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Hello, the name's Sarcastic Proserpine. And I have a thing for men in suits. With a tattoo or two. And perhaps a cigarette stuffed between the lips.

Weelll.. leaving my obsessions aside... Halo thar. C:

How nice of you to stumble by. Alrighty, let's introduce myself, since this is a profile after all and you are probably just dying to find out who I am... Well. Just your average manga-nerd, I guess. xD Though I do not run around screaming random Japanese nonsense to poor passersby and I don't wear an Akatsuki-coat to school, when shopping for groceries, in bed or when putting the garbage out, either. Not that I have anything against people doing that last bit, of course. Go and live your life the way you want to! -ultra-whitening toothpaste-smile-

Nah, but seriously.

d - q - p - b

Me In A Nutshell

Age: 18. Aye, good times. C:

Birthday: October 13th.

Nickname: Muppet.

Gadget: My Skullcandy Skullcrusher-Headphones. 0w0 Couldn't live without it.

Gender: Female.

Height: 5'7... I'm fun-sized.

Zodiac: I guess being born on October 13th makes me a Libra.

Flower: I'm a Daisy, apparently. -likes it-

Lucky Number: ...I did one of those Numerology tests once... and I got 11. Or at first I thought it was 2, but it had to stay 11. Why? Dunno.

Clothes: Most of the time I wear weird and/or funny shirts and a pair of jeans. And mah All-stars, naturally. C:

Occupation: I babysit a lot. And I work as a mailman. Awesome, ain't it.

Characteristics: I was told on several occasions that I'm: Weird. Sweet. Sarcastic. Lazy. Fun-loving. Optimistic. Overreacting. Caring. Sometimes too caring. Unable to accept criticism on my persona. Lazy. Funny. Relaxed. Friendly. Adjusting myself to the background a bit too well. A People-person. Sloppy. And very, very lazy.

Likes: Manga/Anime (no I know, total surprise here) - my friends/family - reading - drawing - writing - daydreaming - music - bombing & tagging - looking at graffiti - laughing - sleeping - playing soccer - attempting to skateboard - photography - making stupid jokes, especially Chuck Norris ones (I don't really like Chuck Norris. I do like Chuck Norris jokes) - my cat - art - book stores - sniffling through book stores

Teh Faves

To be honest I'm more of a reader than a watcher, but I do have my fair share of Amagawd-I-love-this-anime;

Texhnolyze - Gilgamesh - Fruits Basket - Haibane Renmei - Cowboy Bebop - Cromartie High School - Ouran High School Host Club - Samurai Champloo - Chaos;HeaD - Trinity Blood - Bleach - Death Note - Air - Someday's Dreamers - Wolf's Rain - Serial Experiments Lain - Ergo Proxy - Flame of Recca - DOGS - Ghost Hound - Hellsing - Mushishi - Paranoia Agent - Shigofumi - MPD Psycho - Elfen Lied

Yeah I know, that's not too much, right? Although my parents complain that I'm a TV-slave, too. Hmm. Well, that's just my parents, so...

d - q - p - b

Like I said, more of a reader. C:

My all-time faves are Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Zombie-Loan.

Angel Sanctuary - Eternal Sabbath - Blade of the Immortal - Vampire Knight - Fruits Basket - XS (Hybrid) - Death Note - Someday's Dreamers (Spellbound) - Black Bird - Solanin - Godchild - Nijigahara Holograph - DOGS/DOGS: Bullets & Carnage - Sidooh - Five - Bleach - Jack Frost - Dengeki Daisy - Bitter Virgin - Nana - Moe Kare - Dear School Gang Leader - Hoshi Wa Utau - Fairy Cube - Uwasa no Midori-kun - Hellsing - Trinity Blood - Land of the Blindfolded - Goth - Psycometrer Eiji - Ai Hime- Ai to Himegoto - Beast Master - Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei - Kaichou wa Maid-sama - Kieli - Kana, Kamo - Bokura wa Itsumo - Kinkyori Renai - The Embalmer - Switch - MPD Psycho - White Clouds - Beautiful People - Beauty is the Beast - Wild Ones - Calling You - Variante - Swallowtail - Hitsuji no Namida

..Actually, I feel like I left some real important ones out. o.o Meh, I'll find out someday...

d - q - p - b

Food: I'm a sweet-tooth. ...Y'know, you have those little sugary hearts, with words like 'love' and 'fax me' etc on them... Those are so jummy. Chocolate is fine too, since I'm a needy woman with over-emotional reactions on the world in general and stuff. And I like fruit too. Yeah, need to balance it out, right?

