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Update: May 5th, 2008

One day, I promise you that I will finish "I'm all in". I've been dealing with a lot of crap and I am not well right now, but as soon as I get myself back on track, then I will finish it. I've been wanting so badly to write, but I haven't got the time or the energy anymore and it's killing me... But while I'm in this condition, I promise to keep my mind open to new ideas for my stories. :)

Hello everyone!! No, I'm not really that excited... I hate being online. No one can ever tell if your being sarcastic or not. Grrrr... Oh well, moving on. My name is Ana. Short for Anavela if you haven't already seen my screen name by now. Umm, I like writing fan-fiction stories and poems. I'd like to be able to write a story and say 'hey, that's all mine buddy. that's right! i came up with EVERYTHING in that story', ...but I cannot do that because I have this nasty habbit(most of you have already seen it) of forgetting things. Not just homework, online stuff too. I take forever to update stories. I currently have two stories that originally had a good plot and ending, but I sadly forgot them. That's right. Everything I had planned for them, down the to the last words, all gone...cries

...But, I'll get over it. If you have read my stuff, please keep on checking. I promise to get an update on something soon. I am not a very confident person, but when it comes to most of my writings, I am VERY happy with them. So, not to be like the 'my -stories- are -the -greatest -stories -ever' type of person, but I did do a lot of work on them, and I would really like for you all to read them. Especially the story I prize the most: Luke's Dead. Got a lot of good reviews on that story but I would love to see more. So if your reading this and haven't read that story, please do. It's not long, and it's very funny. The best I've come up with so far.

So...yeah, that's all I can think about to say right now...

Stories: Updated 10/21/07

Rest Stop: Still looking forward to finishing it, but haven't got the time to...But I will. I promise. : )

Luke's Dead: Completed. So go ahead and check it out! I guarantee you that it will be funny!

The Fourth Lorelai: Completed.

I'm all in: Chapter 11 will be up soon, so keep an eye out!! And I'm not lying, cause I'm working on it as you are reading this.
Family Portrait: In progress still.

When All Else Fails...: This one is on the verge of being deleted. That could change though. Just keep reading my profile page to see if I'm ever going to update it.

Gilmore Girls: Favorite Quotes

Lorelai- I'm a communist 'cause I look damn good in red!!


Lorelai- Waffle's very happy...


Luke- It's the kind of lock burglars look for.

Lorelai- Why do burglars look for that lock??

Luke- Because it's easy to break into. I proved that.

Lorelai- You proved that by...??

Luke- Breaking in through the back door.


Emily: You were on the phone

Richard: Long distance.

Lorelai: God?

Richard: London.

Lorelai: God lives in London?

Richard: My mother lives in London.

Lorelai: Your mother is God??

Richard: Lorelai...

Lorelai: And a relative? That's so cool. Im gonna totally ask for favors.

Richard: Make her stop. (Looks to Rory)

Rory: Oh, that I could


Lorelai: I have to know where you are at all times, especially when you have my shoes on.(To Rory)


Lorelai: Okay, I think we just found the first room in the history of the world that would've made Liberace say 'Whoa, step back, no one's that gay.'


Taylor: Your late

Lorelai: I know, I hope I'm not pregnant.


Lorelai: Hey mom, you didn't make it back to the room last night. Did you get lucky?

Emily: Could you be any cruder?

Lorelai: Yeah, I can be cuder. Hey mom, did you get la...

Rory: Thanks for coming! It was fun. Is everything okay?


Lorelai: Yeah. I have, like, 6,000 pages of case studies to memorize and this whole big test on the Wal-Mart phenomena coming up on Friday and because I have a life and a job and business school's not the only thing I have to concentrate on I'm behind, and I'll probably fail and then that little 18-year-old annoying gnat who sits behind me will get another 'A' and make that 'I'm smart you're dumb' fact to me for the rest of the week and I'll be very upset and will possibly cry.

Lorelai: Hey, I have kind of a crazy idea.
Rory: Those are never comforting words coming from you.

Lorelai: Heh, you know what I just realized? "Oy" is the funniest word in the entire world.
Rory: Hmm.
Lorelai: I mean think about it, you never hear the word "oy" and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word.
Emily: Oh dear God.
Lorelai: "Poodle" is another funny word.
Emily: Please drink your drink, Lorelai.
Lorelai: In fact, if you put "oy" and "poodle" together, in the same sentence, you'd have a great new catchphrase, you know? Like, "Oy with the poodles already."
Rory: Hehe.
Lorelai: So from now on, when the perfect circumstances arise, we will use our favorite new catchphrase:
Rory: Oy with the poodles already.
Lorelai: I'm telling you, it's knocking "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" right out of first place.

