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Author has written 23 stories for Anime X-overs, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Animorphs, Naruto, Transformers/Beast Wars, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sonic the Hedgehog, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Avatar: Last Airbender, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon X-overs, Tokyo Mew Mew, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Scooby Doo, Chaotic, Beet the Vandel Buster, Ben 10, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Cartoon X-overs.

Hello, I'm Redwallfan2000!

I am interested in many great anime. Like Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Digimon, Sailor Moon.

I have made at least eight or nine fanfics. Mostly these will be found in the crossover sections.

For those that are interested I have published my own book. For information Email Me.

My Email Address Is

My favorite couples are.

Kari and TK (Digimon)

Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

MistXNaruto (Naruto with Fire Emblem Cross overs!)

IchigoXMasaya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

ZoeyXTakyua (Digimon Season 4)

RikaXTakato (Digimon season 3)

Made up characters

For those that have read my fanfics, I do have a couple of OC characters.

I'll list up the characters so that others that may want to use them can. They are the characters I'll use often and will let others use them if they ask me.

1.A Amber the Cheetah

Gender: Female

Story/Anime representing: Sonic Satam, Sonic X

Animal: Cheetah

Eye Color: Amber

Age: 16

Wears: Amberish necklace around her neck and wear a yellow sleeveless shirt, yellow skirt and yellow shoes.

Weapon: Thunder Sabers, Element of Kindness

Special Attacks: Lighting Strike (Often used to strike enemies at range distances) Thunder Sphere Strike: This is mostly her finishing move it is similar to Speedy Cevenche's finishing strike only it shoots out the electrical sphere the Twin Thunder Sabers generate along with one final slash. Electric Sonic Cannonball: (This attack so far was used only once in Amber the Cheetah. Amber unleashes her Thunder Sphere Strike, Sonic intercepts in his using his super speed while in spin mode and charges the enemy. It is a devastating blow capable of destroying most targets that a normal Thunder Sphere Strike wouldn't be able to destroy.

First Appearance in: Amber the Cheetah

Parred up with: Prince Sunflash

Amber is the daughter of Sol and Star. Her mother is from Mobotropolis during the rein of Dr. Robotnic. In doing so her mother told her stories about Eggman. So much that it gives Amber a nasty scare every time she sees him. Upon meeting Sonic though things all change. She currently works for Tribal Plains as a Messenger and is a vunerable ally to the Freedom Fighters. As long as Eggman isn't involved. Currently she wields the legendary Thunder Sabers. Twin Sabers that have the power of Electricity. They are mostly feared among Dr. Robotnic's robots as she has used them time and time again to become a force to be reconded with. She has worn one of the Elements of Harmony from the MLP: FIM. She bares the Element of Kindness but like all of her friends allows it to go back to Princess Celestia after they defeat Discord. There will be other times where the Element of Kindness reappears.

1.B Frost the Leopard

Gender: Female

Story/Anime representing: Sonic Satam/Sonic X

Animal: Leopard

Eye Color: Green

Age: 16

Wears: light blue sleeveless shirt and skirt

Weapon: Freeze Claws, Element of Laughter

Special Attacks: Blazing Blizzard (Range attack that shoots snow and ice at an opponent nearly always freezes the enemy) Extension Freeze Claws (A Close Combat attack that extends the wrist blades as she slashes out, it will always freeze the enemy solid and if it's one opponent in quarters in no time.

First Appearance in: Amber the Cheetah

Parred up with: No one

Frost is one of Amber's friends! She is a leopard and a powerful supporter. She is always dying to attack Dr. Robotnic and cheers up her allies. She is the one that is always ready to take the enemy head on and isn't afraid of any of her enemies. As a leopard Frost will always use anything to camouflage herself and take the enemy by surprise. She loves being friends with Amber and Prince Sunflash. She has a friendly rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog and sometimes is too eager to prove herself to him. Frost also will find another Element of Harmony the Element of Laughter due to her ability to keep everyone happy. Like Amber she is gives the Element of Laughter back to Princess Celestia after she, Amber, Sunflash, Sonic, Knuckles and Princess Sally defeat Discord for the third time. Like Amber the Element of Laughter will reappear.

1.C Prince Sunflash The Lion

Gender: Male

Story/Anime representing: Sonic Satam/Sonic X

Animal: Lion

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 16

Wears: Dark Orange warrior outfit.

Weapons: Flame Axe, and Element of Honesty

Special Attacks: Uprising Fire (A powerful move that allows him to jab his Flame Axe into the ground, creating a upward fire, it is painful, creates devastating blows and very few robots can survive two to three blows of this powerful attack.

First Appearance in: Amber the Cheetah

Parred up with: Amber the Cheetah

Sunflash the Lion is the Prince of Tribal Plains and Amber's boyfriend. Like all Lions Sunflash has unbelievable strength. He has been shown to topple two of Dr. Robotnic's robot inventions with just his strength alone. Most other lions will admit that they had never seen a lion with such powerful strength. Prince Sunflash adores Amber and treats her well always having a crush on her sense she, Frost and himself were cubs. He bares the last Element Weapon, the Flame Axe-the Legendary Element Weapon of Fire! Combined with his powerful strength, Prince Sunflash can easily cut and burn any enemy down mostly with one slash. He bares the Element of Honesty and it suits him well. As a Prince, Sunflash has never lied to anyone friend or even foe. Like Amber, Frost, Sonic, Knuckles, Princess Sally Acorn, Sunflash gives the Element of Honesty back to Princess Celestia after Discord's defeat, but like his friends as well, it will reappear on certain missions.

2. Erika Aoyoma

Gender: Female

Story/Anime representing: Tokyo Mew Mew

Animal D.N.A: Gold Scorpion.

Mew name: Mew Erika

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Long shoulder length

Age: thirteen

Wears: While in school the same uniform Ichigo Momoyia usually wears, in Cafe Mew Mew a golden Security Guard uniform, out on dates, nice gold dresses.

Mew Uniform: Mostly like Sailor Moon's only with a gold Fuku. At this point she has a scorpion tail, and scorpion pinchers.

First appearance in: Tokyo Mew Moon

Parred up with: Ryou

Erika Aoyoma is the twin sister of Masaya Aoyoma. While Masaya is attracted by many girls in the school, Erika is the same with the boys. Erika like her older brother usually ignores them. She's also the second-in-command of the Tokyo Mew Mews only accepting the leadership rule of them if Mew Ichigo has been kidnapped or something happens to her. Erika is caring and enjoys the company of children seeing them as the next generation. She is gentle and gets along with almost everyone except for the forces of evil. She was injected by the Gold Scorpion's D.N.A allowing her to become Mew Erika. Unlike the previous five Mew Mews, Erika's is permanent for one reason. That reason is ever sense becoming a Mew Mew, is she contains an Inner Demon. The dangerous Inner Scorpion. A Demon which takes control of her if she's gets even the slightest hint of anger or hatred. When this happens without her will while as Mew Erika she becomes known as Mew Erika Inner Scorpion Mode a mode which can easily spell death the the enemy that provoked her and as well kill allies if they get in the way. The Inner Demon doesn't know which is a friend and whom is a foe. So both heroes and villains try to avoid getting Mew Erika angry. Afterwards if the Inner Scorpion takes over her, the real Erika doesn't know what has happened. Despite this Mew Erika is a powerful ally of justice and in Tokyo Mew Moon II has learned to control her Inner Scorpion so that she doesn't have to worry about killing her allies but the risk is so high that she seldom relates in doing it. Also it's important to know that the Inner Scorpion maybe Erika's greatest strength but it's also her weakness if it's removed from her forcefully or if she allows it surgically she'll die. She is very loyal to Mew Ichigo and does everything in her power to save her friend and leader. She is the only known fan character to die so far and she meets her end at the hands of Pain in Tokyo Mew Moon III.

2.B Princess Crystal

Gender: Female

Story/Anime Representing: Tokyo Mew Mew

Special Powers: Force, Healing and light magic

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: Short girls hair

Age: 13

Wears: yellow shirt, and blue skirt.

Weapon: Double End Battle Staff

Parred up with: Kish

Princess Crystal is the Princess of the aliens the Mew Mews fought in Tokyo Mew Moon I. Being a Princess of her people, Crystal has total command but thanks to Deep Blue's influence, she was kept on her planet while the other three aliens went to attack Earth. She isn't the type to love violence and forbidden the attack on Earth. While she stayed on her planet she would come across the famous Jedi Master Yoda whom before going into his self imposed exhile on Dantoniene. She would easily make progress and having mastered healing magic and light magic.

Her first time she fought against anyone was from the Dead Moon Circus in Tokyo Mew Moon II, Tiger-Eye easily defeating him. It was the first time she ever completely used all of her powers except for the Force which she was secretly hiding due to Yoda claiming Vader might sense it out. Her main weapon is a sharp end double Battle Staff. It is made out of Mandalorian Iron one of the metals that can resist lightsabers. It is sharp and can easily pierce someone's skin and even light armor. During Tokyo Mew Moon II and even early on in Tokyo Mew Moon III, Princess Crystal had always used her light magic and healing magic. Crystal can heal almost any injury but when Pain fatally wounds Erika, the Alien Princess knows that even with all her magical powers, she can't heal her and is heart broken at Mew Erika's death.

Being taught in the ways of the Force, just like a Jedi, Crystal has the sense of sensing one's darkness and even the Darkside of the Force. She is able to detect the Mew Mew Princess slipping into darkness. Even though she has the fake Inner Scorpion inside her, Crystal carefully watches over Mew Ichigo worried that she's slipping into darkness. The first time Crystal ever used the Force against someone is the Sith Lord Darth Vader. She is able to hold her own against the Dark Lord but like in every Jedi's case, Vader overpowers the Alien Princess and defeats her. She lives due to the timely arrival of the Mew Mews, her alien guardians Pie, Tart, and Kish, and even the Sailor Senshi but the huge group is easily outclassed by the Sith and are easily defeated. She watches hopelessly as Darth Vader talks to Ichigo in promising her there would be a way for her to defeat Pain.

Sadly Crystal is nearly killed by Mew Ichigo when she becomes the Dark Lord's apprentice and makes her way back to Earth to destroy Pain. She does take part in an effort to turn Mew Ichigo back to normal with Sailor Sun aiding them.

