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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Death Note.

Hi! i'm Dee. i currently don't have man fics posted, but i'm very excited to begin! I'm a girl...and thats all i'm going to say - 'm a very paranoid person, and a horrible speller but hey, thats why spellcheck was invented. lets see...i live a pretty simple life, friends, school, fics, field hockey, grades, the norm.

Dscription of fics/fic ideas

i dont write that much but i felt that since i've been comming to this site for soooo long, it was time for me to return to the fanfiction community. i do have one story idea. its for a harry potter fic (DH, duh). it would be a creature fic, with a creature i made up. it starts with harry being abused by his relatives, to the point where death seems like the best option (happy, i know). at somepoint in this its duddley's birthday and he gets this puppy, which obviously he hates but he dad is like "bwah ha ha, we'll treath the dog better then harry, dont worry, there will be more details. on his 16th birthday he goes through a transformation, now i know up till now all this has been done in the past, but heres where it gets more original. so he transforms, blah blah blah, and the little puppy comes in, turns out its the same kind of creature harry is, a morphia, i'll explain what they really are in the story. so her name is shikiru, she tells him about his past. turns out that james and lily were friends with voldie and that he was one of harry's godfathers (siri was the other) and the prophecy was really that these two would band together to destroy dumbles and he didn't want that, so he kills james and lily, putting a curse on harry and voldie. see, harry's parents preformed this bonding ritual between voldie and harry when he was a baby (nothing weird, just like a super godfather protection bond) and when dumbles put the curse on voldie, it gave harry the scar. the curse is that if voldie tells harry who he really is before harry figures it out, harry will die. so, thats all i'm ganna say but it gets more complex.

A death note fic. idk how many people that read this also read death note fics, but i just started to get REALLY into the L/Light pairing and i was thinking about writing a story for it. it would be about how L wasn't really against Kira after all, in fact, he was his biggest suporter. L was sick of catching criminals, only for 5 more to pop up in their place, each worst then the next. but once he realizes that someone is killing for good, he wants to meet this person. sooo, along the way him and Light meet, like in the anime (i haven't read the manga) and L suspects him of being Kira, and thats why he follows him around so much. i'm thinking about having something go on between then when they're chained together, but i'm not sure yet. So yea, thats my plan.

So i had this idea. it would be SO cool to meet people from around the world, and i know there are so many people from different countries on this site. so i thought, hey, i'm ganna put a post in my profile about this and see if i meet anyone. i've already got america covered, but if anyone looks at this and wants to chat, that would be awesome. -

i will say this now, i am a MAJOR SLASH fan, and all of my stories will contain such.

Favorite pairings: Harry Potter/ Draco Malfoy (harry potter)

Jack/Will (PotC)

Ryan/Troy (High School Musical)

Nick/Greg (CSI)

JD/Dr.Cox (Scrubs)

Booth/Zack(Bones). in my opinion there are no where NEAR enough of those fics anywhere.

L/Light (Death Note)

so yea...

Little Rants -

I think there should be a section in each catagory, devoted to slash. when your searching for fics, one of the things to choose from should be slash. i HATE having to weed through a million het fics before i find the pairing i'm looking for.

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