Lorelai: That's the last time I buy anything just because it's furry.

Lorelai: I ate the fuzzy certs. They tasted like keys.

Jess: Yeah women right, can't live with 'em can't stop them from jumping in closets... go figure.

Lorelai: I miss Max.
Rory: I know.
Lorelai: I had a dream about him the other night.
Rory: Really? Dirty?
Lorelai: No. Absolutely not. And when you're 21, I'll tell you the real answer.

Jess: You didn't answer me.
Rory: About what?
Jess: Did you call me at all?
Rory: No.
Jess: Did you send me a letter?
Rory: No.
Jess: Postcard?
Rory: No.
Jess: Smoke signal?
Rory: Stop.
Jess: A nice fruit basket?

Jackson: I think we should get married.
Sookie: But - uh, but...
Jackson: Soon.
Sookie: Are you pregnant?

Jess: Someone devil-egged my car?

Luke:You go make her stop.
Lorelai: I'm not going over there.
Luke: Why not? You're a woman.
Lorelai:So what?
Luke: So you have the same parts.
Luke: You shouldn't be scared of it.
Lorelai: Scared of it? You know, you're gonna be a bachelor for a really long time.

Rory:Why aren't you dancing?
Jess:I'm dancing on the inside

Luke:How about that one?
Lorelai: Too pale. Pale means sickly.
Luke: Or sunscreen.
Lorelai: Or mad cow disease.
Luke: Pale does not mean mad cow disease.
Lorelai: Have you ever had mad cow disease?
Luke: Twice last week and my coloring was great.

Lorelai: Okay, I'm lying in bed and I'm sleeping and I'm wearing this fabulous nightgown, and like thirty alarm clocks go off, and so I get out of bed and I walk downstairs, and there, standing is the kitchen, is Luke.
Rory: Was he naked?
Lorelai: No. He was making breakfast.
Rory: Naked?
Lorelai: Ok, you have been in Washington for way too long.

Lorelai: I think I have gangrene.
Rory: You do not.
Rory: Oh boy.
Lorelai: And one leg suddenly feels shorter than the other.
Rory: This is gonna be the Vanity Fair paper cut incident all over again, isn't it?

Luke: Ow.
Lorelai: Luke, are you okay?
Luke: Stupid box. Stupid lamp.
Lorelai: Hey Luke, are you being attacked by your possessions again?

Charmed:Favorite Quotes

Piper: (Blind, and walks into a table. Has a shocked look on her face) Who put that there?!


Paige's conjured man: I massage her.

Phoebe: (Almost throws up)


Piper: Well, sometimes we don't wanna work with the Elders so we're even...


Piper: Okay, well, don't panic. We'll wrap up here and go home and panic...


And many more to come!! Those are just from the top of my head, so they aren't exact...

The X-Files: Favorite Quotes

Also coming soon!!

Favorite TV Shows: ER,Charmed, Gilmore Girls, The X-Files, Friends, Strong Medicine, The Division, Will and Grace, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, What I like about you, Reba, and Judging Amy. I know I like a lot more show than just those, but my minds drawing a blank. What a surprise...

Favorite Characters: (In order to characters above)Piper Halliwell. Lorelai Gilmore. Dana Scully. Abby Lockhart. Rachel Green. Lu Delgado, Jinny. Grace. Carrie. Debra. Holly. Kyra. Amy. I like many other characters, but if I named them all, I'd fill up the page...

Books: Danger in the Shadows. Farenheit 451, Tender, Charmed-Hurrican Hex(and a lot of others), What my mother doesn't know, and Another hideous book where the mother dies.

I've read every single Charmed fan-fiction book. I loved them all... I haven't been able to find a Gilmore Girls fanfiction book, though. I found a book, but all it basically was, was a couple of episodes in Rory's point of view. Nothing originally made up by the author. Well, sort of... I don't know...

Movies: Premonition is my all time favorite movie!! I love Sandra Bullock!!

Poetry: If any of you would like to see my poems, I sometimes post them on my myspace blogs. Here's the link... /immortal4imagination

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