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age: 27
gender: male
build: 6' ½", 170 lbs. Tall, lean, and wiry.
hair/eyes: brown/brown
Zodiac: Aquarius, Rat
description: My girlfriend-at-the-time was once asked what I was like. She replied, "Stereotypical." The answer got her a weird look (which I'm sure is what she intended), so she elaborated with, "You know--tall, dark, handsome." Thanks for that.

You can call me Scop. It's a word for an Old English poet, storyteller, bard, &tc. A scop might recite Beowulf or another poem to you in a mead-hall; compare to 'skald.' I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm a massage therapist and health educator and an actor, and I'm here to let off creative steam. My favorite video game series of all time is The Legend of Zelda.

I like alliteration, polysyllabic words, flowing verse, and hard rhythm.

More-extended summaries of my projects follows:

Four Swords: Divide and Conquer--Link is trapped into drawing the Four Sword. The heroes who have wielded it before have always been much younger, still boys, and his adult mind and body split in a way never seen. His Wind fragment (Green) is an agile sharpshooter, confident and daring. Fire (Red) is mighty, protective, and a force to be feared in melee combat. Water (Blue) is intelligent, rational, an inventor and a lover of gadgets. Earth (Purple) is quiet, intuitive, sensitive, and holds a powerful grasp of magic. Each is unique and talented in his own right. The problem is, they don't agree on how to get the job done. If they don't pull it together, Ganon and Vaati will tear Hyrule apart. But if they can, the whole may prove much greater than the sum of its parts. (In-progress)

Odyssey--Princess Zelda is stricken with a mysterious illness. If she's not helped, she, then hundreds of others, and possibly the whole world, will die. To cure her, Link must search for a figure of Zora folklore: the fabled Wind Fish, deity of the realm of dreams, brother to Lord Jabu-Jabu. Will he find this being in time to save Zelda, and will it even deign to help him if he can? This tale will be a sequel to Four Swords: Divide and Conquer, but it should be able to stand alone. (Future project, in development, may be seen if Divide and Conquer gets finished and goes well).

Hero On My Table--A oneshot I wrote to commemorate my graduation from my massage school, dedicated to my mentor. A massage therapist in Castle Town gets a new client through unusual arrangements. He needs his business to pick up, so he seeks to sell this Link fellow on the value of regular massage. (Complete)

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