3. Kasumi Aki Fudo

Gender: Female

Story/Anime representing: Yugioh 5ds/Naruto

Special powers: Psychic Abilities

Normal Eye Color Eye Color: Brown

Prime state Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Violet

Hair Style: Shoulder length and straight

Age: 10

Wears: long white socks simular to her mother's black stockings. I then placed a violet skirt and a nice white shirt, the colar on the shirt was purple. It's important to know that after the first fanfic featuring her the socks are later removed and she wears a headband of Konoha.

Modes: Prime State

Abilties/Jutsus: Taijutsu-Gentle Fist, Volcanic Fang over Fang, Shadow Possession Jutsu/Shadow Strangulation Jutsu, Earth Bending, Summoning Duel Monsters, Spells and Trap Cards, Black Rose Gale, and Psychic Waza and Summoning Jutsu. Summons Zeus the Greek God of Thunder. (These last two are her most dangerous abilities with summoning Zeus only when all the rest had failed.)

First appearence: Kasumi: The Last Signer

Pared up with: Shikamaru Nara

Kasumi Aki Fudo is the daughter of Yusei Fudo and Aki Inzinki. After her parent's deaths in Kasumi: The Last Signer, she follows what her father Yusei taught her about friendship. Doing so Kasumi befriends many Ninja of Konoha and just like her father she will do whatever it takes to save his life. After her parents were killed by Sound Ninja she was raised by the famous Copy Ninja Kakashi Hatake as one of his own. She would develop a close bond with her adopted father even helping him against Zabuza Momochi. She has defended the Hyugga Clan multiple times so much that Hiashi Hyugga owed her a debt of gratitude. So far he taught her the Hyugga Style's secret technique the Gentle Fist. Although she wasn't a Hyugga Clan Ninja her Psychic Powers allowed her to master the Taijutsu. It is during this time that when Sasuke Uchiha comes back from a mission with Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura, Seeing her powers makes him have a crush on the young Signer so much that he challenges her to a fight. Without even thinking she accepts and he tells her to prepare for it within two weeks. The fifth Hokage interferes and sends her to the Earth Kingdom. There she meets Toph Bei Fong and learns to master her Earth Bending skills. After a whole month of training she masters Earth Bending. Upon coming back to Konoha after mastering Earth Bending she has her battle with Sasuke. On the condition that if she failed to defeat him she would be forced to marry him.

She battles against Sasuke and beats him using her Earth Armor and using her Psychic Waza to defeat him even though she gets injured by his Chidori. She goes with Naruto and his friends to retrieve Sasuke but prior to this she has learned of another dangerous ability to Summon the Greek God of Thunder Zeus to aide her in battle. Knowing that Sasuke would kill her if she would recall Zeus in her second battle against him she regretfully kills Sasuke. She has even survived a fight against the dangerous Earthbound Gods in the end of Kasumi: The Last Signer and along with having a pet Vulpix. She has taken on many foes including the Fire Nation. With all of her powers and Psychic abilities traits that her mother passed down, Kasumi isn't a Signer to mess with. Her deck is mostly made up of Fire Emblem Girl characters and some cards that were given to her on her tenth birthday. Her Signer Dragon is Olympian Dragon as a symbol of her bond with Zeus.

4. Sailor Sun

Gender: Female

1st Story/Anime representing: Sailor Moon

Special Powers: Power of the Sun, Raditation

Normal Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Age: 13

Wears: White Sailor Shirt, pink bow tie, White Fuku, yellow boots,

Weapon: Sun Staff

Champion Level attack: Solar Flare Striker

Ultimate Level Attack: Sun Solar Flare Burst Storm or Solar Flare Burst Storm

Mega Level Attack: Sunlight Gamma Ray, and Sunshine Gravity (Although this one is used only when she needs to use it like a attack resort due to making any attack draw near her and absorbing the damage for her friends)

Other special Powers: The Force (Learned in Digimoon Chronicles II.)

Pared up with: Marcus Damon

Sailor Sun is the Sailor Senshi of the Sun. She is the Guardian of the Digital World which under the Digital World's oath was sworn to keep it a secret from most of the other Sailor Scouts. As the Guardian of the Digital World, Sailor Sun's is the only Sailor Senshi to tackle Digimon, she's even capable of fighting and defeating Mega Levels although Megas are a bit problematic. Sailor Sun has two advisors, Gatomon, and Merukimon. Do to her being the Digital World's Guardian, she was given two nicknames although the people of the Silver Millennium called her Sun Princess, but the Digimon called her Sun Goddess for her ability to have the power of the very star that gave life to all the planets.

When Sailor Sun got word that the Kingdom of Earth was attacking the Silver Millennium, Sailor Sun came to their aide but just as she set foot out the gate to try to help the other Sailor Senshi, Myotismon appears and with one surprise attack kills her.

After the Silver Millennium like all of the Sailor Senshi, she is reborn as Kari Kamiya. As Sailor Sun, Kari will do whatever it takes to protect and defend her Digital World and often, Doesn't appear out of fanfics unless Usagi Sailor Moon requests for her help. Due to how powerful the Digital World is, Kari as Sailor Sun stays behind and rules it as it's Queen. Later on in the future Neo Queen. Also in the future she and her husband Marcus, have a daughter Mia whom one day succeeds her mother as Neo Queen.

Sometime after the events of the first Digimoon Chronicles during Digimoon Chornicles II, Sailor Sun meets Obi-Wan Kenobi and learns the ways of the Force in an attempt to try to stop Virusmon from conquering the world.

It's important to know that due to her time in the Digital World, Sailor Sun has levels just like the Digimon in the Digital World, in doing so she has three major attacks and one major defensive attacks, with the last two only being able to be used when she's achieved her Mega Level attacks.

She also makes rare appearances in Book 3 and 4 of Guardian Digimon. One of the times tests her ability to lead the Digital World with seventy-five percent of the good Digimon threatening to hold her in contempt.

In the Guardian Digimon even though she has a Royal Guard still, the Royal Guard is usually in the Digital World and with the exception of Zaqiomon all were the twenty-five percent of the Digimon on her side. Her Command Team and advisors are important as they attempt to help her threw the conflict. Her Command Team consists of Datamon being in charge of monitoring Earth, and alternate Earth's computers, and all around electronic and technical officer. Gatomon her faithful companion from the beginning. Merukimon whom is another big advisor for her and body guard. The three Celestial Digimon usually help her in a lower governing level in several areas. Ophanimon being in charge on life and love one that would play a big time rule in the same conflict, Serphimon was still in charge of law and order but often had the Sun Goddess having to enforce the laws. Serphimon however remained an important ally to Sailor Sun at this time. Cherubimon was also her advisor but sided with the majority mostly because of what he oversaw the Beast type Digimon whom very little of them were on the Sun Goddess's side. The Three Digimon Soverigns AzuLongmon, Enonwumon, Baihumon were on her side. Disliking humans Zhuqiaomon sided with the majority. It's important to know that the four Guardian Digimon's supervisor is the Sun Goddess herself making them all extremely loyal to her.

5.A Tai Kamyia Jr

Gender: Male

Story or Anime Representing: Digimon/Power Rangers

Digimon D.N.A: Guilmon

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Ranger Color: Red

Middle Crest Symbol on Ranger uniform: Courage

Attacks: Pyro Sphere, Rock Propeller

Battlerizer or modes: D3 Armor Energize

Zord: Growlmon Evolution Digizord, Guradamamon Zord

Pared up with: Amelia

First appears in: Power Rangers Digimon

Tai Jr is the son of Tai Kamyia and Sora Kamyia. He is like his father Tai as a natural born leader. Ever sense he was born he knew about the Digimon as both of his parents were Digidesten. His father had always told him that if the Digital World called for him then to answer it's call completely. Upon moving from Japan to America, Tai Jr mysteriously fines his Digivice Morpher and meets the rest of the Digimon Rangers although he didn't know it at the time. Almost immediately he fell in love with Amelia, Jayden and Emily's adopted daughter whom was training to be a Samurai. He and Amelia quickly become boyfriend and girlfriend and are really hard to break up the bond. He is the Red Digimon Ranger whose Digimon D.N.A is the Rookie Level Digimon Guilmon. During the Trapped in Time Arch, Tai falls under Lord Zedd's Spell and is seen fighting against Jason Lee Scout, the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

Tai Jr has overcome many obesticals as he and the rest of the Digimon Rangers fought against the Demon Lord Daemon. In addition to the Growlmon Evolution Digizord, he was also able to gain the Guradamon Zord, to form Sky Hawk Megazord Formation. Despite getting his butt kicked by the evil Crimson Ranger, Tai Jr at his Rookie Level form was able to free the Crimson Ranger from Daemon's spell and gain him as an ally. Recentally despite the team being terribly beaten by Leopardmon, he with Amelia's help was able to gain his Battleizer form which allows him to temporally become Gallantmon.

5.B Amelia

Gender: Female

Story/Anime Representing: Digimon/Power Rangers

Digimon D.N.A: Gatomon

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Ranger Color: White

Middle Crest Symbol: Light

Attacks: Lighting Claw, Cat's Tail Hyponstizm

Mode/Battelizer: Super Angel Mode

Zord: AngeWomon Evolution Digizord, and Magnamon Zord

Pared up with: Tai Jr

First Appears in: Power Rangers Digimon

Amelia is the adopted daughter of the Red and Yellow Samurai Rangers. Because she was adopted at a young age and while the Nighlok were still attacking, she wasn't able to gain the Red or Yellow Samurai Ranger Powers. Instead at a young Age, even though she didn't know it she was destined for greatness like her two adopted parents. Even though she couldn't inherit the Samurai Ranger Power which she adored, this didn't stop both adopted parents to teach her in the ways of a Samurai.

Her training with them pays off well during the early stages as the Digimon Rangers are formed. Thanks to her training she was able to defend herself against four Gazimon whom planned to give her to the Demon Lord Daemon as a scarfice, even though she didn't defeat them and Leomon ended up rescuing her, she was able to be the first human (As Power Rangers Digimon is before Data Squad) to actually hurt a Digimon. She has the Digimon D.N.A of Gatomon which greatly improves her Samurai techniques. Amelia follows her adopted parent's teachings to the core and just like her father Jayden refuses to give up a fight. She is the White Digimon Ranger and was a key fighter against Daemon because of her Samurai skills. During the Trapped in Time Arch, Amelia was the only Digimon Ranger that didn't fall under Lord Zedd's spell due to being good distance away from the spell and she was the one that broke Lord Zedd's spell using her Cat's Tail Hypnotism.