Color: Purple. Or violet, whatever you want. I like green also, and indigo, orange, blue, black (why yes, I do know for a fact that according to the wonderful laws of physics, black does not count as a color. Have I already told you that I detest Physics?) , pink... ehrm... well, let's just say: the Rainbow. Yeah, that's it. I like the rainbow.

Smiley (o.o ..Where the hell did this come from? -shrugs- Oh well...): C: (You need to turn your head to the right xD)

Season: Spring! (gets nostalgic) I just love it when all the flowers and love and animals start to awake again.

Book: Hard to say. I read a lot. Eh, The Book Thief, Grey Souls, Spieltrieb, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, A Clockwork Orange, Memoirs of a Geisha, Interview With The Vampire, Everything Is Illuminated, Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World, all the Harry Potters are cool, and Roald Dahl has written funny books too.

As for the Golden Oldies: I adore John Keats, Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare. I love their works to the point of religious fanaticism and think that everyone should join me in hailing them at least five times a day (just kidding. But really, they're awesome). More: Jane Eyre - Pride & Prejudice (yes I know, I'm a hopelessly corny Romance reader. Fear me) - A Tale of Two Cities - Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Alice In Wonderland/Through The Looking Glass - Wuthering Heights - Dante's Divina Commedia - Faust - The Canterbury Tales - Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained - Ms Dalloway - Ovid's Metamorphosis - Odyssey

I can't really say I have one favorite I guess. I'm such a nerd.

tv.-programm: Scrubs. They are my heroes. Anything else; Supernatural, Dead Like Me, Cold Case, Heroes, Lost, Medium, South Park, That 70's Show, The Simpsons, 30 Block, Extras, The Office (I'm sorry, but even though I love the US-version, I still think the British one is better). And CSI is nice too, once in a while...

Movie: I'm a Film-Freak with a capital F. I just love to go to the movies with my friends. As for my absolute fave; The Green Mile. Everytime I see it, I have to cry... Great movie, really! I love The Shawshank Redemption, too. Spirited away and Howl's moving castle are beautiful; Hayao Miyazaki is a magician. Furthermore, Tim Burton is my hero and I love all of his work (except for Planet Of The Apes. WTF is up with that shit), especially Big Fish, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. I can't wait until his version of Alice In Wonderland is out. 8D

Furthermore; I love those, I don't exactly know the right word for all of them, but let's say Costume-Drama Movies; y'know, the eightteenth-century-ish ones, with the gigantic wigs and ditto dresses, where you need a towel for the decadence that drips off it, the über-drama, the intriges... ahh, that's love right there. But not all of them are purely drama, there are also those with more than that such as The Patriot. Gah, I lovelovelove that movie.

More - Pride & Prejudice (the 2005-version especially) - Sense & Sensibility - Interview With The Vampire - Jane Eyre (the TV series, if that counts) - Wuthering Heights - From Hell - Marie Antoinette - Gangs Of New York - The Fountain - The Hour Of The Pig - The Crucible (Geez. Daniel Day-Lewis is just a f--ing genius.) - The Duchess - Cranford - Pandaemonium

Yet even more: all the Shreks - Donnie Darko - American Beauty (I like the soundtrack) - Pan's Labyrinth - Watchmen - Lord of the Rings - Pirates of the Caribbean - Se7en - Twilight (yeah, sorry. Again. Can't help it.) - Dead Poets Society - Kill Bill I and II (Isaac Hayes ST d'oh!)- Reservoir Dogs - Goodbye Lenin! - Lucky Number Slevin - Fight Club - An American History X - Trainspotting - Amélie - The Blair Witch Project (it freaked the living daylights out of me. But I totally digged the documentary style- it seemed so real! This shows once again that you don't need a lot of money to make a great movie)

Music genres: Punk and Rock, but I can listen to a lot of different genres. Hiphop, Golden Oldies, Emo, Metal, Indie, even a few Rap songs, Dance, it's all OK. (thumbs up)

Bands/singers etc: The Prodigy!! Whoooot! They just rule. But so do Nirvana, The Kills, Disturbed, Sum 41 (The old ones. Old. Ones.), Iggy Pop (with or without the Stooges), Radiohead, Chopin, Yann Tiersen, OOMPH!, Sex Pistols (Sid Vicious is Love 8D), Buzzcocks, Rancid, Misfits, Rammstein, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Saints, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Erik Satie, Presidents of the USA, Thomas Newman, Death Cab For Cutie, The Eels, The Verve Pipe, Jimmy Eat World, The Fray, Bush, Bad Religion, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Snow Patrol, Yellowcard, KoRn, Trapt, Newton Faulkner, Lenny Kravitz, Incubus, Lifehouse, Jack Off Jill, Death From Above 1979, Editors, Evanescence, Blink 182, A Perfect Circle, Coldplay, Damien Rice, the Gorillaz, Beck, the Cranberries, The Go! Team, Jay-Z, Nelly Furtado, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Distillers, Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Kings of Leon, Manic Street Preachers, Seether...-rants-...Nickelback, N-E-R-D, Oasis, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Matt Costa, and Filter. (rereads) Oops. I said too much, right? Sorry...

