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Author has written 5 stories for Jhonen Vasquez, and Invader Zim.

Update (6-2-2011): I know I've been on hiatus for a long time (life changes, really busy, computer virus, etc), but I am still (very slowly) working on SubAwake and Wrath and Love. I really want to finish both stories (and rewrite some of SubAwake eventually), and I'm very sorry for the long wait.

On DA:

My homepage up there is my DA account (same name as here and adultfanfiction) where I post photography stuffs (mostly nature photography, but I'm sure you care) and a few of the same fics you see you see here, mainly SubAwake stuff. I mention this because I post them earlier there. It's only by a day or two if I have the whole chapter finished at once, but it can be by as much as a month if I'd got half or a quarter of it done in 10ish page segments (SubAwake readers know those later chapters are long, and some people may prefer to read them there in smaller chunks too). The first part of ch 18 of SubAwake is posted there already, for example. I also have previews of things to come at times. Currently there is a preview of something in the works for SubAwake, which can be found at the bottom of my journal. One warning, though, if you go there within the first day or two that it's posted, there will be more spelling errors. The chapters that contain mature content require you to have a DA account (but that's free and there's lots of neat stuff and people there anyway!).

Update: I've got a journal that functions as a trivia page for the fics (linked to another with theme songs and other inspiration...and free things) on DA, where I put more detailed info on related matters, usually characters and plot points, sometimes little silly things. Feel free to ask questions or for elaborations. If you want feedback on reviews, I'm more likely to respond on DA (Sorry! I just find the system more comfy for talking, but I'll work on replying more here too).

Further Update (12-22-09): SubAwake: Parts 1 & 2 of Ch 21 is up there, as well as a note guide to the philosophy behind the story: There's also a second part to the note guide linked in the AN of the first.

About me:

Lets see...relevant things relating to fanfiction... I am a female college student. My major is sociology, and I am a huge nerd. This means that I tend to question a lot of social assumptions people take for granted. So, I will probably have complex or dynamic concepts in some of my writing, though I would not put it there if I didn't think I could explain it well without needless complications. If you come across something like this that you don't understand feel free to mention it in review, and I will try to fix it in the story or at least make it more clear to you through messages.

I am bisexual/somewhat pansexual and this, mixed with my knowledge of sociology, tends to rub off on my characters, especially if they don't have a cannon sexuality. Sexuality is more complex, fluid and intricate than most people are willing to admit, so many of the characters I write about will not fit into nice, neat little social boxes...even when they try to fit like most people in real life.

I like some types of BDSM, so that will possibly show up in sex scenes (if I think it's in characters and all). Mind you, BDSM is safe, sane and consensual, and for many people it's about emotional penetration (knowing, bonding) of themselves and/or another. In pov and purpose, it is the very opposite of things like rape and gorn/guro. The purpose of the later is complete objectification that strips someone of person-hood. Through forced violence (and often to the point of death and after death...it is the very heart of necrophilia-making a person into an innatimant object), they are reduced to the status of an object with no valid feelings, rights or wants. The perpetrator feels no form of affection for them. They are there only for his/her pleasure to be used and discarded and forgotten. I can't honestly think of anything that makes me more sick than this pov/actions toward other living things. When these later themes show up, they are not being celebrated, but are meant to be horrific or traumatic in some way (that is relevant to character development and/or the plot), as they are in real life.

So far I've written a lot of m/m stuff, but I don't really consider myself a "slash" writer per say. I like f/f and f/m as well. For me it's more about the individual couple and the chemistry than the sex of the people...and the cannon, of course. When it comes to cannon, unless it's AU, I believe in adding things that don't contradict but not subtracting, so I won't be writing over anyone's cannon interests...or changing the personality of certain (usually female) characters to make them less appealing...a disturbing trend in the world of slash if I do say so myself. Oh yeah, I'm also a Feminist.

I am also a Pagan Pantheist, and I'm sure this will influence my writing. Mainly, it will mean my OCs will be more likely to belong to Pagan religions or have interests in nonmainstream belief systems/mythology/Nature/Environmentalism/occult practices/ect than most people's. I like mythologies (all kinds, including Christian) and mystical systems, so some of that will turn up in the plot sometimes.

I like to put characters into strange and awkward (but hopefully realistic in context of the story) situations to watch them squirm because I'm mean and I think it's funny.

I love science and social science and will probably have some scientific explanations, terms, etc in more serious fic. Once again, you shouldn't have to have much prior knowledge of what I'm talking about to understand.

I also like quotes quite a bit, so every now and then I'll attribute them to the fic characters. I will cite them at the bottom in the “notes” section. You can also often find explanations and links for things that I think aren't quite common knowledge that come up in the fic.