She falls in love with Tai Jr whom constantly trains alongside her father Jayden. She herself has fought against terrifying enemies. She's even fought against the Samurai like Digimon Shurimon and defeats him in battle to gain access to the Magnamon Zord. Despite the level differences, Amelia is also able to hold off against the evil Crimson Ranger much longer then the rest of teh Samurai Rangers, and she has fought against Deker, and her brainwashed father. Although she is nearly defeated by both she had no choice but to try to hold off against the Red Samurai Ranger, she proved that she can last long against hard opponents. Both Tai Jr and Amelia tend to get embarrassed when someone of the team or Samurai Ranger team teases them about their love. She is the second of the Digimon Rangers to gain a Battlerizer allowing her to go into her Mega Level form Ophanimon both during battle and in the Digimon Megazord's transformation allowing it to combine with the Claw Armor Megazord to form DigiSamurai Megazord but only when the battle is on the Earth.

5.C Max

Gender: Male

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/Digimon

Digimon D.N.A: Gabumon

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Ranger Color: Blue

Middle Crest Symbol: Friendship

Attacks: Blue Blaster, Horn Attack

Modes/Battelizer: None

Zord: Garurumon Evolution Digizord and Zudomon Zord

Parred up: No one

First Appears in: Power Rangers Digimon

Max is from an Asian background. He is the most friendliest of all the Digimon Rangers, and serious on the battlefield. He is always there for the team and always willing to fight against evil and improve his skills. One way to prove it is that he and Kyle trained under Deker trying to improve their strength on the battlefield. He is the Blue Digimon Ranger whose D.N.A is a Gabumon.

His Crest Symbol is Friendship like the DigiDestin's Matt's. This allows Max to work with any type of Ranger team even the many times the Digimon Rangers teamed up with the Samurai Rangers. The Crest of Friendship however wasn't enough to protect him and the other Digimon Rangers from falling under Lord Zedd's spell during the Trapped in Time Arch where the spell forced the Digimon Rangers to attack the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because he thought they were Millenniummon. During the Trapped in Time Arch under Lord Zedd's Spell he was fighting against Billy the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. One of Max's best moments against Daemon was his quest to gain the Zudomon Evolution Digizord and saving the Samurai Rangers from an earlier attack from Golemon. His likely ability even though isn't explained or used at all Power Rangers Digimon is keeping the team united and strong and remaining calm in most situations.

Max commands the Garurumon Evolution Digizord in battle and he also commands the Zudo Zord. Despite Gabumon having a Mega Level form, MetalGarurumon, Max doesn't have a battelizer to go into it.

5.D Sally

Gender: Female

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon

Digimon D.N.A: Renamon

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Ranger Color: Yellow

Middle Crest Symbol: Sincerity

Attacks: Diamond Storm, Power Paws

Modes/Battelizer: None

Zords: Kyubbimon Evolution Digizord, Starmon Zord

Pared up with: Jason Oliver

First Appears in: Power Rangers Digimon

Sally is a red head and a bit of a tomboy Not as much as the Digidesten Sora but has a bit of tomboyish figure. She is also athletic and before becoming a Digimon Ranger, played every kind of sport known to man, from Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Basketball or Field Hockey, to Ice Hockey even Track, Sally participated in every single sporting event. She gets along well with Amelia despite Amelia's strict Samurai Training life style even in going so far into teaching Amelia to play a sport Basketball.

Sally is the Yellow Digimon Ranger whose Digimon D.N.A is the quick and ninja like fox Renamon. Her Crest Symbol she represents is Sincerity. Sally's most notable ability on and off the battlefield is her enhanced Super human speed thanks to Renamon. She is by far the most fastest of all the Digimon Rangers on the team appearing to disappear and reappear against many enemies. Because of her speed she sometimes when she is training with the Samurai Rangers, trains under Antonio, the Gold Samurai Ranger which has came at a great time to help her and the team out greatly.

She likes Jason Oliver the Crimson Ranger which he has yet to confess that he likes her as well. She pilots the Kyubbimon Evolution Digizord and has access to the Starmon Zord. Even though Renamon has a Mega Level form, she like Max doesn't gain a battelizer or mode change like the Samuari Ranger's Super Samurai Mode. In the Trapped in time Arch she too falls under Lord Zedd's Spell and fights against Trini the yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

5.E Kyle

Gender: Male

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/Digimon

Digimon D.N.A: Wormmon

Eye Color: Blue (Wears Glasses though)

Hair Color: Black

Ranger Color: Green

Attacks: Sticky Nets (Modified to not only trap Enemies but electrocute them) Silk Thread (Has yet to use it)

Modes/Battleizer: None

Zords: Stingmon Evolution Digizord

Pared up with: No one

First Appears in: Power Rangers Digimon

Kyle is the fifth Digimon Ranger and the smartest member. When he isn't training with the others, Kyle is seen working on mechanical stuff and even computers. He is the only black person on the Digimon Ranger's team and is the Digimon Ranger's counter part of Kevin the Blue Samurai Ranger when it comes down to mechanics. Kyle admires Izzy's knowledge and hopes to one day once the fighting against Daemon has ended with Daemon fully defeated to study under him and become Izzy's assistant. Due to the Digimon Rangers needing to go into the Digital World half of the time, Kyle is always with his laptop so they can get there quickly.

He is the Green Digimon Ranger whose Digimon D.N.A is the Wormmon. Kyle at first didn't enjoy this Digimon D.N.A figuring out that he might let the team down. He quickly learns to accept and even enjoy the Digimon's D.N.A. His special ability is to detect an opponent's weakness as he tries to do in the Trapped in Time Arch but due to the swarming massive of the putties and their quick punches he was unable to get a decent lock on them. In the same arch he falls under Lord Zedd's Spell and fights against Zach, the Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

He only has one Zord, the Stingmon Evolution Digizord but inside the Digimon Megazord he is seated behind a compartment of the Megazord's computers checking the damage systems and engines, just to make sure everything is running smoothly. He isn't pared up with anyone but often spars with Max and has even trained alongside Max against Deker, even though the two will admit defeat.

5.F Jason Oliver

Gender: Male

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/Digimon

Digimon D.N.A: Kentarousmon

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Ranger Color: Crimson

Middle Crest Symbol: Destiny (Although it's covered up by a Golden Yellow Shield)

Attacks: Icy Breathe, Inferno Frost, Crimson Claw, and Crimson Wave.

Modes/Battelizer: None

Zords: Kentarousmon Zord, Dragonzord

Pared up with: Sally

First Appears in: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 17: Crimson with Evil P1)

Jason Oliver is the son of the greatest Ranger in history, Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart. Like his father Jason Oliver has extreme Martial Arts skills. When they first met the Digimon and Samurai Rangers although Tommy didn't know about that at the moment Jason and Amelia have a sparing match which Tommy was surprised that Amelia was able to tie against his son.

Just like his father Jason himself was attacked by Myotismon and Daemon placed him under his spell giving Jason his full access to his Digimon D.N.A which is the Royal Knight Kentarousmon and forced him to be evil. Just like his father Jason Oliver nearly succeeds in destroying the Digimon Rangers, even nearly destroying Deker whom had just allied himself to the Digimon Ranger and Samurai Ranger's cause. Being a Mega Level Digimon, Jason is able to match Mega Level Digimon and can accomplish impossible things on his own. His most accomplishment was defeating BlackWarGreymon one-on-one. Jason's ability is his ability is staying loyal to his friends, also thanks to his Golden Yellow Shield deflect most Ranged attacks (Although it had little use against Serrator) and his Martial Arts skills.

Jason has shown interest in Sally the Yellow Digimon Ranger and has dated her once now admittingly it was interrupted by Daemon's forces. Jason Oliver pilots the Kentarousmon Zord a giant mechanical version of the true Kentarousmon. He has just gotten the Dragon Dagger which his father Tommy Oliver when he was the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger used to summon the Dragonzord. He himself because he has the Dragon Dagger can summon the Dragonzord and it has appeared three times in Power Rangers Digimon and will continue to be a contributing ally to the Digimon Rangers when Jason calls it into battle, because he is already a Mega Level, Jason doesn't get a Battelizer. LIke many other of the Digimon Rangers, during the Trapped in Time Arch, Jason Oliver was placed under Lord Zedd's spell and was seen attacking his mother Kimberly Hart the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

6.A Wind Master

Gender: Male

Story/Anime representing: Beet the Vandel Buster

Species: Human

Outfit: Standard Vandel Buster jacket knight like armor, and a green Mage like cape. His weapon usually is always on his back.

Occuptation: Vandel Buster

Standard Weapon: Boomerang

Level: 40 (At the start of the Wind Master) (Currently) 41

Divine Power Specialty: Air

Age: 15

Hair Color: Short brown

Eye Color: Brown

Divine Attacks: Wind Fire, Cyclone, Air Current, Air Deflector, First Class Divine Attack: Air Dagger.

Special abilty: Wind Scans, weapons expert.

Saiga: Twister Boomerang

The Wind Master is most likely one of the most powerful OC's I made. He is a Vandel Buster whom had been trained as the Zenon Warriors for many, many years. Upon mastering his skills with them, he left on a journey to confront Vandels alone in other words training and honing his skills on the Battlefield. Upon his three year absense he was about to return to the Zenon Warriors when he had heard of the rumor that they had been defeated and just Like Beet set out to find out the truth. His home is in the country Trowna a place many Busters are from. His standard Weapon has been questioned by many other Vandel Busters but it isn't the typical boomerang they think. It's edges are much more sharper nearly like sword like capable of slicing the enemy as well as he can throw it although usually uses it for close combat purposes. In addition to his normal weapon the Wind Master having been trained by all five Zenon Warriors is capable of wielding any sort of weapon, Swords, Spears, Axes, Guns, Shields...You name any sort of weapon and he can use any of them skillfully.

As his name suggests, the Wind Master specializes in the Divine Attack of Air and spent lots of training mastering it with the Zenon Warrior Alside. Because of his time and training using the Divine Power he has been called the Wind Master having to be able to read the winds warning him off danger. He's also able to do incredible Wind Scans using the wind to sense possible enemies (Nearly like Rei from Sailor Moon's Fire Scans).