Song: The bands, dude. Just look at the list above this. If you have two hours of spare time AND are willing to listen, I'll be happy to enlighten you with my favorite songs.

Animal: I just love animals. I really do, love all of 'em. I particularly like dragonflies for some reason. And cats, panda bears, pinguins, dogs, wolves, ravens, butterflies, cows, etc. etc... ...yeah. Well, I think you got the point now.

Subject: Art. But I don't have it anymore... (sobs) So I'd have to say Literature. English and History aren't too bad either.

d - q - p - b

Teh Favorite characters

Reborn!: Holy Sheiz. Dino. Teh Hotness. He's...He's...-flails- ...Well, he's my favorite character right now. And one of the few reasons (the others being the following names) I read Reborn!. Yeah, I'm pathetic as that. But yeah. What a load of hot guys in one series, it's almost too much to handle for my poor heart. -drools- Gokudera - Mukuro - Xanxus - Belphegor - Yamamoto - Spanner - Hibari - Chrome - Ken - Chikusa

Zombie-Loan: Shiba has scored a lot of awesome-points in my book, he's one of my most favorite character through-out all manga/anime. But except for that creepy Chinese guy (no offence meant, Chinese people) I like all the characters.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: I love 'em all. And with 'all' I mean Adachi - Shinagawa - Chiba - Himeji - Izumi. Ahh, the coolest people you could ever meet. C:

DOGS: The evil twins Luki & Noki are my utmost faves. But Badou and Haine get love as well.

Naruto: Itachi - Gaara - Deidara - Hinata - Tobi - Temari - Kiba - Sasori

Death Note: Matt is my absolute fave. The amount of screentime he got in the manga was abonimably low. I mean, WTF. More; Well, Mello of course. And Yagami Light is diliciously bad-ass; he's evil ánd he knows how to make it work; ohh, dangerous. XD

Flame Of Recca: Joker. C: He's the coolest of the coolest and together with Dino and Shiba my fave character. More: Koganei - Raiha - Kukai - Saicho - Marie

Fruits Basket: Kyo - Hanajima - Tohru - Hatsuharu - Momiji

Hellsing: Schrodinger - Kaptain - Pip - Alucard - Jan Valentine (what a friggin' psycho. I love him) - Rip von Winkle - Seras

Vampire knight: Kaname is so dark that he probably shits bats (Others: "Neeeerd." Me: -snork- 8B). Aaaand he's sexy as hell. Oh yeah, I'm not afraid to admit I'm a fangirl. But. I'm not the type of person to orgasm whenever he hits the screen. Nor do I scream my lungs out when he speaks, cut myself if he gets hurt or bawl my eyes out when he speaks, again. None of that, just... I don't know, silent admiration or something... no wait, that sounds stalkerish. He's cool, in the comic-sense kind of way. Zero rocks too, by the way.

Wolf's rain: Kiba - Hige - Blue - Cheza

Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi is such a cool main character. C: And - Mori - Hikaru - Kaoru - Hunny - Tamaki - Nekozawa - Kasanoda

Teh Not-so-faves

Yes, I know that there are bigger and more important issues to worry/rant about in this big, bad world. But sometimes, it just feels REALLY good to talk smack about the stupid things in life.

d - q - p - b

Food: Raw. Onions. Blargh! If I just smell them, I have to puke. They're the most disgusting things I've ever eaten.

Color: I don't really dislike a certain color... As for clothes, it depends on the people who wear it and how they wear it. Not that I have any right to judge the fashion sense of others of course, but sometimes it's a crime to the eyes. Eyes have rights too, you know.

Smiley: :( -Why this one, you ask? Well, because it's sad. (I'm pathetic)

Season: Winter. It's cold. I like snow and stuff, but it's just so frickin' cold. Not to mention that I'm a scaredy cat first class and thus afraid as hell to set one foot out of the house when the streets are slippery. Believe me, falling face-down from your bike in front of a group of seniors causes serious trauma when being a freshman.