The same freedom that gives me the ability to use quotes (or rather to attribute them to characters) gives me the inclination to include minor crossovers in longer fics, but it shouldn't be anything too drastic or anything that you would have to be familiar with before reading a fic of mine in the fandom for which it is posted.

I write fanfiction mostly just because it's fun, but aslo partly because I think it's decent practice for "real" writing because I want to do that someday. So, creative criticism is welcomed and appreciated (and the more specific the better). And if I give you some, please don't think I'm flaming you (that's lame and I'd never do it). If I didn't think you had potential, I wouldn't say anything at all.

Favorite Writers (in no real order): Philip Pullman, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, William Blake, John Milton, Ovid, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Alice Walker, Charles Dickens, John Ajvide Lindqvist

My Stories:

The Fluff: This started out as a one shot of Pepito/Squee that wouldn't leave me alone until I inflicted everyone with its...fluff. It didn't really have much of a setting or back story, but some peoples wanted more. So, now it is a (fluffy and fan service) short story about a friendship that slowly became more, the conflict/emotions/resolution that came after a night of passion. The setting in time is the same as the comic (obviously, they're older, so add a few years).

Pairings: Just Pepsquee and Juan/Rosemary (Pepi's parents).

Rating: The first 5 chapters are rated T and contain strongly implied adult content. I think chapter 5 has enough closure to be the end. The 6th (and last) chapter is a lemon. It contains minor S&M, and lots of demonic weirdness. This is really just a lot of fan service...

Status: Complete!

Sublime Awakenings: Squee is released from the D.H.M.I., and attends Hi Skool for the first time. Through in recent years his life has become more normal/stable, it starts to take a familiar turn for the weird/scary when he his old teddy is returned to him. When it turns out that this problem is bigger than just his own, can he and friends solve it before it's too late? This is largely inspired by the poems of William Blake, and that is a hint to the meaning of the title.

Squee is the main character. Secondary Main characters include: Dib, Zim, Gaz, and Pepito. Minor, but important/reoccurring characters: Johnny C., Damned Elize, Gretchen, Keef, Squee's parents, Pepito's parents, two very minor IZ characters from Gaz's class, Miss Bitters, three OCs, and Shmee.

Parings: PepSquee, ZADR (mostly secret ZADF and a joke paring so far...at least until Part 2/Ch 17ish ... but even then it's more like Bromance or semi-platonic romance like with Murlder and Skully on Xfiles), some one-sided Damned Elize/Nny, Juan/Rosemary (Pepi's parents), minor Gaz/Squee, mentions of Nny/Devi and possible actual Nny/Devi in part two. A few other side pairings: Hanzhi/Meph (two minor characters from Gaz's class in IZ), Gretchen/OC, possible Letta/Jordan (both female OCs) in part two, slight Tess/Edgar in part two, minor Pepito/Zita, mentions of past Dib/OC

Crossovers: This story is a major Squee/JTHM/Invader Zim crossover, but I don't really see that as so much of a crossover because they are authored by the same person and after reading I Feel Sick, I believe them to be set in the same universe and time line. Very Minor crossovers (stuff you shouldn't need to know before, but might be interested in): Marvel Zombies (in a nightmare world context), Father Ted, I Feel Sick (Devi's story).

Rating: M, so far for violence and horror stuff, some sexual implications, lots of coarse language in Nny's scenes. There are a few make-out scenes and sexual discussions/jokes/implications/ect in this fic, but I don't plan on any actual sex scenes. If I ended up writing any, they will likely only be posted on the adultfanfiction version (with a heads up in the notes about it).

Status: Still (!) in Progress! I've been updating this horrendously slowly, but I haven't given up.

Extra Notes: This is my first fanfic and my first time writing prose in a long time, so it starts out pretty lame, but I think you can see the progress that I've made with my writing as the story goes on. Still, I realize that it's far from perfect. Eventually I will go back and edit the whole thing...maybe with a blow torch.

The romance! Ok, yeah, this is not so much a story about romance as it is a story with some romance in it to a significant degree. The romance is not the main point of the story, and things with the romances might not fully work themselves out during the span of time in which the story takes place. It is in the romance category because I feel that anything with JV stuff that has significant amounts of romance should be in that category as a type of warning. It's how I sleep at night knowing the pain that I cause the poor man's ill-prone belly.

Average chapter length is long once you get to about chapter 7, like 20-40 (usually around 30) pages long. This was probably not a smart way to break the story up, but too late now.

Wrath and Love: All Pepito ever wanted was the world, and Todd. But Todd could never bring himself to join the cause, and they drifted. Fast forward to the present, and Pepito now rules Earth. Word comes from the labor camps: they found Todd, and in him a serious threat.