His Saiga is the Twister Boomerang, a much more bigger Boomerang than his usual weapon, and twice as much deadly. It has three abilities one is thanks to the Divine Power of Air which it is made up it can pierce any opponent's defenses, the second is he can use the Saiga to send ranged blasts out at opponents (Nerely like the Cyclone Gunner), and third ability is it's most dangerous ability in the Wind Master the attack hasn't been named yet but in Guardian Digimon Book 2 the Wind Master properly calls it Twisting Death. In which he can throw the Saiga and it turns invisible trapping the Vandel into a brutal slicing Tornado leaving the Vandel torn in shreads within seconds.

Unlike all Vandel Busters, the Wind Master believes strongly in Justice and shares nearly the same views of Beet, often helping Beet out on his mission to end the Dark Age. Despite his incredible experience on the battlefield he is understandble and understands most things. However he doesn't like sparing anyone that's on the side of evil as he has shown against Evangeline in the Wind Master and will show in Guardian Digimon Book 2 when he beats the living daylights out of Dark Leader Dragon and Beet agrees with him every single time!

Just like the Zenon Warriors he too has taken a student. Tabitha Yukio of which both have shown that their student-teacher relationship is more than that (Hint, hint.)

Pared up with: Tabitha Yukio

6.B Tabitha Yukio

Gender: Female

Story/Anime Representing: Beet the Vandel Buster

Species: Human

Outfit: Mandora Academy Uniform, red vest, Buster Jacket white shirt, red skirt, black socks, and brown shoes.

Occupation: Vandel Buster

Standard Weapon: Axes

Level: 1 (In Wind Master) 15 in Guardian Digimon Book 2

Divine Power specialty: Water

Age: 15

Hair Color: Long Brown (Tied in a ponytail)

Eye Color: Blue

Special Abilties: None

Saiga: None.

Divine Attacks: Burst Ice (Made up version of The Divine Attack of Water's simular to Burst end only freezes the target), Hail Bullet (Standard Divine Power of Water) First Class Divine Attack Frozen Wave of Divine Blue. (Although depending on the Vandel it only freezes the Vandel instead of shattering it like Kissu's does in fact taught to her by Kissu himself.) and Fire.

Tabitha Yukio was one of Negi's students. One of his very best. Before becoming the Wind Master's apprentice which was totally at her free will and own decision, she was the typical straight A student unlike most of her friends which form the Baka Rangers. She is also a great violinest and often will continue to play it in villages and when she isn't training with the Wind Master.

At level 15, she is still new to the job of Vandel Busting but has shown tremdence growth in her training with the Wind Master considering that she holds her own well against Dark Leader Dragon in Guardian Digimon for about two hours even hurting him much to his surprise and the fact she managed to actually kill a 3-Star Vandel in the Wind Master all by herself. Her wish one day, is to join the Wind Master so he doesn't have to travel alone fighting Vandels by himself. She prefers the Divine Power of Water and has shown most of her Divine Attacks are Water Based. Her weapon is a double edged Battle Axe which she can wield expertly on the battlefield making her a double edged threat in attacking from close range and thanks to her Divine Attacks from ranged too.

Ever sense meeting the Wind Master, she not only wants to learn how to become a Vandel Buster but has developed a crush on her teacher. In fact there is a rumor stating that she could possibly be The Wind Master's future Wife giving Poula (Whom is also rumored to be Beet's Future Wife) a bit of relief as both rumors have been stated to have started by Beet himself much to the two girl's delight. Tabitha and Poula get along well with each other and have developed a great friendly relationship as well! What she doesn't know is that Kissu has a little crush on her as well.

Pared up with: Wind Master.

Transformer OCs


Gender: Male

Side: Autobot

Story it represents: Transformers: Battle for The Republic

Vehicle Mode: Police Car

My villain OC.

1. Virusmon

Gender: Female

Species: Digimon

Digimon Level: Mega

Age: Unknown

Special Powers: Nearly immune to any hero attack. She is also capable of placing curses on opponents (as explained with her fight with the four Guardian Digimon when she fought against them and giving people lethal viruses, and a high recovery rate.

Primary Attack: Virus Cannons- Levels cannons at her opponents and after gaining in green viruses that look like green flames fires them both at her opponents.

Secondary Attack: Virus Saber-She is able to take out sword that glows with lethal viruses. With one stab of this attack she can instantly place a lethal virus in her opponents. So lethal that the virus can kill within one week or less. She can also fire this attack in a ranged attack

Heroes she hates: Sailor Sun, and the Four Guardian Digimon.

Appearances: Digimoon Chronicles II: Virusmon's Revenge and she will make an appearance in Guardian Digimon Book 4.

Bio: Virusmon is a dangerous Mega Level Digimon. She looks like a green armored version of Samus Aran only on her green helmet is a black visor and she has two arm cannons. The green armor is her most strongest defence as it can negate nearly any hero attack even other villains can't get past her armor. Regardless of her two appearances, Virusmon has lead the forces of evil against good in the Digital World and all over the world until being sealed away in an prison unknown to anyone. Virusmon is extremely brutal and shows no mercy to anyone that fails her often delivering the punishment to the one that failed her herself. Many good Digimon were killed by Virusmon easily and she nearly conquered the entire Digital World at one point, until depending on the Fanfic you read she is stopped by Sailor Sun or by the four Guardian Digimon and sealed away. Regardless in both fights Virusmon is able to hold out against them but in her fight against Sailor Sun, she nearly kills the Sun Goddess by placing a lethal virus in her. In Guardian Digimon Book 1 it is explained that she was also able to curse the Four Guardian Digimon before being sealed away. Also even when sealed away she vowed revenge.

In Digimoon Chronicles II, Virusmon sense she was the major villain in that story nearly kills all of the Sailor Senshi when they first meet her and unlike her past, she is able to defeat Sailor Sun. In Digimoon Chronicles II she is tougher to defeat as she is freed earlier than in Guardian Digimon which nearly allows her to bring all of the Sailor Scouts in a brick of despair. She is planned to make an appearance in Book 4 of Guardian Digimon but that's all for you to find out and judge how strong she is in there.

Virusmon also has a regenerative ability which allows her to recover quicker in battle. This ability can be used up but it takes a while for anyone to depute this ability.

2. PhasonVirusmon

Gender: Female

Species: Digimon

Digimon Level: Mega

Age: Unknown

Special Powers: Almost instantaneous recovery rate and even more harder defenses which is nearly unstoppable. Capable of learning and using any evil Digimon attack.

Primary Attack: Phason Virus Lasers-Fires rapid blue Phason viruses at opponents. This attack is capable of shreading buildings in one blow.

Secondary attack: Phason Pool-Jabs an arm cannon into the ground and releases deadly blue phason. Anything caught in the Phason is instantly annihilated.

Apperences: Digimoon Chronicles II: Virusmon's Revenge (Which I'm renewing it), and major spoiler Guardian Digimon: The Movie

PhasonVirusmon is Virusmon's Digivoulved form even though Virusmon was a Mega Level. PhasonVirusmon is quicker and much more deadlier her normal Virusmon. She is very similar to Virusmon's design but she is pitch black with a forcefield of blue phason outlining her entire body. In this form PhasonVirusmon is uncontrollable and often attacks both heroes and villains (Especially if the villains failed her a lot). If Virusmon was hard to beat PhasonVirusmon is harder and often the hardest as all hero and villains attacks can't penetrate her thick armor and even her phason outline which acts as a shield. Her attacks are swifter and deadlier. In Digimoon Chronicles II she reappears after Sailor Sun finally defeats Virusmon but just like Myotismon Virusmon returns as PhasonVirusmon and unlike Virusmon before her PhasonVirusmon is able to kill all of the Inner Sailor Senshi, and most of the Outer Sailor Senshi with only Sailor Moon, Sailor Sun and even Sailor Saturn surviving although she nearly fatally wounds Sailor Sun and Sailor Moon as well. She is brought down thanks to the timely arrival of Sailor Galaxia whom somehow is able to lower PhasonVirusmon's shield and having Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun combine their strongest attack to finish her off.

Heroes she hates: Sailor Sun.

PhasonVirusmon's regenerating abilities far surpass Virusmon in that even if attacks go threw her thick armor not only in time but also the fact that it can't be used up.

She isn't planned on arriving in any other of my fanfics do to her being the most strongest and lethal! But she is set to make an appearence in a future fanfic Guardian Digimon: The Movie if I can get that far.

I will let other authors use Virusmon with my permission but due to how strong PhasonVirusmon is, she isn't up for grabs.

3. Matriarch The Hyena Queen

Gender: Female

Story/Anime Representing: Sonic Satam, Sonic X

Animal: Hyena

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 16

Wears: Black War Armor

Weapon: Claws and teeth, but later on Darkness Sabers.

Special Attack: Dark Sphere Strike (Copied from Amber's Thunder Sphere Strike), Dark Blast (Again copied from Amber's Lighting Strike Attack) Only these two attacks are pitch dark black instead of ether white or yellow.

First Appearance in: Amber the Cheetah

Matriarch is the leader of the Hyena-Clan. She is a true warrior and even a true leader amongst the Hyena-clan. Ever sense she was humiliated by Amber as a Hyena-pup, she has never forgiven Amber whom she thought was a weakling cheetah from humiliatingly defeating her. Not only did Amber defeat her but the Big Cat Tribe won the war against her Tribe and forced her out of Tribal Plains. Ever sense the defeat she plotted on her revenge to not only kill but if given the chance eat Amber. She makes a risky deal with Dr. Ivo Robotnic allying her Hyena-Clan to his SWATbots where the two forces were opposed by both the Big Cat Tribe and the Freedom Fighters yet again. After many years apart from Amber the Cheetah, Matriarch attempted to kill Amber but thanks to the evil scientist wanting Amber's fur, Matriarch obeyed in not killing her. Sometime later on after Discord's defeat, Dr. Robotnic builds the evil Darkness Sabers a rival saber to the Thunder Sabers in which Matriarch copies and makes darker more powerful versions of Amber's two move. So powerful that she nearly succeeds in killing Amber in what she declared was a one-on-one Duel to the death, Cheetah to Hyena. Luckily Sunflash, Frost and Sonic were able to defeat the robot forcing the two into the death match and save Amber's life. She continuously serves Dr. Robotnic with undeniable loyalty and after her duel with Amber the Cheetah keeps the Darkness Sabers.

