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Author has written 4 stories for Tales of Symphonia.

Pen Name Comes From: Anarin, a character I used to play in D&D. Crazy elven assassin, incredibly fun to play, but I got all emo when he got killed so now I use him as a nick online.

Other Names You May Encounter Me As: Boy, if I told you, that would give it away...But hey, why not. My other pseudonyms are Nonny, Kourrya, Golodhros, Zeteram and Calan. Well, those are the most common ones, anyway.

Zodiac: Boar. And Sagittarius.

Occupation: Looking for a real job, just got my degree (in Microbiology. I've never taken a Creative Writing class, so if my stories suck you know why!)

Gender: Female

Fun Facts: My laptop is named Renji (after the Bleach character) and my external harddrive is Zabimaru. My USB drive is named Kratos, cause it's red. I've also got a giant poster for George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series because I share a surname with about a third of the protagonists.

Hopes That Nobody Kills Me For: Ties That Bind, chapter 12. (ducks)

Tales of Symphonia is copyright Bandai-Namco. Yay Namco! Bring us more Tales goodness! There's a manga too. I want it.

Wohoo! Reliance is finally done. Now I've got "Thoda Hot Springs", a little filler one-shot between Reliance and its sequel, Ties That Bind. Oh yeah, and "The Last Angel of Cruxis" is really too cool of a title for that little oneshot, but oh well. More coming when I feel like it. Maybe.

Another fic I might write is a connector piece set between Fire Emblem 6 and Fire Emblem 7, because you just KNOW that Lugh and Rei are Nino and Jafar's twin boys. I mean come on. If you get their "A" support, it says they have twin boys that they're forced to give to an orphanage. They're twin boys who look suspiciously like Nino and have her same magical potential. Plus, my favorite character, Lucius, gets to run an orphanage in the area where you recruit Lugh from! It's just waiting to be written, I tell you.

As far as what I like to read...

I'll read about anything as long as the concept doesn't make me go "ew" and if it's well-written. However, if you have typos or grammar errors in the summary of your story, I won't even try. If there are too many in the first chapter, I'll probably give up. It's not that I have anything against good stories with bad grammar, it's just that an extremely exacting English teacher destroyed my ability to find amusement in narratives with bad grammar. It really doesn't take that long to run a spellcheck/grammar check, and if you don't have a grammar check program I highly suggest getting a beta (someone who proofreads your stories before you post them). It's just hard for me to concentrate on the plot of a story when my brain is screaming "Comma splice! Don't use an apostrophe there!" etc. This can however lead to some funny typos, like "Grieve" (to be sorrowful) instead of "Greave" (a piece of leg armor).

All that aside, FFN is a fun community. :)

Oh right, the requisite Favorite Pairings List:

(Honestly, as long as it doesn't blatantly interfere with canon, I don't really care...)

#1 favorite pairing of all time: Celeborn/Galadriel! Yay Tolkien! Yay silver hair!

Fire Emblem (various): Jafar/Nino (see above), Raven/Lucius, Legault/Heath (cause it's funny), Eliwood/Ninaian even though he's a dink because it makes Roy cooler, Roy/Lilina, Roy/Sophia (woo!), Rei/Sohpia, Canas/books (j/k), Soren/anyone (I love you Soren), Rutger/Clarine, Ena/that one whose name I always forget, Naesala/Reyson (cough Anyone ever notice that Reyson looks exactly like Lucius, or maybe Yggdrasill from ToS?), and probably some more I'm forgetting.

Tales of Symphonia: Eh, I don't really care, but I have giant soft spots for Yuan, Botta, and Kratos so I'll probably at least look at something that involves one or more of them. I will admit that I didn't like Zelos at all until I made myself do an entire playthrough with him in the "Narcissist" outfit. I can't stand pink. (Plus he's much better in TOS2.) Also, if you want me to like your Mithos he'd better be written very well.

Other: Morrolan/Aliera (o.O does anyone even get that reference?), Renly/Loras (snicker), Aragorn/Arwen (don't even THINK of breaking those two up), Goliath/Elisa, Sunshine/Constantine, T.K./Kari, Angemon/T.K. (I actually have a doujin of this..why are you looking at me funny?), Ken/Yolei (It's canon. Deal with it.), Lupin/Tonks (see previous comment), Corie/Kent, Hisoka/Kuroro, Hisoka/Irumi (though I didn't like it until I started reading fic, which hath corrupted me), Azrael/Suriel, Jack/Sally, Sabin/Setzer (don't look at me like that! -shifty eyes-), and last but not least, Sethra Lavode/anyone. And if you can recognize more than half of those, congrats, you must be into the same kind of obscure stuff I am. (I also adore Calan/Setra and Calan/Nightshade, but those are OCs so they don't count.)

It's come to my attention that people like to put quotes in these profile things. I really only have one to share, and it's from an RP session, so here you are.

Ari: Don't you have any morals?!

Anarin: Well, I am chaotic evil.

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