Crossovers: This is a minor crossover with Invader Zim (but it's in the JTHM time line, just when Todd and Pepito are 31-32ish) and Rosemary's Baby. But you shouldn't have to be familiar with either of those to understand (and maybe even enjoy) the fic. If you haven't seen them and don't want to, it shouldn't be a big deal as everything will be explained eventually in the fic when the main characters learn about it. But if you want to be familiar:

-Watch IZ free here:

-Rosemary's Baby free here:

Pairings: Main pairing is Pepsquee. Others (SPOILER ALERT) include: mentions of past Squee/OC (but it gets no actual fic time so far, and if it does there will be a good plot reason), Tess/Edgar, Pepito/Gaz, Pepito/OC(s), Dib/Gretchen, expired Juan/Rosemary (Pepito's parents), some degree of twisted Satan/Pepito, possibly ZADF (Zim & Dib friendship).

Rating: M for both violence and sexual stuffs, at times both mixed together. There is sex in this story, and some of it is disturbing. For the most part, it is there to further the story and character/relationship development and not just as smutty fan-service. I make no promises that this story will have a happy ending, or even end with Pepito and Todd together romantically if it does. It might, but it might not.

Status: In Progress!

Extra Notes: Average chapter length is 4-10 pages, the story line mostly sticks with only Todd and Pepito as the main characters and the plot is less thick and complex than SubAwake, so if that one is too much for you in those areas, this might be better.

It's also way more focused on their relationship (which is kind of a desperate blend of friendship, family, romance and religious tension) than the external plot (the Final War, forces of Heaven and Hell, etc) that is always shaping things in the background (and through the lives of both characters and their decisions), in the same vein as Rosemary's Baby is so closely focused that she missed the bigger picture in the film/book until near the end.

A Horribly Traumatizing Conglomeration of Crack Pairings: So, I was reading the thread about crack pairings in the forum here and was inspired. Horribly inspired. There were so many terrible pairings that I just had to try my hand at some of them. I'm thinking that this is going to be a collection of drabbly one shot thingies, each featuring at least one of those pairings. I know what you're thinking: Aren't ALL JV pairings crack? That is a fine question, and we at Fanfiction dot net have always know the answer to be a resounding "MAYBE!". But some are so much worse than others.

I am taking most of these pairings from the list made on the forum (but I'm not doing ALL of them). I don't support all (or most) of what shall be here. I am going to try to break cannon (adding is ok, subtracting isn't) as less as possible with these, but a little oocness is a given with some of them. The challenge is for me to find unique ways that make a given crack pairing a bit more plausible. Some will be humor, some sad, some creepy, most will make you cringe. Feel free to make suggestions for future pairings, but if I don't do yours it's just because I couldn't figure out a good way to pull it off. And I am cheating on some of these, making them one-sided or under special circumstances.

Completed pairings as of now: Noodle-Boy/Pepito, Pepito/Shmee.

Future pairings so far (in no order): Pepito/Senior Diablo, Anne Gwish/Devi, The Nun in heaven/Nny, Sr. Diablo/Nny, Shmee/Todd's dad, Todd/Gaz (I actually like this one!), Mmy/Devi.

Rating: M for Noodle-boy language and sexual content so far. By the end probably for nearly everything you'd give something an M rating for. Individual chapters will contain warnings of what they contain! Some will be mostly harmless to your psyche while others will be traumatizing.

Status: Hiatus until further notice, until someone inspires me to write more or until my ill belly from the last chapter goes away! That's right, this one even made me a little sick!

Now You're Family Too: This is a family/friendship one shot based in the Sublime Awakenings universe/story line. I basically wrote this to help me develop Letta and Squee's relationship growing up, but decided to go ahead and post it since it was in story format. Part of this was inspired by the song "Already There" by K's Choice. I think it sums up the problem of evil quite well.

Parings: none

Rating: K, mentions of past OC death

Status: Complete!

Dance for Me: After Gaz and Squee kiss at the Halloween dance, how will her boyfriend, who happens to be his best friend as well, take the news? POV is third person limited from Squee's perspective.

Pairings: Pepito/Gaz/Squee (as in they all end up together).

Rating: M, for sex in the second chapter and possibly future chapters if the fic is expanded. Here's a adultfiction type rating preview: Ch 2 contains: moderate BDSM (no blood and small amounts of pain)- restraints, mind games (ch 1 too for that one), light sensory deprivation games, power play; manual sex, oral sex, double penetration (vaginal and anal), M/M, M/F, M/F/M. The main reason this is posted in two chapters is so the first chapter is without sex for those who don't want to read that part.