Enemies she hates: Amber the Cheetah, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Guardian Digimon-(These are the four Guardian Digimon for my Guardian Digimon Series) Their information will appear once each book is over.

1. MetalDiplomon

Gender: Male

Digimon Level: Mega

Age: Unknown.

Curse: Weapon Curse

Primary Attack: Water Hyper Cannon-Gathers up water in his mouth and fires it with deadly accuracy like a cannon

Secondary Attack: Storming Waves-Stomps on the ocean ground and creates huge waves that can create a whirlpool to trap his enemies allowing him to land his Water Hyper Cannon attack easily often defeating his opponents with ease

Appearances: All of the Guardian Digimon Series, and Guardian Digimon: The Movie.

Arch Enemy: Virusmon

MetalDiplomon is a metallic Diplodocus. He is also one of the Four Guardian Digimon. He is the Guardian of the Sea and protects the seas well as well as the cities next to the sea. As the Guardian of the Sea he can create hurricanes and storms at his will although he only uses them on enemies. He is the most loyal of all the Guardian Digimon often aiding others in times of need. He has a strong sense of justice but doesn't like enemies he was with the Guardian Digimon of the Earth in defeating Virusmon fully instead of sealing her away as Virusmon didn't deserve mercy and argubly he and the Guardian Digimon of Earth were right. Although he doesn't blame the Guardian of the Stars and Guardian of the Digital World of what happened to the four Guardians when Virusmonc cursed them.

MetalDiplomon's curse was a weapon's curse meaning good and evil could summon him against his will to do their bidding. He is freed by Avatar Aang when the Avatar burnt the sceptor to a crisps.

My own Good OC Digimon-Yes, I have made this Digimon up, there might be others.

1.A- Goldmon

Gender: Male

Digimon Level: Rookie

Type: Data

Age: Unknown

Primary Attack: Venom Spray (Uses his scorpion Tail to squirt Venom into the opponent's eyes)

2ndary Attack: Venom Sting (Uses the tail to sting an opponent)

Appearances: Digimon Tamers in Equestria, and Book 3 of Guardian Digimon, Guardian Digimon the Movie.

Arch Enemy: Evil Digimon

Human Tamer: Takuma

Goldmon is a Rookie Level Digimon. He is a Scorpion about half the size of a human kid well at around Takato's age. Like Guilmon, Goldmon was created buy Takuma the first ever human in Equestria. Goldmon might appear to be a scorpion but he will defend Takuma with all his heart. His two attacks contain venom powerful enough to faint a horse. He also can dig holes to catch enemies off guard.

Goldmon Digivolves to...

1.B Scorpionmon

Gender: Male

Digimon Level: Champion

Type: Data

Age: Unknown

Primary Attack: Laser Claws (closes it's pinchers then fires two huge lasers at the opponent.

Secondary Attack: Venom Sting (Same as Goldmon but bigger range)

Appearences: Digimon Tamers in Equestria, Book 3 of Guardian Digimon, and Guardian Digimon the Movie

Arch Enemy: Evil Digimon

Human Tamer: Takuma

Scorpionmon is Goldmon's Champion Level form. This huge Gold Scorpion is as big as a building! His claws matches that of the Emperor Scorpion but bigger and longer. Not to mention they can fire lasers at an opponent! If that doesn't get an opponent Scorpionmon's Venom Sting attack contains so much venom that most enemy Digimon fear being stung twice, and can nearly wipe them out and even pierce steel! Despite his huge size, Scorpionmon is really docile and nice. He is also quiet strong in being able to handle Footballmon's charge like it was nothing, and he has stopped a fully grown Dragon (Spike) long enough for him to go back to normal. Phew the Ponies and Takuma were certainly glad he's on their side.

Scorpionmon Digivoulves too...

1.C SamuraiScorpionmon

Gender: Male

Digimon Level: Ulimate

Type: Data

Primary Attack: Double Venom Slash (Draws the two Samurai Katana's then fills the swords with Venom finally slicing an opponent, this move can be used rangely as well.

Secondary Attack: Acid Spray (A stronger version of Goldmon's Venom Spray attack only this attack is cursive capable of desolving almost any armor.

Appearences: Digimon Tamers in Equestria, Book 3 of Guardian Digimon, and Guardian Digimon the Movie

Arch Enemy: Evil Digimon

Human Tamer: Takuma

If you thought a Scorpionmon couldn't get any harder to beat, then you haven't met SamuraiScorpionmon. A Scorpion with not only Samurai Armor but also Samurai Honor. It is the first of the two forms Goldmon has that stands on two legs. He has two huge Samurai Katana which he uses with great accuracy. His Double Venom Slash is enough to take down other Ulimate Level Digimon although like MetalGreymon's Ginga Blaster, Bigger Ulimate Levels and Megas can avoid destruction. If that doesn't do it he can easily desolve an opponent's body with his Acid Spray Technique. As A Knightmon found out the hard way.

1.D MetalScorpionmon

Gender: Male

Digimon Level: Mega

Type: Data

Primary Attack: Acid Rocket (Gathers in acid in it's camoflauged wrist blades then launches then out in a fury Simular to Flamedramon's Fire Rocket attack. (It can also use the attack to encase itself with it's acid then charges the opponet.)

Secondary Attack: Acid Claw (Swings it's wrist blades with acid on them)

Appearences: Digimon Tamers in Equestria, Book 3 of Guardian Digimon, and Guardian Digimon the Movie

Arch Enemy: Evil Digimon

Human Tamer: Takuma

MetalScorpionmon is Goldmon's Mega Level Stage by Biomerging with Takuma. MetalScorpionmon is just like his name suggest a Gold Scorpion incased in green armor everywhere also with Red eyes. It has the capability of flight as well. It is a dangerous Mega Level form as it fights using acid far more powerful than SamuraiScorpionmon's Acid Spray as the acid is Sulforic Acid. Surprisingly MetalScorpion is immune to the levels of acid he contains as he is able to engulf himself with it without harm! His two attacks Acid Rocket and even Acid Claw make him a dangerous opponent. Very few attacks can penetrate MetalScorpionmon's metal. Those are Fire and Electric although the metal somehow halves the damage he takes. In Guardian Digimon the Movie, Takuma and Goldmon form MetalScorpionmon and are the first of the Guardian Seekers to actually somehow damage PhasonVirusmon but are still no match against her.

1.E Takuma Sparkle

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Digimon Partner: Goldmon

(SPOILER SKIP THIS PART UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE A SPOILER IN DIGIMON TAMERS EQUESTRIA)Pony Form: White Pegasus Pony with short brown hair and a short brown tail. His Cutie Mark in this form is a black peace symbol indicating his love for peace.

Wears: Jedi like robe and clothing

Digivice Color: Gold

Relationships: Fluttershy (Girlfriend/Wife) Miracle Dash Sparkle (Daughter with Rainbow Dash during the three way he did with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Twilight Sparkle (Adopted Mother)

Takuma is Goldmon's Tamer. He has always enjoyed the Digimon Battle Card Game and even watched the Digimon show on T.V. He is the first human born on Equestria but has little knowledge of his family and lives with Twilight Sparkle. He was the one that made Goldmon simular to Takato. His Digi modify cards have something to do with Magic, Teleportation, Shrink Power, and other magical Digimodify cards making Goldmon a terror on the battlefield. Takuma disguises himself as a Jedi on most occasions due to the peaceful way Equestria is. He is quick to act when terror calls. He has the ability to sense things which is what brought Takuma and Goldmon to help the Guardian Seekers out in protecting Equetria in Book 3. Also in Book 4, he will have his three way with Rainbow Dash and his girlfriend Fluttershy which will bring out Miracle. When Darksied curse Takuma's daughter following his defeat at Superman, and the Guardian of Equestria's hands, he cursed the child that was being borned. Not being very Takuma knowing his unborn daugher's life was at stake prayed to Raiden The Thunder God and Princess Celestia in hopes the two could save Miracle's life. Despite this Takuma becomes very good friends with Raiden and allows him to train Miracle in the ways of using lightning.

Spoiler alert (DO NOT READ THIS PART IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FIND THE SPOILER AT THE END OF DIGIMON TAMERS EQUESTRIA), at the end of Digimon Tamers Equestria, Takuma accepts Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's offer in being Equestria's Guardian, it's Champion Defender. He gains a Pegasus Pony form. He uses this form to travel from place to place in Equestria and spend flying dates with his Girlfriend Fluttershy. When in this form Takuma gains the ability of all Pegasus Ponies, including walking on clouds, and controlling the weather. Not to mention a very fast flying rate (Although Rainbow Dash is the only Pegasus Pony that's faster then him) and he can't unleash a Sonic Rainboom. When he accepts the position of Guardian of Equestria, he'll have three forms he can choose to go to. His normal human form is the one he uses when addressing civilian life style and hanging around with his adopted mother Twilight Sparkle, with his daughter Miracle Dash Sparkle (In Book 6) and later on in Book 7 of Guardian Digimon his family. His battle form of form he takes on to protect Equestria from evil is his Biomerged form with Goldmon MetalScorpionmon and his Pegasus Pony form which he uses as travel. He can go into the Pegasus form willingly but if MetalScorpionmon is ever defeated not only does his Digimon Partner revert back to Rookie but he is reverted into his Pegasus Pony form automatically and must stay that way for one to two days.

1.F Miracle Dash Sparkle

Gender: Female

Age: 5 (In Guardian Digimon Book 6) 16 in (Guardian Digimon Book 7)

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: Short long hair going only down towards her neck

Eye Color: Brown

Pony Form: (Sense she is the daughter of Rainbow Dash and Takuma Sparkle): Similar to her mother light blue Pegasus but instead of rainbow like mane and tail, she has a short long brown hair for her mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark is a football with wind lines flowing from it.

Wears: Tomboy like dress

First Appearence: Guardian Digimon Book 5 (As a baby) Book 6 when she's 5

Special abilities: Speed, Karate, and Lightning.

Miracle Dash Sparkle is Takuma's and Rainbow Dash's daughter during the time Rainbow and Fluttershy had a three way with Takuma, a temporary human Rainbow Dash even when wearing protection got pregnant. Forcing Takuma to be a father at the age of 13 as he's one year older in Guardian Digimon. During Rainbow's pregnancy, Takuma encountered the evil Darkseid on Equestria and with Superman's help defeated Darkseid causing the God to retreat but vowed a curse to take something precious to Takuma's life. Darkseid's words hit home and as a result of this Darkseid cursed Rainbow and Takuma's child while Rainbow Dash was pregant. The evil accident nearly caused the two Miracle. Doctors couldn't seem to save her and deemed that the two would fully lose her.