Book: My Math studybooks. Need I say more? Furthermore; I tried, I really tried, to read Lord Of The Rings. But when I was at page 106 and still hadn't passed the intro I gave up. Blasphemy, I know, but whatever. Just let me enjoy Orlando Bloom with long blond hair in a spandex and Viggo Mortensen with a sword. 8D

tv-programm: Two words: reality shows. If my home-country didn't ring a bell; yes, we are indeed the proud inventors of Big Brother and the 'Gouden Kooi' ('The Colden Cage' it's called in English) and also, as if the world isn't suffering enough already, they send out Dr. Phil, Jerry Springer and shit like that here, as well. I weep for humanity.

Movie: Live-Action Movie 'Dragonball: Evolution'? As in Live-action? Duuuuuude. That's just f--ed up, really. I didn't know if I had to laugh hysterically or cry waterfalls when I saw the trailer. Especially Piccolo. What. The Duck. This is just rape, man. What's next- a Live-Action Astro Boy movie? Live-Action Naruto? Better yet: Live-Action Pokémon? Live-Action Sailor Moon? Yeah, that sure would fill the theaters.

More craptastic shit: Glitter, -shudders- and Confessions Of A Teenage Dramaqueen (Just... the name. It's... NO.) Worst. Shit. Ever. I already wasn't exactly a big fan of either Mariah or LiLo to begin with, but after I was forced to watch both (BOTH!!) 'movies' on a slumber party I thought the TV had burned a fucking hole in my retina. Holy frick on a stick, the biggest load of repulsive shit ever to be released out in the poor world. Sorry, I cuss a lot when I'm being passionate over things.

And I haven't seen the actual movie yet, but I can guess it's one of those movies I'll hate when I'll go see it; Confessions Of A Shopaholic (What's with those 'Confessions' anyway) And then that line she says to that one dude (y'know, the one that purely serves for the noble purpose of being eye-candy); "OMG!! You speak Prada?!" GAHH, that just about killed me right there and then.

Music: Just in general; music with no soul. As in, over-produced, pre-formed crap in which they have left no space at all for freedom for the singer. Yes, I know this sounds cheesier than your average pick-up line. But I think we all agree here that the Jonas Brothers are a sorry waste of space. (I know, I know, it's beginning to get overrated to say them in one breath with 'shit music'. But really. C'mon. It is the truth.) Sorry, all 12-year-old fangirls out there. You may flame me, if you like. Then I've got something else to please the folks out here with. C:

As for the genres: R&B, most pop and rap-crap (= rap in which they only talk about how much money and bitches and other materialistic stuff they've got, and that isn't cool, man)

animal: Well, alright, alright. I don't love ALL animals... I have a fobia for mosquitos or something: if there's one in my room, I will kill it, even if it's in the middle of the night and I have to get up early. I won't sleep before I've squished the damn bug.

Subject: Math. I hate it with a passion. And it hates me back. Seriously, look at my marks. ...On second thought, don't look at my marks.

Moar not-so-likes: Discrimination, Animal- and Child-abuse, war, homework, school (did I already mention Math?), Geert Wilders (y'know, that politician from my country... The one with the hair that looks like he has killed a pooch and put it on his head, the one that compared the Koran with Mein Kampf... People from UK, whatever they say, be proud of your country that they kicked him out. He's a fucknut.), alarms which go off in the middle of the night, and probably some other stuff of which I'm too lazy to mention it right now.

As I don't want to be a sourpuss and end with my dislikes, I thought I'd end it with a bang. Or to be more precise, Chuck Norris jokes. They're probably all over the net and annoying the living crap out of you by now, but God, they make me laugh every time again.

-Chuck Norris uses pepper spray to spice up his steaks.

-Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

-Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic time table because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

-Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer.

-Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King. And got one.

-Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Chuck Norris has 72.

-If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

-Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.

-If you spell 'Chuck Norris' in Scrabble, you win. Always.

-Chuck Norris makes onions cry.

-Chuck Norris can eat only one Lay's potatoe chip.

-Chuck Norris drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls.

-On his birthday, Chuck Norris randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.

-Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information that he wants.

-Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.

-Chuck Norris' house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.

-Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

-It takes Chuck Norris 20 minutes to watch 60 minutes.

-Chuck Norris was what Willis was talking about.

8'D -Gyahahaha.

Well, that was kind of the end of this lovely tour through my figmets of mind. Drop a line if you like. I won't bite. Not on first meetings, at least. C:

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