Status: Two-shot; complete! I might make it into a longer story or add more one-shots to it later.

About my Writing:

Category: I have a tendency to not stay within gentry lines. Most of my stories will cross them like mad. My favorite gentries that I like to write are science fiction, horror and humor. I also like supernatural (though I much prefer the term preternatural). Even though these will be the main gentries I write within, they will probably contain romance, action and each other. If I write tragedy, extreme violence or smut it will be in the warning. As far as romance goes, I mainly write it so much because it's an area that I need to work on that used to make me really uncomfortable. "Supernatural romance" is my favorite kind of romance, but please don't think Twilight. And if you do, please tell me why so I can fix it.

Ratings: I have yet to find a good, comprehensive rating system for writing fiction. As such, I will attempt to conform to ffnet's vague policy as best I can. Even so, I don't always know the entire plot of my fics when I start writing, so ratings are subject to change. Also, I find that the warning system is much more effective in giving potential readers an idea of what they're getting themselves into. So, before each chapter that contains potentially sensitive subject matter, I'll try to post a short warning listing the types of things that might offend. Example: Warning: Violence, strong language, self-harm, sexual activities (m/m, m/f, f/f, etc), death, ect. When fics are complete I will compile a composite warning to the entire thing either on my profile or before the first chapter of the fic.

Style: Like many on this site, I write fanfiction for practice with my writing skills (and lack there of), so I am still in the process of learning, fine toning my style and finding my "writing voice". I like to experiment with these things, and I will probably try a variety of tones, styles and povs. So far, my favorite pov to write in is third person multiple. That means that I write/narrate from the pov of all (or a few or most, depending on what is needed or best for the story) of the main characters. It can be a little confusing at first if you've never read anything from that perspective before, but I think I've gotten better at making the "head jumping" distinctive. I feel it's helped me a lot with character development/voice, but any newer stories I start will probably switch third person pov less frequently than they have in previous/current stories, probably being limited to one character's pov per scene or chapter.

JV Pairings (since that's the only section I've written in so far):

Pepito/Squee is probably my OTP (yeah, I said it). I "run" (aka add stories too) the PepitoxSquee C2, which is for stories based around Pepito and Squee romance and/or friendship. If you have/have seen a story that needs adding or would like to be a moderator, please contact me via a message. Other than that, I'm not too obsessed with certain pairings or being “true” to them or anything. Even this, my fav pairing; I can see them with other people and/or as just friends (but sadly fics centered around guys as friends don't seem to be too popular).

I like:

Tess/Edgar- Yeah, even though they never met in the comic I still think they'd be good together...and there are still possibilities even without AU.

Nny/Devi- I don't actually think it would ever work out happily though...or that Nny with anyone would. But it's kind of sweet that he liked her and awesome that she kicked his butt.

Sometimes Nny/Edgar, if it's done really well. One word: Zarla. Seek her out. You know you want to. If it's at all possible for you to buy this one, she's your author.

Damned Elize/Nny (mostly one-sided...I think I'm the only person who writes this)- He can't kill her, so she can screw with him all she wants! That makes me happy.

Tenna/Devi- Mostly one-sided because I think Devi's bio says that she doesn't like girls enough to give up on guys, but once again, if it's done well who knows.

Gretchen/Dib- one-sided (cannon!) or maybe otherwise when older.

Zim/Dib- Subtext Cannon! Seriously. I didn't even like it to begin with, but I thought that it was there on purpose until I found out about JV's belly issues. I have none of those “top” or “bottom” preferences that people go on about. I see them as having more of an intellectual romance like Mulder and Skully from Xfiles, but if they did the sex thing, they'd probably struggle for the illusion of dominance like in their cannon interactions. That, and Zim's not human (or a mammal, or even from Earth). Realistically, he probably does have the same kind of "equipment" as a human (if he has any at all).

Dib/Tak- one-sided (cannon again!) for the most part. The best fic I've read with this pairing (quality of fic and believability of pairing) is the Goddess Rising series on adultfanfiction by Jenn (though the main pairing is ZADR):

Gaz/Tak (I admit that this is baseless, OOC for both of them and I like it for no good reason)

Gaz/Squee- I can see his submissiveness appealing to her need for dominance and his intelligence not completely insulting her, and her indestructibleness and ability to scare away trouble appealing to him.

Gaz/Pepito- As they are in cannon I think they would get on each other's nerves (ranting, passion and ambition seem to tick Gaz off, and extreme apathy and bullying tick Pepito off) but it might work when they're older.

Squee/Gaz/Pepito (in triangle or all together)

Keef/Zim (only one-sided). I also like Keef as a ZADR fan, especially in fics where there is no real ZADR.

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