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Author has written 8 stories for Twilight, Harry Potter, Batman, Death Note, and Robin Hood BBC.

Well, I’ve never really been sure why people put stuff on their profile, other then to create suspense as you scroll down the page of long, insignificant information as you try to reach their stories and pray you aren’t tired of reading stuff by the time you get to the actual story, however, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this, and the blank page bugs me, so I’m going to fill it. Most people would just skip the rest. Seriously, why are you still reading?

Warning: None of this is meant to be taken to heart, so yeah, if I offend anyone, sorry. I also do not claim anything other then my own stories that I put on this page. I can’t believe I have to put a disclaimer on my own profile.

Name: Erica Koil or Redbone135

Gender: Well, my name is Erica…

Current Fanfiction I’m writing: I don’t know anymore. At this point I’m just putting them all off. I’ve got one South Park one planned, and at least three for Death Note. And as always I’m forever writing Kingdom Hearts Awards with my wonderful friend Bridget, one of the sugarhigh_ninja3

View on OCs: I don’t think I need to mention Mary Sues, since most people don’t like them, but other then that I don’t mind, although I do tend to mind when there are more then three of them in a fanfiction. I mind less if they are guys.

Favorite pairings: Tsume and Toboe (Wolf’s rain), Namine (Kingdom Hearts) and Near (Death Note), Mello and Matt (Death Note), Jacky and Robin (Bloody Jack), Sir Guy and Marian (Robin Hood), Will and Alan (Robin Hood), Luna and Neville (Harry Potter), Snape and anyone really (Harry Potter), Axel and Zexion (Kingdom Hearts), Dr. Cox and Jordan (Scrubs), Glitch and Cain (Tin Man), Draco and Moaning Myrtle(Harry Potter), Joker and Two Face (Batman), Joker and Harley Quin (Batman), Robin, the Richard Gryson one, and Batgirl(Batman), Donald and Goofy (Disney or Kingdom Hearts, or both!)

Least favorite pairings: Envy and Edward (Full Metal Alchemist), Namine and Roxas (Kingdom Hearts), Axel and Roxas (Kingdom Hearts), Near and Mello (Death Note), L and Light (Death Note), Takada and Light (Death Note), Stan and Kyle (South Park), Matsuda and Mikami (Death Note), Harry and Draco (Harry Potter), Jacob and Bella (Twilight), Anything with Yuffie (Finale Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts)

Hobbies: writing is my main one, mainly original stories, but I wouldn’t have this account if I didn’t plan to write fanfiction. Also, I have a strong Sims addiction and am greatly looking forward to the release of the eighth expansion pack.

Movies and Music: pretty much anything as long as it’s not historical fiction, or Dr. Who. Sorry, I just don’t like that show. And no classical music, other then that I’ll listen to anything.

Pet Peeves: people who kiss in doorways, introductions to AMVs that are longer then 10 seconds unless they pertain to the video, people who insist on looking at their DS/GameBoy/Hand held gaming system while talking to you, “I do all my own stunts” T-shirts, Songs that aren’t in English that get stuck in my head and then turn out to be terribly insulting in whatever language they are in, people who say LOL in person, people who make fun of dungeons and dragons without knowing it’s an actual board game, Orlando Bloom

Weakness: I have terrible spelling and grammar, and unfortunately spell check doesn’t catch most of my mistakes. I’m pretty obsessive about things that wouldn’t bother someone who was still sane and I take things to heart, so when you put the two together it’s pretty big. “Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow” is my motto, or it would be if I’d take the time to write it down, in short, I’m too lazy to get a lot of stuff done.

Vampire vs. Werewolves: OMG! It’s so hard to choose, I’d rather read about vampires, but writing about werewolves is more fun. Plus, I do tend to know better werewolves then vampires… I’d have to say a hybrid of the two!

Pirates vs. Ninjas: Pirates, hands down!

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, I mean, they have Snape and Draco. Plus the coolest house colors and they’re evil. Is there even really a question?

Reason for doubting humanity: The motion picture industry is making yet another incredible hulk movie

Well, that provides a trivial insight to what kind of person writes these stories, and I hope you enjoy them. I always enjoy reviews, and beg that you check out Kingdom Hearts Awards in my favorite stories section.

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