However Miracle defied the odds and was born, despite the scare very healthy. Miracle's full name reflects to her birth, and her parent's last names. Unlike Takuma's daughter Amity, Miracle doesn't have her mother's pegasus wings but she's inherited her mother's speed and even can (Late in Book 6) use a Sonic Rainboom on the ground. She's also very loyal to Equestria where she was born on and to her friends just like both of her parents. She like her mother tends to be a tomboy.

She's is the first human to actually recieve a Cutie Mark. Her Cutie Mark is a football with wind lines running behind it. This represents her unique talent to be very good at the game American Football. Thanks to her speed, she's an excellent Running Back one who has never Fumbled the Ball. She will do whatever it takes to help both parents and even her two step-siblings against any foe.

Miracle like her mother Rainbow Dash thanks to Jenny's teaching is an expert in Karate matching her tomboyish style even more. Thanks to Raiden's teaching in Book 6, Miracle also gains the power to use lightning and created even more ways to improve her speed and even her mother's ground version of the Sonic Rainboom. Even outlining herself in lightning sort of similar to Milfa's Thunder Armor.


1.A Tribal Plains Megazord

Story/Anime representing: Sonic the Hedgehog

First Appearance: Amber the Cheetah

Zords used: Lion Zord, Cheetah Zord, Leopard Zord, and Hyena Zord.

Weapons: Nature Spear, Flame Axe, Freeze Claws, Thunder Saber, Four Element Blaster (Used as it's Finisher only)

Special Megazord Attacks: Cheetah Speed (Using the Cheetahs Speed with the Freeze Claws, or Thunder Sabers the Tribal Plains Megazord slashes the enemy, ether freezing the enemy or zapping them with electricity depending on the weapons that were used) Root Stab (Using the Nature Spear the Megazord stabs the enemy with it roots erupt quickly encasing the enemy within a root like cacoon) Burning Justice (Using the Flame Axe, it gathers in enormous amount of fire energy and unleashes the Flame Axe, that attack instantly puts the enemy a blaze)

Special Abilities: Every individual Attack known by the Element Weapon's user, also capable of using all four Element Weapons.

Height: 41 Meters

Weight: 570 Tons

Transformation: The Cheetah Zord forms it's two feet and legs, the Lion Zord turns into the main body, the Leopard Zord becomes both of it's arms and the Hyena Zord form's it's head with the Lion Zord's mane protecting it's neck. It also makes the Zord's gun hoister and generates the Zord's Element Weapons if called upon.

Finisher: Nature Fury Blast (Using it's four element blast gun it charges the gun gathering up all four Elements into it and fires four huge blast destroying the enemy)

Pilots: Amber the Cheetah, Prince Sunflash the Lion, Sophie the Hyena, and Frost the Leopard.

The Tribal Plains Megazord is formed by the Lion Zord, Leopard Zord, Cheetah Zord, and Hyena Zord. It represents the animals living on the Plains. The Megazord is capable of using all four Element Weapons in battle which is a good ability for it to have. Using it's many powered Element Weapons it can match up to the power of any other robotic creation of Dr. Robotnic.

To Summon the Tribal Plains Zords Amber the Cheetah, Frost the Leopard, Prince Sunflash the Lion, and Sophie the Hyena needed to double the power of their Element Weapons. They were able to succeed and the cause of this was for the Tribal Plains Megazord to use the four Element Weapons with even more power. It's first test is against the Egg Zords and the Egg Megazord which it destroys. It becomes Amber, Frost, Prince Sunflash, and Sophie's most powerful weapon capable of surviving the effect of Dr. Robotnic's own giant robots powered up by at least four Chaos Emeralds. It's main finisher weapon is a huge four way blasting gun with a small propeller in it's center which causes it to generate the four Element Blast which ultimately destroys the enemy robot.

1.B Spineforce Megazord

Story/Anime Representing: Sonic The Hedgehog

First Apperarence: Amber the Cheetah

Zords Used (5): Hedgehog Zord, Porcupine Zord, Armadillo Zord, Hare Zord, and Box Turtle Zord

Weapons: Fists, and spines.

Special Attacks: Quill Missiles-Fires the Porcupine's Quills like missiles which are sharp enough to penetrate any monster machine or regular monster's defenses. Quill Burst-Simular to Quill Missiles only this attack is used in close range which caused the Spineforce Megazord to unleash it's quills like a bomb going off. Super Speed Attack-Using Sonic's speed the Spineforce Megazord can slash enemies with an impossible to see speed

Special Abilities: Armor Piecer (The SpineForce Megazord's quills from the Porcupine Zord penetrates any monster's armor the heavier the monster's defense the more damage it causes) Command Control-Spine Force Megazord follows every move the pilot wants it to do. Spine Defense (The quills on the Spineforce Megazord protect it from close range combat attacks damaging the enemy if they try to attack in close combat)

Height: 41 Meters

Weight: 570 Tons

Transformation: The spines off the Hedgehog Zord are briefly removed, the Porcupine Zord folds in all of it's body so that only the spines are shown, the Hare Zord splits apart to become both feet of the Megazord. The Armadillo Zord becomes the main body and legs. The Box Turtle Zord splits apart and becomes both arms. The Hedgehog Zord then becomes the head of the Spineforce Megazord. The Porcupine Zord's spines are replaced all around the Megazord and the Hedgehog Zord's spines are attached to it's back like a shark's fin.

Finisher: Spine Saw Slash- The Spines on Spineforce Megazord's back begin to spin like a chainsaw, then after the spines move as fast as they can, the Megazord ducks (Like the Swordfish Dispenser Megazord) then it will ether slash as it ducks with the spines cutting the enemy in half or if the opponent is far hurl the spines with lighting fast speed like the saw slicing the enemy vertically in half.

Joint Finisher: Spindash Throw-This finisher only works with the Tribal Plains Megazord. The Spineforce Megazord curls up in a ball like Sonic does as it jumps into the Tribal Plains Megazord's hands then spins around like Sonic does and the Tribal Plains Megazord throws it like the Super Zeo Megazord throwing Warrior Wheel, the Spineforce Megazord drills right threw the enemy robot causing it to fall to the ground exploding in a shower of sparks.

Pilot: Sonic the Hedgehog

The Spineforce Megazord is another Megazord in Amber the Cheetah. It is the first of the two Special Ability Zords to be found and freed from Dr. Robotnic's control. The two Special Ability Zords each have at leas two or three abilities. Nearly all of them have a Command Control allowing it to do whatever the pilot plans on. The Spine Force Megazord has powerful quills that it can launch at it's opponents are very dangerous to anything Robot or just regular monster. The Spineforce Megazord like the other two are capable of fighting alone without a pilot which comes in handy to Amber and her friends when the Tribal Plains Megazord is struggling. It can also work alongside it's pilot in the cockpit. The Spine Force Megazord follows the command of Sonic the Hedgehog and the brave Hedgehog is it's pilot, because of this only the Hedgehog Zord has a door for Sonic to get into it's cockpit.

1.C Breaker Megazord

Story/Anime representing: Sonic

First Appearance: Amber the Cheetah

Zords used 5: Squid Zord, Crocodile Zord, Gorilla Zord, Bear Zord, Bull Zord

Weapons: Fist, tentacles, Tail and horns

Special Attacks: Tentacle Grab/Whip (Unleashes the many squid tentacles which can be used to whip the opponent or grab onto them for a throw) Crocodile Roll (Bites using the Crocodile head on it's chest then spins around like a crocodile catching prey to hurl or severely damage an opponent)

Special Ability: Brute Strength (This Megazord is the physically strongest of all the Megazords so far) with this ability it's attacks deal more damage and can easily smash threw the toughest armour on a robot or any soldier. Command Control-Allows the robot to do every command the pilot wants.

Height: 41 Meters

Weight: 1000 Tons

Transformation: The Bullzord's horns are briefly removed along with the removal of all of the Squid Zord's tentacles. The Crocodile Zord folds in it's legs and body so that it's head and tail are the only things that remain. The Gorilla Zord begins to stand upright and flips it's head to reveal a shiny black and silver helmet like head. The Bull Zord becomes both of the Megazord's feet. The Squid Zord attaches it's long body to the Gorilla Zord's right arm, the Bear Zord becomes the left arm of the Megazord attaching to the Gorilla Zord's left arm. The Crocodile Zord's head connects to the Gorilla Zord's chest, the Squid Zord's tentacles attach themselves around both of the Megazords arms then the Crocdile Zord's tail connects to the back of the Megazord with the Bull Zord's horns attaching themselves to the Gorllia Zord's helmet.

Finisher: Power Charge-Gathering in strength the Breaker Megazord unleashes it's tentacles holding the enemy at bay, it scraps it's feet like a Bull then lowers it's head and after lowering it's head charges at an incredible speed, the Horns connect as the Breaker Megazord blows right threw the opponent causing the opponent to fall onto the ground with two holes in it exploding in a shower of sparks.

Joint Finisher: Spine Ripping (With Spineforce Megazord) The Spineforce Megazord fires it's spines at the enemy penetrating the monster, the Breaker Megazord unleashes it's tentacles wrapping the enemy up and forcing the spines deeper into the enemy, it then tears out the spines as if they were knives causing the opponent to be sliced apart. The opponent falls down in a shower of sparks. Cheetah Speed Charge (Tribal Plains Megazord) Using the Cheetah Zord's speed and the Tribal Plains Megazord's Thunder Sabers or it's Freeze Claws the Tribal Plains Megazord charges around the opponent slashing away shocking the enemy to stun it or freezing it allowing the Breaker Megazord to charge in head narrowed then smashes threw the opponent causing a massive explosion.

Pilot: Knuckles the Echidna

The Breaker Megazord is another Megazord in Amber the Cheetah. It is the second of the two Special Ability Zords to be found and freed by Dr. Robotnic's Control. Like Spineforce Megazord it too has a Command Control in it allowing the Megazord or preform any action Knuckles wants it to do, even if it maybe bashing rocks apart with it's bare fist. Unlike the more balanced Tribal Plains Megazord and the speedy Spineforce Megazord, the Breaker Megazord is built for a powerful short fight. It is capable of destroying any robot or monster and capable of soloing a lone robot without the support of the Tribal Plains Megazord more quickly then the Spineforce Megazord. It is heavily armoured and built to take more punishment then the other two Megazords. It's also as stated a powerhouse when it comes to close combat. It is however the slowest of the three Megazords introduced in Amber the Cheetah.

