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Author has written 27 stories for X-Men: The Movie, Harry Potter, Resident Evil series, and Walking Dead.

Name: Samantha

Location: Somewhere in Indiana after a too-brief stint in Florida.

Short Bio: I'm a twenty-something with crazy, curly hair, a silly grin, and a busy schedule. I'm neither a genius nor an idiot, but I do have a tendency to change my mind a lot; hence why I'm still in school. I have an amazing boyfriend that supports me and loves me despite my many flaws. He encourages me to write and is a great person to bounce ideas off of because he gives me actual feedback and has some amazing ideas of his own. While he's not comfortable with the fact that I get so involved in the lives of my characters, he enjoys the stories that I create.

I'm a huge fan of anything X-Men, Marvel, or DC-related. I'm a dreamer, a believer, and a writer that indulges in writing out her fantasies. When I was a girl, I loved to run around in the garden and pretend that I was flying just over the flowers. Now, I like to lay in bed curled around a pillow (or my boyfriend) and close my eyes and pretend that I'm still more special than I really am.

I welcome communication from my readers and encourage criticism, good or bad, in regards to everything that I post here. It might hurt my feelings, but I'll get over it. Nothing could stop me from writing fanfic! I love it too much to ever give it up.

Shielded is a story that centers around a woman that's recently returned to the Institute, having left behind her life in Montana in hopes of starting anew. Eleanor was regarded as joyful and fun, and wants to rediscover that part of herself she somehow lost years ago. Of course it is an X-Men fanfiction, as I can't seem to get over my drug of choice. She's agreed to take an administrative position at the Institute as the official secretary as well as the figurehead in charge of recruitment. On top of her administrative duties, however, she has to rediscover herself and get in shape -- after all, the X-Men have to be in peak physical condition to do what they do! The story is all about Eleanor finding herself in a world that she thought had discarded her long ago, and her eventual love interest shall be none other than Scott Christopher Summers. I'm approximately 40 chapters into the story, and I shall update it weekly. It's currently ACTIVE and I hope to post as quickly as possible given my limitations with editing.

These Things is a story that focuses primarily on a nurse from Tennessee named Iva. Based in The Walking Deaduniverse, the story centers on Iva and her struggle to survive. Having been on vacation in the Florida Keys when the world turned upside down, she's in unfamiliar territory and just trying to stay alive. Shane Walsh, former deputy sheriff, gets under her skin and the two bash heads. But, there's a certain friction between them that can't be denied. Is it possible that a character like Shane Walsh can have any redeeming qualities if an unexpected element is added into the mix? It's currently about 45k words and just over 20 chapters, so I'll update it about once a week.

Satin and Shades series is a Rogue and Cyclops series. It's basically a series of one shots that leads up to Like We Never Loved at All. The one shots can, of course, all stand alone, but they're better read in order. I find myself very interested in what sort of relationship Marie and Scott shared before she wound up waiting tables in a fancy restaurant. So, the one shots are simply my way of building on their relationship before I dive any further into continuing their story. The order: Don't Take the Girl, More than a Memory, I May Hate Myself in the Morning, Like We Never Loved at All.

Truth is Overrated is an X-Men fanfiction about a familiar character named Danielle. She's smart, sassy, snarky, and a BAMF that doesn't take lip from anyone. The story doesn't pick up right where Normalcy is Overrated left off; instead, it picks up six and a half years later. Dani has grown into her abilities and her strengths better than anyone could have imagined, but she also has a way of pretending that she's more confident and assured than she really is. What woman doesn't put on those blinders to their friends and the men in their life as well as society? All in all, she's a formidable woman for any man. But, she's only kind of, y'know, halfway interested in a guy that's way too old for her. You know how it goes. A lot of people seem frustrated that while there are sparks between the two, the "action" doesn't happen right away. Rest assured, readers, Danielle and Victor are well on their way to an interesting connection that will frustrate both of them. The story is currently ACTIVE and should be updated regularly assuming I can find time to do it.

When the Man Comes Around is a Resident Evil fanfiction whose sequel leads us straight into a TWD crossover. The story follows two extremely different woman as their band of survivors is found by a mysterious group of individuals in control of a a place known as Whiskey Outpost. Safety is a goal, but never a guarantee. The Undead outnumber the living, and life is about more than simply surviving. The story is currently ACTIVE and should be updated regularly. I'm editing it myself and often distracted by other matters, but it will be posted. I promise.

