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I'm back from my parents' imprisonment!! YEESS!!

A few things you should know about me:

((note: I'm trying out that icon thing. The image was from a website that I don't remember. ))

1. I LOVE Kingdom Hearts and FullMetal Alchemist, D.N Angel too.

2. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever EVER call me short. I'm 100 percent serious, DO NOT.

3. My trademark is... flipping out when any of my friends call me 'chibi-san'. Or shrimp. Or small. Grrrrrrrrr...

4. I love my Nerf gun. It's a Maverick.

5. I HATE RoyxEd, EdxEnvy, any yaoi concerning Ed... I hate it. Blegh.

6. I love to read... manga. I love to watch... anime. What else is there??

7. I like to randomly quote from FMA Episodes and KH cutscenes. And I memorize them. Yes, I do.

8. Well, I LOVE RoxasXNamine, it's just so... addicting, so much more involving than SoraXKairi- but don't get me wrong, I love SoKai as well... but I revere anyone who can pull off a really long and involving SoKai. (Sweatdrop)

9. I really like Riku, but I also think Sora's awesome. So don't get me wrong when I make fun of him. He's just an easy target.


Things That I Like:

FullMetal Alchemist (OF COURSE!!)

D.N Angel (YES, I LOVE IT!!)

Kingdom Hearts (BEST GAME EVER!)


Twilight and New Moon (A BOOK LIKE NO OTHER)




COFFEE!! Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee...


Bleach (manga and anime)

All of my friends!! You know who you are!!

Things That I Dislike:

Frodo (Not the one you're thinking of, be assured.)





Idiotic manga




any sort of HitsuIchi. I don't care which Ichi, I just hate it. Blegh.

... The list goes on...

Favorite Pairings:

Kingdom Hearts:




RikuxOC (Selphie is not a good pairing for Riku)

FullMetal Alchemist



EdxOC (Yeah, yeah... sue me.)

Golden Sun




Pairings I hate:

Kingdom Hearts

SoraxRoxas- that's like, being in love with yourself...Eew.

RikuxSora- (shudders) I'm not against it, but I will never in a thousand millenia ever read a RikuxSora fanfic.

KairixRiku- Um... I just can't imagine the two of them ever being together.

AxelxRoxas- okay, I'm not against it, but I won't read it.

SoraxOC- Well, OCs are cool, but Sora has Kairi already.

FullMetal Alchemist

EdxRoy- I think I've made it pretty clear that this is an EdRoy free zone. Where is the proof!? ...Okay, there's plenty, but I don't think Ed would ever like Roy like that. Ick.

EdxAl- Urgh... NO, PLEASE, NO. (throws up) That is the most disgusting pairing that I've ever seen

EdxRussel- Okay, first of all; that's just WRONG, second of all, they've only seen each other, what, like twice!? NONONONONO.(throws up)

EdxEnvy- Oh. My. God. NONONONONONONONONONO. I hate this possibly more than EdRoy, I hate it. I'm sorry if you're an EdxEnvy fan, but I HATE THIS PAIRING WITH ALL MY GUTS!! How is it possible that Ed will ever end up with a palm tree like Envy?? Hmmm?

RoyxWinry- ...What is wrong with you people!?

RoyxArcher-...Excuse me!? This is some kind of sick joke... right!?

RoyxAl- That's just plain wrong.

(I'm not even gonna try to start on the rest...)

Golden Sun

IsaacxMia- There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that there's no indication whatsoever that any sparks ever flew between Isaac and Mia. If sparks ever did fly in the game, please let me know.

GaretxJenna- Okay, look; Jenna is Isaac's, so yeah. Plus, two Fire Adepts equals no fun.

AlexxJenna- Urgh, no no no. Just because Alex is all 'gentleman-like' to Jenna doesn't mean he likes her.

Here are a few pointers to show if you're obsessed with Kingdom Hearts (I made these up):

You use a ridiculous amount of hair gel and use it to spike your hair up really high. (I used to do this)

You cry "Your Majesty!" whenever you see Mickey (I do this)

You find ways to relate everything to KH (I do this)

You get music from the game (I did this)

At random times you shout "Kingdom Hearts!!" (my friend does this)

You've memorized every single Organization member, their number, and their Organization name, and you know when and where they died. (I'm working on this)

Say you've found the Keyblade when it's really just a piece of paper.

You scare people when talking about Kingdom Hearts.(I do this)

You find ways to incorporate Kingdom Hearts into your schoolwork.

You play KH tunes on your violin/viola/cello/whatever (Yup, I did it!)