In order to master it's controls one must be in sink with this weakness and learn to use this weakness as an advantage to lure the enemy towards it. A perfect thing for Knuckles to control. Sense Knuckles is the only one that can pilot it, the Gorilla Zord is the Zord he drives. Both Spineforce Megazord and Breaker Megazords are capable of being summoned on their own if their pilots aren't there to help it. In this case both doors are secretly hidden and removed.

2.A- Digimon Megazord

Story/Anime Representing: Power Rangers/Digimon

Level: Ultimate

First Appearance: Power Rangers Digimon

Zords used: Growlmon Evolution Digizord, AngeWomon Evolution Digizord, Garurumon Evolution Digizord, Kyubbimon Evolution Digizord, and Stingmon Evolution Digizord.

Weapons: Huge Claws

Special Attacks/Abilities: The Digimon Megazord is a Megazord capable of using any of the Evolution Digizord's attacks.

Height: 54 Meters

Weight: 288 Tons

Transformation: A white Digi-Egg covered the five Zords. The Garurumon and the Kyubbimon Evolution Digizords became the feet while Kyubbimon Evolution Digizord lost it's tails. The Growlmon Evolution Digizord split to become the chest and head while the Stingmon Evolution Digizord formed the lower body, legs and fists. The Angewomon Evolution Digizord split to become arms and her wings attached to the Megazord's back along with Kyubbimon Evolution Digizord's tails. Angewomon's helmet became the Megazord's helmet. Then Growlmon's claws attached itself to the Megazord's arms. The Digi-Egg hatches revealing the Digimon Megazord.

Modes: 5= Sky Hawk Megazord, Enforcer Megazord, Turtle Hammer Megazord, Golden Knight Megazord, and Royal Knight Megazord.

Finishers: Hand of Fate (Digimon Megazord began to generate light from it's angelic wings which take flight into the air and start draining it into it's right hand it then punches out unleashing a powerful holy light attack from it's hand pushing itself back a little. The attack strikes the opponent creating two holes in him an entrance and an exit then the opponent falls to the ground exploding in a shower of sparks)

The Digimon Megazord along with it's Evolution Digizords and many modes is the first Megazord I designed, Tribal Plains Megazord was the second as a late decision to put it in Amber the Cheetah. Anyway the Digimon Megazord is formed by Tai Jr, Amelia, Max, Sally, and Kyle's Evolution Digizords merge into one. It is by far the most strongest of any of the Standard Megazords I created as it fights with the power of an Ultimate Level Digimon thanks to AngeWomon Evolution Zord being an Ultimate Level already. Just like the Samurai Ranger's Samurai Megazord, the Digimon Megazord has different modes for different sort of combat. All of which will be explained in the follow up bios. It is as Big as the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's Thunder Megazord and as heavy as it was.

The Digimon Megazord is capable of taking Mega Level Digimon Attacks without the risk of being destroyed easily like most other Power Ranger Megazords. It is Destroyed by Apocalymon in Challenge Part 1 but is reborn at the end of Power Rangers Digimon.

2.B- Sky Hawk Megazord

Story/Anime Representing: Power Rangers/Digimon

Level: Ultimate (A bit on a higher Ultimate level than the Digimon Megazord)

First Appearance: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 6: Tai's Adventure)

Zords used: Digimon Megazord, and Gaurdamon Zord.

Weapon: Claws, and Guradamon's Talons on hands and feet.

Height: 67 Meters

Weight: 300 Tons

Transformation: A Digi-Egg covered both the Garudamon Zord and the Digimon Megazord and it's transformation began.The Guardamon Zord came in folding itself greatly then attaching it's wings to the Digimon Megazord's back giving it a bigger pair of wings, the Digimon Megazord removed it's Angewomon helmet then grew Garudamon's claws and talons on it's hands and feet. When the Digi-Egg hatched the new Megazord.

Special Attacks, and abilities: Same as Digimon Megazord except now it can use Gaurdamon's attacks as well, and flight.

Finishers: Wing Blade Dive (Sky Hawk Megazord took to the skies with it's whole body erupting with fire in shaping it like a sharp wing blade. The Sky Hawk Megazord then dived down from the sky, Sky Hawk Megazord completes it's dive onto the opponent, the ground erupted into flames as it instantly incinerated the foe.)

Sky Hawk Megazord is the first mode change the Digimon Megazord undergoes. When Tai Jr calls upon the Gaurdamon Zord he can use it to D.N.A Combine the Digimon Megazord with it. The transformation makes the Digimon Megazord a bit bigger and heavier. The Digimon Megazord is now as big as the Samurai Ranger's Battlewing Megazord only not as heavy as it is. Just like the Battlewing Wing Megazord, Sky Hawk Megazord is capable of flight. It was extremely useful against Blossomon, BlackWereGarurumon, and Etemon. Despite it's flight advantage, Sky Hawk Megazord was no match against SkullGreymon and the Megazord was nearly destroyed by it.

2.C- Enforcer Megazord

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon

Level: Ultimate

First Appearance: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 8, SkullGreymon)

Zords used: Digimon Megazord and Starmon Zord.

Weapon: Fists

Height: 58 M

Weight: 300

Transformation: A White Digi-Egg appeared over the Digimon Megazord as another change began. Starmon's arms and legs folded inward forming a perfect star. Then the star's edges split becoming shiny white armor on the Digimon Megazord's legs and arms. The last fifth star edge split into two part becoming attached to Guilmon's chest providing what appeared to be a bullet proof vest. Starmon's own fist replaced the Stingmon's fist. The Digi-Egg Hatches and reveals the new Megazord.

Special Attacks/Abilities: Same as Digimon Megazord except Enforcer Megazord uses Starmon's attacks as well as reflects attacks back at opponents and is the fastest.

Finisher: Meteor Shower (Meteors circled in the air. Then came down upon SkullGreymon. SkullGreymon roars in pain as the Meteors hits opponent in all areas. The foe was brought down roaring as the last Meteor hit it's head destroying the Digimon in an explosion.)

Enforcer Megazord is the second mode the Digimon Megazord gets. This time using the Starmon Zord alongside it, it enables the Digimon Rangers to form the Enforcer Megazord. This Enforcer Megazord is as tall as the Ninja Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but extremely lighter. The Enforcer Megazord thanks to Starmon Zord gains incredible speed almost Ninja Megazord like. The Starmon's armor reflects all projectile attacks back at the opponent. Where Sky Hawk Megazord failed to defeat SkullGreymon, Enforcer Megazord was able to defeat him. It also is able to defeat an impossible battle against three SkullSatamon as well as a Giant Mooger and KnightChessmon attack force.

Despite how good it was the formation was used only those three times so far.

2.D- Turtle Hammer Megazord

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon.

First Appearence: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 12: Hammer Time)

Level: Ultimate

Zords used: Digimon Megazord, Zudomon Zord

Weapons: Horns, Tusk, Claw and Hammer

Height: 56 Meters

Weight: 7300 Tons

Transformation: A White Digi-Egg covered the Digimon Megazord and the Zudomon Zord. Another transformation began. The Zudomon Zord's legs and arms folded into it's three spiked shell like a turtle. The upper part of Zudomon's head went folded into the shell as well. Kyubbimon Zord's tails slipped off and so did Angewomon's Wings. Now adding onto it's back was the Zudomon's Zord's whole shell. Then the Kyubbimon Zord's Tail and Angewomon's Wings went back on it. Zudomon's Claws covered the Growlmon Zord's claws making them sharper. Then the Zudomon Zord's upper head was replaced for Angewomon's helmet Zudomon's spike was in the center of the Digimon Megazord's head. Then in it's hands was Zudomon's hammer. The Digi-Egg hatched and the Digimon Rangers announced the new Megazord formation

Special Attack/Abilities: All Attacks the Digimon Megazord can perform as well as Zudomon's attacks as well as Deflecting Ranged Attacks, Best at Underwater Fighting, and swimming.

Finisher: Vulkin's Hammer (Turtle Hammer Megazord raised it's hammer to the sky and then lighting started to fall onto it then the Turtle Hammer Megazord brought it down hard on opponent. The hammer strikes the foe whom then cracks into a million pieces then an explosion happened as the evil Digimon blew up into millions of sparks.)

Turtle Hammer Megazord is the third formation the Digimon Megazord has. It combines the Digimon Megazord with the Zudomon Zord! This formation is the heaviest transformation the Digimon Rangers have in fact it's as big as the Shogun Megazord and as heavy as it is as well and because of it, this formation is the slowest on land but has the power to deflect ranged attacks with it's hammer. Despite the weight it has this Megazord formation can SWIM under water without a problem, making it deadly in under water combat. Like the Enforcer Megazord, Turtle Hammer Megazord has been used three times so far.

2.D- Golden Knight Megazord.

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon

First Appearence: Power Rangers Digimon Chapter Rapidfire.

Level: Mega

Zords Used: Digimon Megazord, and Magnamon Zord

Weapons: Claws

Height: 65 M

Weight: 280 Tons

Transformation: A white Digi-Egg appeared around the Magnamon Zord and the Digimon Megazord. Then the transformation began. The Magnamon Zord folded in it's hands and feet into it's body revealing only it's golden armor. The golden armor attached to the Digimon Megazord's body. Magnamon's helmet was then attached on Angewomon's helmet. The Digi-Egg Hatches to reveal the new Megazord.

Attacks/Abilities: All attacks the Digimon Megazord could use, and the Magnamon's attack. Barrier like defense

Finisher: Magna Blast-(The Golden Knight Megazord gained it energy from it's golden limbs then unleashed an energy wave at opponent, The attack strikes Diaboromon causing his whole body explodes in it's final sparks before being annihilated on the spot.

The Golden Knight Megazord is the fourth transformation the Digimon Megazord gets. It is formed when the Magnamon Zord D.N.A Combines with the Digimon Megazord. This formation is a Mega Level power. It is first used against Kimeramon and destroys him. The main problem with this Megazord formation is that the Magnamon Zord can't be used often. Other then that the team has only used it three times and it has defeated the opponent each time. It is one of the strongest formations they have even possibly stronger then the fifth mode they have.

