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Hey sup? My name's William and I'm 23 and from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This is where I say something witty for my readers, right? Umm...uhhh...can't think of anything... "Don’t worry. I’ve gotta hunch they won’t kill us right away." Oh thanks Cliff. That makes me feel so much better ;). So, here's a little more about me:

My favourite movies: Howl's Moving Castle, Sunshine, Mamma Mia, Gypsy 83, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Studio 54, Empire Records, Alexander, The Fountain, Moulin Rouge, Transamerica, V for Vendetta, Latter Days

Favourite books: Edmund White's 'A Boy's Own Story' (oh the descriptions!), Augusten Burroughs 'Running with Scissors', 'Dry', 'Magical Thinking' (u thought your life was bad), Derrick Jensen's 'Walking on Water' about our stupid school system, Jim Grimsley 'Dream Boy'

Manga: Fruits Basket (currently on the last volume!), kinda creepy how much I can relate to it, how it has helped me with my past. Go Haru!

Video games: Final Fantasy VIII without a doubt. It means so much to me and I see it as the pinnacle of artistic creation. I love all other FFs too, apart from XII which sucked. I'm still trying to get over it. Also Star Ocean: Till The End of Time, Dungeon Siege, Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims, Star Wars Jedi Knight, Need For Speed, and all the classics like Sonic, Donkey Kong, & Mario.

Hottest video game character: Cliff Fittir & Fayt Leingod from Star Ocean :D! Zell of FF VIII is close behind; Hottest actors: Ben Barnes, Guy Burnet, Kevin Zegers, Chris Evans

Music: All sorts. Right now I'm liking Timbaland, One Republic, Lady Gaga, AFI, State of Shock, All American Rejects, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Beyonce, and Leona Lewis. Best movie music is 'One Summer's Day' from Spirited Away, 'My name is Lincoln' by Steve Jablonsky from The Island, 'Glaring Dream - the Secret Dream Air Mix' from Gravitation, and 'To Zanarkand' from Final Fantasy X.

TV: Oliver & Christian from German soap Verbotene Liebe, the anime Aria, The Mole, Hollyoaks (Craig is coming back!), Studio 60, Canucks Hockey, Godiva's, The OC, Beastmaster, Da Ali G Show, Firefly, South Park, Family Guy, Degrassi

Current meaningful songs: State of Shock 'Best I Ever Had', Lady Gaga 'Just Dance', Faber Drive 'When I'm With You', Tupelo Honey 'Morphine', Leona Lewis 'Better in Time', Metro Station 'Shake It', Keane 'A Bad Dream', Sia 'Breathe me', Shayne Ward 'Next to Me', One Republic 'Stop & Stare', Placebo 'Running Up That Hill'

So what else...hmm...I'm stuck in my life right now. Don't know what the hell I want to do even tho I've FINALLY finished my major in communications. Kind of a loner, not that i want to be (i have an awesome best friend tho) :D I did have dreams of becoming a writer when I first came here but those have waned. I'm still having lots of fun writing my SO3 story below and I've put a lot of thought into it! OMG I'M WRITING ROMANCES! I'M TURNING INTO SHIGURE! But really, I'm just a cynical bastard with a hint of avoidant disorder and I really hate this world and I like to escape thru fantasy. It's gonna be so hard integrating into working for the rest of my life. Turning into a machine. Plus there's the difficulty of being gay, but thats a whole nuther story. At least we can marry in Canada :D

A Love on the Sidelines Extras: The wonderful Spectralwings has drawn a lovely FaytxCliff picture based on the sexy schoolgirl roleplaying of Chapter 16. Take a look!

Dual Desire Extras: DJ Sammy & Yanou Featuring Do - Heaven: Watch the amazing music video that goes along with the Epilogue - My favourite song ever

Timbaland & One Republic - Apologize: Watch the music video that goes along with Chapter 13

Current Story Progress: Dual Desire - Takes place right after the Fayt x Cliff ending in the game. A sorta sequel to my first fic A Love on the Sidelines. Fayt accidently connects the universes of Star Ocean and Star Wars, bringing Han & Luke to the Eternal Sphere. Fayt and Luke work together to seduce their love interests while trying to resist a unique new invader with the help of Albel, Mirage, Sophia, Nel, and Maria. Though Han & Luke are involved, this fic is very much SO3 centric. I love hearing from my readers so drop me a line! It's got Romance/Humour/Action/Adventure/Drama/The Whole Shebang. OMG THE EPILOGUE IS DONE! The story is complete! God, it took over a year to write this story and I'm so proud. Almost 100,000 words! What a journey, I feel like it's such a rich extension of the story from the game.

Post-chapter Musings - Updated August 29th: Well, that's it I guess! I can finally close the page on Dual Desire. The characters have been freed from my head and it's all on 'paper' now. It's too bad that summer is coming to a close. I've had a good time this year, right up until August 17 when cold and wet winter weather moved in and ruined the last 2 weeks. How typical of Vancouver. Global warming is giving us more cloud cover and more rain. I know this is different than how it used to be. And that's why I want to move to somewhere sunnier ;D. Anyways, I finally got a job! I'm gonna be a Donations Processor at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. It was my first interview since I began applying for jobs, and they called me back 2 hours later and hired me! So quick! I'm starting on Sept 3rd, and unfortunately it's only part time. But their office is downtown, so that's nice, and I want to work for a cultural organization, try something new. I don't really have any ambitions, so I'll just go with the flow. One day at a time. And to Zel, congrats on your amazing exam marks! Especially the Physics one XD! My e-mail: whatwouldudo_16@yahoo.com

If you want to read all my thoughts you can go to . The lemons from my stories are also posted in full there.

Finally, big thanks to the amazing, the incredible: Zelavril (you're just a wonderful person, and always leaving awesome, helpful reviews), Spectralwings (you've been with me from the start & even drew a great pic!), Sapphire Sunrise (you motivated me with your early support), and CloudykinS.

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