You allude to KH in any essay possible that you write (I do this)

You begin to find the wierdest pairings like KairixNamine, KairixNaminexMaleficent-((throws up)), KairixAnsem-((throws up blood))... ( My friend does this, and I hate it when he does that.)

You watch 'Heroes' not because it's a great show, but because Hayden Paniterre is in it.

You watch 'Racing Stripes' and actually enjoy it because Hayden's in it (Um... Heh...)

You watch the KHII FM+ ending and cry (Yeah, I'm still mourning on the inside.)

Whenever you watch any movie in class and you hear stuff about memories and erasing them or something or other, you whisper "Is Namine one of the researchers?"

Whenever anyone says anything that even remotely relates to KH, you start laughing uncontrollably. (Hm... my one weakness...)

(I'll find more)

Here are a few pointers to show if you're obsessed with FullMetal Alchemist:

You clap your hands really loud (in public places) whenever you want something done, like homework or whatever (I do this, so does my friend)

You snap your fingers (in public places) whenever you want to set something on fire (I do this. A lot.)

You ask your teacher if you can watch the FMA movie during class. (Uhm... well... ((coughcough))... heh)

You find ways to relate everything to FMA (I do this)

You constantly say 'It's Equivalent Exchange.' (I do this all the time.)

You lecture your idiotic cousin about the properties of Equivalent Exchange. (I do this)

You change your hyperlink colors to yellow and red (I did this)

You read books/watch movies as long as they have someone named Edward, Alphonse, Roy, etc. in them. (That's how I got hooked on Twilight)

You totally freak out whenever you see a red gem (rubies, etc.) and scream"It's the Philosopher's Stone!"

You begin a strange hatred of milk (I've always hated milk.)

You get really mad whenever someone speaks ill of alchemy or FMA (I do this)

You start to really dislike anyone who says they hate FMA. (Urk-)

You randomly quote from both the japanese and the english versions of the episodes (Yup, I do this)

You mutter said quotes under your breath so much, your parents start to think you're insane (...)

You memorize every single line and cue from the movie (I did this, and I frequently show it off)

You put the entire movie on your video-playing MP3 player (Yup)

You're so obsessed, your obsessed friend says to you "Dude, it's just a show." (Starts mumbling incoherently)

You arrange for you and your friend to do a scene from the movie at the next speech meet. (I tried.)

You apply nicknames for almost all of your friends. (Armony, Crowley, Colonel Match-head...)

You think about Ed at least once every hour of every day. (...What's wrong with that?)

You've imagined Ed in a tuxedo at least three times and drooled. (...)

You immiediately watch anything that has any of the voice actors from FMA (Hehe... ((sweatdrop)) )

You watch Bleach and obsess over it because Romi Paku and Vic Mignogna (spelling??) were in it. (I watch Bleach because it is one of the best animes in existence.)

You play the PS2 game, beat it twice, and enjoy it and say it's a great game. (Hah! Three times, beat that!!)

You buy the DS game and beat it in one day (Hey, it was a short game...)

You buy one or both of the GBA games from Japan and proceed to beat them in a day, then repeat. (I've got the second one.)

You make lame lists to show if you're obsessed with FMA or not. (I did this)

You say 'yes' to at least five of the points on this list. (...What do you think?)

History Behind 'Maiwyn Hearts'

I know plenty of people don't care, but anyway; for those of you who are curious, 'mai' is part of my nickname, 'wyn' reminds me of dragons (stupid, I know), and 'hearts' is for Kingdom Hearts! Yay!

Favorite Quotes:

"What're you friggin' doing, you idiot!?" me, when my cousin is painting over a Riku picture with pink on the paint program

"Why-isn't-it-working!?" me, when I'm snapping my fingers at my work... but not suceeding.

"Your face is funny." my cousin.

"Hey, she's going to Munich!!" me, to my friend when my teacher/professor says she's going to Munich over the summer.

"So, if you polish the altar every day, the dead will come back to life?" Edward Elric, Episode One (I don't know if that's the exact wording, so sue me.)

"HEADSHOT!!" my violent cousin when he shot me in the head with his Nerf gun.

"So your heart won this battle." Beast, Kingdom Hearts

"I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!" Sora, Kingdom Hearts

"You were just the delivery boy." Riku, Kingdom Hearts

"If that thing has a twin brother, I'm gonna be pissed." Edward Elric, The Curse of The Crimson Elixir

"Man, I hate tasteless transmutations!" Ed Elric, The Curse of The Crimson Elixir

answer: "But tasteless transmutations are your forte, Ed." Alphonse Elric, The Curse of The Crimson Elixir

"So eager for eternal damnation." Edward Cullen, New Moon

"I salute you! Now give me that." my friend, when I show him that I have the FMA movie on my MP3 player.

