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Greetings and salutations beautiful reader,

Below is my old profile. Some, if not all, of the story links off-site are probably dust and lead to nothing by now. Since changed their website around, but, you can find a lot of my Harry Potter and other stuff that has an erotic twist there by searching for Skayda or Stalking_Severus_Snape. Currently, though, I've not been into HP for awhile and, as of November 2014 I've gotten into Creepypasta, which is the fandom of my current writing project, an as yet untitled BEN Drowned story. I hope you decide to read it and stick around for more. Thank you very much!

I hope to "bewitch your mind and ensnare your senses" with my Harry Potter, (and others), fan-works, and, failing that, at least entertain you for the duration that you are here. I've written a few Harry Potter fan-fictions,(and a few stories and poems about the man behind the greasy wig; Alan Rickman), focusing upon Severus Snape because he is my favourite character in the series, but, alas, they are all rated NC-17 and, as such, cannot be archived here.

I do, however, keep them archived on and you may read them by going directly to Stalking Severus Snape.

Please bear with me on the grammical and spelling errors. I am trying hard to catch them all before I post, but seeing as how I use WordPad to write on and it has no spellcheck program sometimes my eyes don't catch every little mistake. I have people who read my work for me and try to help with that but sometimes they don't catch everything either. We're only human, after all.

My Harry Potter/Alan Rickman Fan-FictionsAlong with one story currently being written by Rebecca Middleton and myself.

A Once In A Lifetime Encounter: Alan Rickman shares a moment in the back of his limo with a devoted fan. NC-17. M/F A Once In A Lifetime Encounter

Snowstorm: Tragedy brought them together but fate kept them apart. Alan Rickman helps an injured young woman after she survives an auto accident. NC-17 Snowstorm

Leading Man: A Poem dedicated to the beautiful Alan Rickman. Leading Man

Secrets, Desire and The Potions Master: Severus Snape punishes a student in his own, special way. NC-17 (My first Potter-verse erotic story!) Many thanks to bekithewitch on LiveJournal for brit-picking and correcting any spelling/grammarical errors in this story. Secrets, Desire and The Potions Master

Darkness: The Death-Eaters kidnap a muggle woman for entertainment during one of their Dark Revels. Evil!Snape in this one. Graphic depiction of rape. Not for the squeamish! Don't come sobbing and calling me names if this squicks you and you've been warned. NC-17 Darkness

Beetle on the Wall: While trying to obtain an interview with the elusive Potions Master, Rita Skeeter is a witness to more than she bargained for! Hermione/Severus 'shippers should enjoy this one. I hope! NC-17 A Beetle on the Wall

Darkened Lust: By Becca Middleton and myself. Two oversexed muggle women, one sexually depraved potions master... throw in the golden trio (Nothing sexual happens with them, so don't worry!), an encounter with Lucius Malfoy and anything can happen! Extremely NC-17! Takes place after book six so there are spoilers! There are a lot of grammar/spelling errors in this one since I haven't had a chance to go through every chapter and fix everything yet. So, just a little warning about that! Darkened Lust

The Scavenger Hunt: A side-story to Darkened Lust. It's Becca's birthday and Ami and Severus have a surprise for her. References to sex but nothing shown. Just a cute bit of fluff in honor of my best girl's birthday. December tenth. PG-13. The Scavenger Hunt

Of course, you are welcome to read the rather dark Harry Potter fan-fic I am currently working on that's rated PG-13 for now. It may become R or NC-17 later, in which case I'll stop posting the updates here and post them only to . All that said, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

And, please, if you enjoy good Severus Snape fan-works, check out my Becca's writings at Firewolf. She writes mostly Severus Snape/Hermione Granger smut...delicious, yummy, oh-so-hot it will make your knees weak...smut.

Stories By Becca Middleton

Something Much Darker: by Rebecca Middleton A cruel prank, a potions master, a young woman in desperate sexual need. NC-17 Something Much Darker

Something Much Darker II: by Rebecca Middleton The sequel to Something Much Darker. Severus and Hermione explore their newfound love, attempting to keep things hush-hush, but someone is a little too nosey for thier own good! NC-17 Something Much Darker II

Torture: by Rebecca Middleton Self-insertion. Becca and Ami are young Hogwart's students who are being "punished" by their potions master for acting up during his class. It is a lesson that neither girl will soon forget! May squick some people. Contains what may seem to some as rape. Torture

Just in case anyone wonders; I am one of the authors of the round-robin story, Jubilee's Eighteenth. My pen-name for that story, and a few others, is Skayda


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