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Author has written 8 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Queen of Swords.

Supreme yodelege, fellow adventurers in the realm of fan fiction!

Supreme yodelege is just my way of saying 'hello' BTW so pay no notice.

I am a 26-year-old writer from merry old England who has written numerous pieces of prose and poetry over the course of school and college. Tried many times to write a book and failed and eventually lost interest for a while, but discovered the art of fan fiction in 2003 and had a go at it myself. Since then, I've been reading and wrting all sorts of poems and prose and I'm currently trying to get my first novel on the shop shelves.

Love sci-fi/fantasy the most, enjoy the basic sort of superhero comics, comedies, cartoon and action films that any good chap worships, as well as a great interest in steam trains, history and all sorts of 'bits and pieces' that make up life and our world.

So, hope you enjoy my work!

Adios, citizens!


The Sharak Trilogy

New Era of Darkness (Kingdom Hearts)

At the End of the World, a great battle took place. To prevent the darkness from destroying the entire world, Sora, 14-year-old wielder of the Keyblade, along with Court Wizard Donald Duck and Captain Goofy of Disney Castle, confronted Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. The heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts, was successfully sealed, stopping the Heartless' leader from bringing ruin upon everything. But victory came at a cost. Sora, Donald and Goofy were trapped on a seemingly endless road, separated from their friends.

Two years later, nothing has changed, but it's about to. The Heartless' biological father and true leader, a creature known as Sharak, has arisen to conquer all of reality, possessing a power far greater than Ansem's. Sharak claims that he has existed since the dawn of time and that he is the universe's true ruler. As Sora, Donald and Goofy find themselves targeted by the monster, they must try to uncover the startling secrets surrounding his motives, origin and rebirth. Along the way, they will be reunited with old friends and old enemies, and meet the mysterious Saviour, as they try to find their way back home, reunite with King Mickey and Riku and thwart Sharak's rampaging campaign.

But victory will not come easy, and despair and sacrifice will be plentiful. And regardless of the outcome, history will be forever threatened by the actions of all those involved.

The Imbalance of Reality (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)

Goodness has triumphed, the light has prevailed and it shines brighter than ever. Now there is only peace and happiness.

And there lies the imbalance.

After the battles with Sharak, one of the survivors, Adam, has mysteriously awoken inside the halls of a world known only as Castle Oblivion, with no clue as to how he got there or why the world he currently lives in is drastically different than the one he remembered yesterday. Shortly after, Sora and his friends arrive at Castle Oblivion, seeking reunion. Sharak and the Saviour Jaron also make their return, coming to Castle Oblivion with scars, confusion and a desire for answers.

But in this world, there is no such thing as coincidence. This assembly of players has been orchestrated by the enigmatic Organization, with an insidious desire to further their own schemes, restore the natural order of events and eliminate Sharak forever. But what will happen when their ‘guests’ have other ideas?

And what will become of the world if the events here lead to all-out war?

The Darkness-Nothing War (Kingdom Hearts II)

The events that took place in Castle Oblivion spelled grave consequences for everyone. Sora, Donald and Goofy were sent to sleep, Organization XIII were cut in half, Sharak became diseased, Jaron had returned and Adam…was no more.

A year later, Sora and friends awaken to resume their quest, reuniting with old friends and foes along the way and discovering that the Heartless threat remains and the new force known as Nobodies will provide a test like they have never experienced before. But unbeknownst to the trio, the surviving Organization members are not only planning on their success to ensure their own supreme victory, they are also at war with the source of all darkness.

The fallen Sharak, now plagued by the light, has risen yet again with vengeance, a cure and Kingdom Hearts in his sights. Rebuilding his forces into a terrifying empire, the monster has declared war on Organization XIII. Such a conflict threatens to cause a huge imbalance in reality, with no chance of a reversal this time. The only hope of maintaining the natural flow of continuity is Hi-Jax, the Organization’s unwilling defence. However, Hi-Jax refuses to be used, and is determined to rid the world of Sharak and the Organization once and for all, be reunited with his friends and family, and regain his happiness, but will his personal desires make him just as big a threat to the world’s existence?

Riding Towards Sunset

New series continuing the adventures of cult television hero the Queen of Swords, spanning across multiple arcs!

Also available in audiobook format on iTunes and ! For free listening and download, visit (http:///title/queen-of-swords-riding-towards-sunset/)

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