"You smell funny." Captain Jack Sparrow. (Hey, that line was funny.)

"If beating up psyco cultists is wrong, then I don't wanna be right!" Edward Elric, The Curse of The Crimson Elixir

"Right answer, wrong reason." my professor.

"If Cinderella gets her Prince Charming, then where's my EDWARD?" A t-shirt from a Twilight signing.

"Penguins. Lovely." Edward Cullen

"Oh, a sadistic vampire, intent on torturing her to death, sure, no problem, she runs off to meet him. An IV, on the other hand..." Edward Cullen, Twilight.

"That day... all female officers will be required to wear... TINY MINISKIRTS!!" Roy Mustang, Episode 13

"Did you even have a burrito!?" Person who I know.

"Hehehehehe... There goes our ride." Sora, KH II

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" Another Person who I know.

"I hate the desert, it's nothing but sand!" Edward Elric, Episode One.

"Okay, so he has a donkey to get away from the bomb; top speed's like- 4 miles an hour!?" Classmate during a book discussion

"Wow, Sarutobi-sensei; you're a perv." Jiraiya, Naruto Ep. ??

"Just try to take our seats, I dare you! I dare you!!" Guy on my bus.



"I just didn't like 'The Exiles'!! It was just boring!! I mean- the book people are on Mars and Poe's running around, killing people!! It's just boring!!" Another classmate during a book discussion.

"(sigh) Why do I always get the crazy ones?" Alphonse Elric, Episode 22

"It's because... Riku is Riku is...Riku..." Me, during class to a friend.

My Friend: "Who's more important, us or Ed!?"

Me: "Uhm, urk; uh- you guys, of course!"

"Thanks for the tea." Ed Elric, Episode 16

"You're aware you reek of sheep, right? It's disgusting." Ed Elric, Episode 16


"NOOOOOOOOO!! Not the pink Saix bunnies!!" My friend, inspired by a fanfic we read (When Nobodies Meet Coffee, by Neassa)

"Let us explore the uncharted lands of commercial advertising." My cousin.

"Union's winning, Confederacy's winning, Union's winning, Confederacy's winning, everyone dies." One of my teachers.

"...Soooo, the equivalent to EdxRoy is... Edward CullenXJacob Black?...And the equivalent to EdxEnvy would be... uh... Edward CullenXAro!? EEEEEEEW!!" Me during phone conversation.

Interesting Differences in the Many Eds of FMA:

Yeah, for those of you who're obsessed with FMA, I've noticed that the Edward in the manga is more scheming than the Ed in the anime and the Ed in the video game. Anime Ed is the smarter type, while the video game Ed is rude and cusses in every single cutscene. Yeah, I'm so obsessed with FMA... Yup.

(Also, in the video game, Alphonse never once calls Ed 'Brother'. It's kinda disturbing, plus the fact that Al cusses once. Yeah, that's even more disturbing.)


I'm gonna try my hand at Bleach fanfiction when I get the chance... and uh... the sequel to REWRITE is uh... coming...? I hope.


Right now, if you want to send me anything or reply to a review, then REVIEW my story because right now, any stuff sent from fanfic will be deleted (for safety issues).

If you've ever imagine Edward Elric in a tuxedo and drooled, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you don't scream like a fangirl whenever you see Roy, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you've ever had an e-mail conversation so long that it looks more like an IM conversation, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you've ever played Kingdom Hearts for more than ten hours, copy and paste this onto your profile and add your name to the list: Maiwyn Hearts


Without these songs, REWRITE would have just stayed at Chapter 4. Listen/find them if you love REWRITE!!

1. Blue - Utada Hikaru

2. Keep Tryin' -Utada Hikaru

3. REWRITE (of course) - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

4. Houkiboshi - Younha

5. LIFE - Yui

6. UNDO - Cool Joke

7. Move Along - All American Idiots

8. Passion/Sanctuary - Utada

9. Hikaru - Utada

10. The whole 'Ultra Blue' album in general

11. The Edward Elric Hagaren Song File

12. The rest of the FMA openings and endings.

13. Traveling - Utada Hikaru

14. Ame Hi Wa No Thank You - Roy Mustang Hagaren Song File

Yup!! I adore these songs!

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