Until the End is more or less a total overhaul of the original Beyond Trilogy. It focuses on the friendship of two women, as well as their trials and tribulations as they venture forth together on a journey to prevent a terrible tragedy. Originally, I hadn't planned to post any of this story, as I've been writing it solely for the entertainment of my best friend, as well as my own. This story is a work in progress, considered to be INACTIVE, and is already well over 100,000 words. I'm undecided whether or not I'll finish posting this story. I re-worked the characters, again, and have already completed a trilogy in a different Universe with them.

Not So Different is an X-Men fanfiction about a woman that's been compared to Jean Grey since her teens. Now that Jean's gone, she's more or less taken Jean's place at the Institute. The story is about her time at the School, how her life compares to the woman that was once her friend. The story has already been completed and will be updated regularly. It is officially FINISHED.

Normalcy is Overrated is an X-Men fanfiction about your run of the mill average eighteen year old female. She's not quite skinny, she's not quite fat -- she's smart and snarky and tends to put her foot in her mouth. But, best of all, she's Danielle Evans, a girl that more or less gets stuck with the X-Men and has to learn to accept it, and life at the Mansion. The story is now posted, in full, and is considered FINISHED. The sequel I've promised for so long is finally here! Check it out!

Nothing Else Matters started out as an X-Men one shot focused on Rogue and Logan. But, recently I decided to turn it into a full-blown story. I'm pumping out a chapter per day, when able. Rogue leaves the Institute when Logan turns her away, only to return after a hard year on her own. It's one of my darker fics, really exploring the soul and heart of a broken woman. It's currently ON HIATUS, though likely slow-going. Currently 19/23 (projected) chapters.

One Mistake is an X-Men fanfiction that is circled around one of the most infamous villains, Victor Creed. Granted, in this story his whole demeanor takes a brand new spin. It's about two virtual strangers that share one night together, never expecting anything more, and eventually cross paths again almost a decade later. Some mistakes are meant to be made, you know. I plan to continue it, but it's going to be slow going. It's currently ON HIATUS and 7/18 (projected) chapters.

Think Twice is an X-Men fanfiction that focuses on the rarely lime lighted Piotr Rasputin, code named Colossus. The poor, though extremely sextastic, man didn't get enough airtime during the movie. The story is definitely AU, but has a certain soft appeal that you won't normally find in my stories. It's a sweet romance story, where our beloved Russian finds himself in love with a virtual stranger. It's a story I update when I'm stuck on my others, so it's slow going. The story is currently ON HIATUS due to the fact that simply having Piotr do naughty things to a pregnant woman is very unbecoming of a gentleman. Currently 4/12 (projected) chapters.

A Beautiful Lie is an X-Men fanfiction about a woman by the name of Cecilia with the inability to touch. Right off of the bat, she finds herself falling under the charm of Boy Scout at heart, Scott Summers. But, the two are just too much alike and she does her best to pull away, even if the process is painful for her. Somewhere along the way, she comes to terms with herself and her place in the world. It is twenty-seven chapters long, including the epilogue. It is FINISHED.

Displacement is an X-Men fanfiction about a woman by the name of Eryana that finds herself being torn apart by a force similar to the Phoenix force. She's a cold and vicious woman that does her best to ignore the human traits that are impossible to forget. Just a little short doodad that I finished in a rather short amount of time. It is sixteen chapters long and is FINISHED.

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The world's gone to hell – there's just no other way to put it. A sickness spread across the US, infecting the young and the old alike. I'm a long way from home and I may never see my hometown again, but I have to keep fighting. It's them or us; the dead versus the living. Apocalypse: 1, Iva: 0. (OC/Shane)
Walking Dead - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 12 - Words: 28,786 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 2/25 - Published: 6/10/2016 - [OC, Shane W.] Rick G.
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I never thought that I would be back here at the Institute for anything more than a brief visit. But, here I am. I'm back where it all began and my life has taken a number of unexpected twists and turns. It's here of all places where I'm determined to find myself again, find the woman that was lost long before that tragic day my late husband died. Eventual OC/Cyclops.
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Truth is Overrated reviews
I was a late bloomer. An old man swooped in and then dropped me into the crazy world of his School for Mutants my senior year of high school. To the surprise of everyone else, I turned out all right. It's been a long time since I called the Institute home, but now I'm back and I think I might be here to stay. Sequel to Normalcy is Overrated. Sabretooth/OC. Warning: Graphic Scenes
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Survive? Yeah, we survived the apparent end of the world. But, there's a lot more to surviving than just staying alive. When the world tries to take a bite out of you, you either fight back with everything you have or you don't fight back at all. There's no half ass way to make it, not anymore. RE-inspired, no OC/CC pairings.
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