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I'm X-Danni-G-X

(Once Known as Wackydannyrox.)

(Moved to new account; Mizz-Madam . That was because of some faults on PC)

I'm Fourteen and I live in Blackpool, which is located in England. (If you're thinking of the shitty place with the Pleasure Beach then you're correct!) I think you've noticed that I enjoy to write my little stories, some I like, others I don't.

I'm not exactly proud of my stories but I do it for practice really, and I continue them because people enjoy reading them, (as I'm told.) Anyway, you either clicked on my name because of one of my stories or a review I have left someone on their own story. I review stories because it helps the author continue with making new chapters, and I either attempt to help them or just tell them how good the story is!

Well that's enough from me... Here's a couple of things about myself. Oh and by the way, I'm not really somebody into Yaoi, just to let you guys know...

Favourite shows and characters/couples:

DBZ - Gohan~Piccolo~M-Trunks~Goku~Cell - Gohan/Videl Gohan/OC

Naruto - Naruto~Kakashi~LEE!! - Not fussed.

Heroes - Peter~Claire~Nathan - Again, I'm not fussed

Lost- Charlie~Boone~Lock - Charlie/Claire

Desperate housewives - Susan~Gabrielle - Susan/Mike

Dragon ball - Everyone! - Goku/Chi-chi. Because Goku + Chi-chi = Gohan!



New Life

Chi-chi and Goku die at the end of the Cell games, leaving Gohan and Goten in the care of Bulma and Vegeta. New problems start to arise as two people from the past show up, one of them being Cell...

Not really original but it was my first story, it only took somewhat around a week to write and finish. So meh.

Gohan, The Saiyan Warrior

Being taken away by the Saiyans at the tender age of seven was hard on Son Gohan. Now at the age of thirteen he returns to Earth for purging. Unfortunately for the young hybrid, things don't go exactly to plan and now is stuck on Earth. Will Chi-chi and Goku ever be able to tame the arrogant and cold teenager?

-I'm just going to say this now; it is not well-written. I did, however enjoy writing it and I think my writing doe's improve near the end.

Warrior school

Gohan is no longer allowed to train when he returns from Namek, but with Saiyan blood running through his body who could stop the boy from doing what he had to do? Gohan joined a fighting school in space but has to keep it a secret from everybody on Earth! What about Cell? Who is going to crack the boy's secret first?

-First of all, I don't know how this has turned out so popular! It's defiantly not my favourite story and that's for sure, it used to be but I got bored with it. Don't worry though, I don't leave anything incomplete! My writing is not as bad as it is in 'Gohan, The Saiyan Warrior' but It's not always pretty. Although, I think it might be improving now. It's finished!!


~ Danni

Omnia Mutantur, Nihil I Interit & Gohan, The Saiyan Warrior 2- You probably noticed I deleted these stories. That was because of some faults on the computer, there was some bugs in them when I sent them over from a different MSN account. I might Re-write GTSW2 again but if I do it will be in the future and it is highly doubtful as most of my writing has vanished from the folders. I have also decided to move to a new account as I think that my password from this one is hackable. You WILL see more stories on the way though, hopefully even better than the two that have been deleted. Anyway, I'm very sorry to anybody who read these stories.


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Chichi and Goku have passed on,chichi from giving birth and goku from the cell games!Gohan is now living with the bulma & vegeta.Later in the story,two people from Gohan's past will appear and a long lost family member also comes into the story COMPLETED!
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