2.E=Kentarousmon Zord

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon

First Appearance: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 20 Crimson With Evil P4)

Level: Mega

Zords Used: Kentarousmon Zord

Weapons: Crossbow, Shield

Height: 45

Weight: 100 Tons

Special Attacks/Abilities: Icy Breathe, Inferno Frost

Transformation: None

Finisher: Icy Breathe (Freezes opponents solid then shatters them-Although commonly used it can be used as a finisher)

The Kentarousmon Zord is Jason Oliver's main Zord. Unlike the Evolution Digizords which the Digimon Rangers Digivolve into, the Kentarousmon Zord decends from the sky when Jason activates his golden yellow shield. It is a Mega Level Zord, but unlike the Magnamon Zord, this Zord has been used commonly to help the other Digimon Rangers. It is on par with the Dragonzord as both itself and the Dragonzord were used at first for evil but turne to the good side. It remains a powerful ally in the fight against Daemon and has taken lots of punishment the most after the Digimon Megazord. As a Mega very few Digimon can match up to it.

Unlike the Dragonzord however the Kentarousmon Zord has to be piloted like the White Tiger Zord. Like the Digimon Megazord, the Kentarousmon Zord is Destroyed by Apocalymon in the Challenge P1 and is reborn in the end of Power Rangers Digimon.

5.F=Royal Knight Megazord

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/Digimon

First Appearance: Chapter 20: Crimson With Evil P4.

Level: Mega

Zords Used: Kentarousmon Zord and Digimon Megazord

Weapon: Sword

Height: 65 Meters

Weight: 400 Tons

Attacks/Special Abilities: All attacks Digimon Megazord can do, and Kentarousmon as well. Also enemy Lighting type attack negation.

Transformation: The Kentarousmon Zord folded in it's legs and even it's head revealing it's Crimson armor. The Digimon Megazord began to turn into a Royal Knight Gallantmon with the rest of the Evolution Digizords staying in place. The Crimson armor attached to the Digimon Megazord forming the Digimon Megazord of what looked like Gallantmon Crimson Mode. Then the Digi-Egg hatched revealing the new Megazord.

Finisher: Royal Saber (raises it's huge sword and gained it lighting, it swirled it around in one huge circle then with lighting crackling swung the sword. The sword hits foe slicing him or her down with an electrical attack destroying the foe.

The Royal Knight Megazord is the fifth Transformation of the Digimon Megazord. In this formation, the Digimon Megazord D.N.A Combines with the Kentarousmon Zord to form it. Like the Magnamon Zord it is considered a Mega Level upgraded and is equally one of the most powerful Transformations. It is more commonly used and has the ability to negate enemy lighting attacks. It is first used against MetalEtemon easily destroying him despite his Chrome Digizoid armor. It is rarely taken down but the first opponent that did was a giant BlackWarGreymon.

This transformation can take lots of blows as demonstrated in it's battle against Puppetmon as it seemingly shrugs off his Puppet Pummel Attack. This Transformation is commonly used most of the time in late chapters in Power Rangers Digimon, starting in Chapter 21: Etemon Returns, due to the Digimon Rangers having to face off against Mega Level Digimon.

5.G= Digimon Ultrazord

Story/Anime representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon

First Appearance: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 25: BlackWarGreymon P2)

Level: Extremely High Mega (None have survived when the Digimon Ultrazord attacks)

Zords Used: Royal Knight Megazord, and Exemon Carrier Zord

Length: 58 Meters

Weith: 27 Meters

Height: 58 Meters

Weight: 500 Tons

Attacks/Special Abilities: Capable of using all of the Royal Knight's Megazord's attack and flight

Transformation: the Examon Carrier Zord then flew over towards the Royal Knight Megazord. It then attached it's dragon wings to the Royal Knight Megazord's back. The Examon Carrier Zord then basically made it look like a Dragon Warrior Megazord with a huge cannons.

Finisher: Supreme Cannon (raises it's cannon and aimed it at the foe. The Ultrazord began gaining in light energy into it's body then concentrated it into the cannon. The huge energy blast hits. The huge energy blast hits the foe or muliple foes engulfing them within the blast. The enemy then falls to the ground exploding in a shower of sparks.

The Digimon Ultrazord is the Ultrazord in Power Rangers Digimon. It is formed when Tai Jr calls the Exemon Carrier Zord and by the Royal Knight Megazord. It isn't a mode of the Digimon Megazord as it combines all of the Digimon Zords, except Garudamon, Starmon, Zudomon, and Magnamon Zords. It is the most strongest of all the combinations in the Digimon Ranger's arsenal. But just like the Magnamon and the Golden Knight Megazord rarely used. It's first battle is against the giant BlackWarGreymon which it easily destroys with it's deadly finisher Supreme Cannon, it is used to fully destroy Master Xandred and a group of Spitfires where as the Royal Knight Megazord was able to destroy MetalSeadramon.

There has been no Digimon capable of surviving the Digimon Ultrazord's attack. Even though it is an Ultrazord and the only attack the Digimon Rangers had used when Tai Jr has summoned it was it's finisher, it is still capable of using any of the Royal Knight Megazord's attack but the Digimon Rangers prefer not to waste time.

DigiSamurai Megazord

Story/Anime Representing: Power Rangers/ Digimon

First appearance: Power Rangers Digimon (Chapter 39: Super Angel Mode)

Level: Mega

Zords Used: Claw Armor Megazord (Power Rangers Samurai) Royal Knight Megazord (Power Rangers Digimon)

Height: 80 Meters

Weight: 4000 Tons

Attacks/Abilities: Any attack the Royal Knight Megazord Knows and Close Range Samurai Combat Skills)

Transformation: The Royal Knight Megazord and Claw Armor Megazord bump fists as a Digi-Egg covers the two Zords. The Royal Knight Megazord has it's claws, Kyubbimon Tail, and AngeWomon's wings taken off as the Claw Armor Megazord's parts are added onto it making the Royal Knight Megazord a bit bigger and making it nearly like a Samurai. The Kyubbimon Tail and Angewomon's wings attach to the Royal Knight Megazord's back and the claws are added on. It's helmet is joined by the Royal Knight Megazord's AngeWomon's mask and the claws attach to it's arms. It doesn't seem to have Katana's hidden in it but they are hidden inside the Digimon Megazord's claws. The Digi-Egg hatches to reveal the new form.

Finisher: Gate of Destiny (The DigiSamuari Megazord raised it's two twin purple swords yet again whirling them in a circle behind them which created a big golden Holy Gate which began to open as the DigiSamurai Megazord slashed out with it sending the now opened gate towards the foe, The DigiSamurai Megazord turns around as the Gate of Destiny closes completely then explodes as it disintegrates)

Just when you thought nothing could get any tougher then the Digimon Ultrazord...In fact this transformation is equivalent to an Ultrazord. Although which of the two is stronger is up to debate. This Transformation happens when the Royal Knight Megazord merges with the Claw Armor Megazord of the Samurai Rangers. It is symbolic as it represents both team of Ranger's alliance with each other. Like the Digimon Ultrazord it is a Mega Level Transformation which is formed by Amelia, the White Digimon Ranger using her modified version of the Black Box to go into her Super Angel Mode. It is as big as the Supertrain Megazord in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue but unlike the Supertrain Megazord hasn't overheated it's systems.

It combines the power of the Royal Knight Megazord and Claw Armor Megazord, and is impossible to destroy. For it's finisher it is capable of using the Gate of Destiny, but unlike MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny which imprisons an enemy it destroys the enemy when it desintergrates. As the most power of the Digimon Ranger's ability there is only ONE major Drawback, and that is they can't summon it in the Digital World as the Claw Armor Megazord which belongs to the Samurai Rangers can't be summoned in the Digital World even with the usage of Amelia's Black Box. On Earth though just as the Samurai Rangers could form the Samurai Gigazord or Claw Armor Megazord with the Super Union Disk, the Digimon Rangers can summon the DigiSamuraiMegazord with the DigiSamurai Combination Disk inside the Black Box as will happen to Psycho Red, Black, and Psycho Yellow in the final conclusion of a future arch Chapter in Power Rangers Digimon.

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Kasumi and the Avatar reviews
Sequel to Kasumi: The Last Signer. Fearing that the Avatar maybe found by the Fire Nation, Lady Tsunade of the Leaf Village sends Kasumi Aki Fudo, Team Ten, and Naruto on a mission to find and protect the Avatar. Can Kasumi a Signer help Avatar Aang?
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Amber is a cheetah messenger from Tribal Plains. Upon her cheif's command, she is sent deep into Robotropolis to deliver a message to Sally Acorn. Can the Freedom Fighters alongside their new allies finally defeat Dr. Eggman? Sonic SATAM
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A New NFL Team is emerging under the ownership of Seto Kaiba a team where all the players with the exception of the coaches are all girls! Can the Tokyo Vixens under head coach Kakashi Hatake take on the many other NFL Teams in America? Read and find out in the first season of the Tokyo Vixens! T for safety.
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During the Medieval Ages, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round fought a war against Dragons and their Dragon King Nightmare sealing them away. Centuries passed but Mother Nature releases King Nightmare and his Dragons. Lancerlot and Merlin summon a new team of Power Rangers to face off against this new threat while learning the ways of a Knight.
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The Changelings return and are worse then ever before. Killing Princess Celestia and conquering Equestria. Now Princess Luna the surviving Princess must take up the surviving members of Equestria and organize an army to defeat the Changelings and take back Equestria can Luna lead a team of Peaceful ponies to victory over an aggressive enemy?
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Ben Tennyson, Zoe Orimoto, Hinata Hyugga, Negi Springfield, and Avatar Aang must team up to find all of the Four Guardian Digimon before all evil forces can free Virusmon the ancient evil Digimon the Guardians fought in the past.
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Kasumi: The Last Signer reviews
Kasumi is the daughter of Yusei Fudo and Aki Izinski. At the age of ten she is kidnapped, and finds herself on the doorstep of Kakashi's house who takes her in as his daughter. Can Kasumi use her psychic powers to avenge her family's murderer Orochimaru.
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Vandel Buster Eric is known to all as the Wind Master. One day he mysteriously wanders into the Japanese City of Mandora. Can he along with Negi Springfield defend it from hordes of Vandels alongside the famous Beet Warriors? Will love bloom as well?
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