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This is underworld-girl. I recently got into fanfics and I'm glad I did. My fav fanfics would probably have to be Itachi x Sakura ones. I love both anime and manga and my fav genre is shoujo. As for writting, I like romance and angst. I enjoy reading and drawing as well as writting. I've written poems as I started writting my own fanfic. In addition, I will soon attempt to write my own story, and hopefully my own novel. I want to think that writting fanfictions will help me develop as a writer and thus write great stories in the near future.

My favorite anime for fanfic is Naruto. Not only because is the only ones I've read but I find more variety of coupling there and it has a solid background of the characters enough to make a well-developed story. My fav coupling would have to be Itachi x Sakura with Shikamaru x Temari as a short second.

I'm new to writting fanfics but I hope I can improve as I go on.

What's going on:

1/ 22/ 15

Too many shit going on. I won't go in detail. I never finished the last chap of Redemption. I only uploaded chapter 9 for Genesis cuz I found it in my old emails and it was already done. So yea...I have little to no interest in writing anything. But I might continue Genesis. It all depends. Either way, everything is On Hiatus until further notice.

5/ 11/ 10

Been a while since I last wrote an update log. Sorry about that. Been extra mega busy lately. Not time for muses to stop by my house or motivation to make me write. Good news though is that chapter 9 of Genesis is being beta'ed so once I have that done which will hopefully be soon enough, I'll publish it. Things are areally going to get intense now. Started chapter 10 but haven't written anything. Hopefully during summer I'll get my muse back. As for Redemption, same thing: not enough time to sit down and think. Haven't even brainstormed how the last chapter will be. But rest assure, that what I write will close the story wonderfully.

2 / 10/ 10

Good news everyone! I FINALLY found my muse for Redemption! The chapter is coming along better than I had hoped. I think I'm going to be quite satisfied with this. So please, keep an eye out for when it comes out. It won't be too long now. I'm almost done with it!

2 / 5/ 10

Decided to make an update log so that people can keep up with what's going on in my life and of course, to know the status of my stories. And as the stories progress I might add a log for the updates. Well, I'm already in my second year of collage and it's been very very hard. I've been able to brainstorm a lot but it was difficult to write everything. I didn't have much time nor motivation (mainly due to how the Naruto manga is turning out). Either way, I'm updating Genesis soon. It's been the easiest to write for now. I'm having a MAJR HUGE writer's block with Redemption. I can't really seem to write the chapter they way I had imagined it. I'm not really satisfied with how things are going. But I'll try my best. Though I won't promise it will be up soon. Better keep an eye out on Genesis.

Future Stories: A little glimpse of what's to come for you.

Finding Eden

Sequel to Genesis


Sequel to Eden


Sequel to Apocalypse

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Genesis of a Forbidden Fruit reviews
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