiro)

"Blood isn't the only thing in this world that's red."

-Genjo Sanzo

"You gave me a world far, far brighter than the sun."

-Son Goku (From Gensomaden Saiyuki)

"From the day I was born, 'till the day I die, the only side I'm on is my own."

-Son Goku (From Gensomaden Saiyuki)

"Dying roses smell best."

-From someone's account in

(If you see this, please tell me your devart acct. or your acct. so I can post it here)

Shikamaru: "Sasuke is in darkness right now..."

Me: Well, DUH!! What'd you expect? He's in a barrel!"

-Me watching the second episode of the Rescue Sasuke arc in Naruto

"Sensei: Okay, Naruto! Time to learn how to walk on water!
Naruto: Y-You mean like Jesus? hops up and down
Sensei: Yes, Naruto. Just like Jesus.
Naruto: Does that mean Jesus was a ninja?
Sensei: Uh...sure"

"Praises makes your conscience better, but criticism makes you a better writer."

- Not anonymous...I just don't know who the person is.

"I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it."

-Some writer in (If you see this, please tell me who you are so I can post your name here)

Dialogue of My Everyday Life:

Me: I miss "My Wife and Kids".

Crackers: Gasp! You used to have wife and kids?!

Me: No! I meant I miss the show "My Wife and Kids".

Crackers: So you miss some kind of show, and your wife and kids...

Me: Idiot! I miss the show called "My Wife and Kids".

Crackers: So now you miss a show, being cold, and your wife and kids...

Me: never mind.

(This happened a while back and remembering it now, well it was just so funny I had to post it here.)

Well, mah' profile's pretty much loaded so I'll just leave it as it is, updating only the typos, progress and adding the favorites part

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