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Hi guys, it's TaM here, just updating this profile thingamajig.

For people who already know who don't have any clue who and what I am, I'll put up a small little bio for you all.

Name: Call me TaM

Age: 16

Location: Hellsville (literally)

Bio: I am a normal girl (well, if you count my love for anime, and Pokemon, especially Pokemon.) I think I'm pretty normal, by my standards. XD I'm hyper, insane. I'm always there for anyone that needs help. I think I'm a normal person and everyone else is weird and scares me. Literally. All those people who claim they're normal, are weird, well, to me. I don't know, that's just my own way of looking at things.

Uh, what else can I say about myself? I don't know. XD

I have an interest in transformation. Anything on transformation, I love it. You may call me weird, but I LOVE it. I love drawing it, (which i just started to try) and writing about it. As you can tell by my stories. I love Pokemon Transformation, especially. I'm working on a collaboration with my best friend in real life, working on a digimon tranaformation story, so look forward to that.


1: Transformation~ A group of scientists discovered a brand new virus in the Pokemon species. It's deadly, too. After something horrible happens, they learned that it actually transforms humans into Pokemon. When Team rocket steals the research from the, they capture a group of people who band together to try to find a way back to becoming human again. But when one of their own turns on them, things getting even harder for them.

2: Ancient Society~ Sequel to Transformation. So, they finally got their humanity back, but for how long. Not even a week of being human, an ancient culture rises up from out of nowhere. They all believe in Pokemon transformation, for it's a part of their culture. Their elder, named Demetrie, captures the heroes and tries to force them to become Pokemon again, saying they broke Yasuo's laws. Will they be able to stay human, or will they become Pokemon again?

3: Double the Trouble~ Sequel to Ancient Society. Missy is the last one of her friends to have survived the Virus. She lost all her friends and everyone she loves. But after being captured by Team rocket, yet again, she's soon meets up with one of her closest friends. But Team Rocket does the unthinkable. They taken the cure for the virus that was inside of Missy, and use it on themselves, and make the Pokemon virus Airborne, affecting every single person on Earth as it spreads out. But Demetrie, after coming back miraculously, creates a new form of the virus. One that is not affected by the cure, making it's effects permanent. Will Missy and her new friends be able to survive, yet again?!

4: Transformation: Termination~ Sequel to Double the Trouble. About a hundred years or so after Double the trouble, everything is at peace now. But the news explains otherwise, stating that kids all over the world are disappearing to Hoenn. When a group of six friends decide to start at Hoenn to start their adventure, they were in way over their heads. The Society is back, and captures one of their friends. Soon, thee is talk of war. Will this finally be the end?

5: Somewhere I belong~ A self insertion Inuyasha story. After disappearing from my world, I somehow find myself in another person's shoes, literally. I'm thrown into the body of my supposed ancestor, that goes by the name of Lady Megumi. Legend says that she disappeared in the middle of a fight, and was said to return. Well, She did return, but I'm in control. Will I find a way back to the real world? And will I survive, because it seems people are starting to make evil plans that have to do with me!

6: Until Tomorrow~ 3000 years ago, Pokemon started to disappear off the face of the Earth. No one knows where they went. Now, slowly, humans are starting to disappear. No one has the answers to this strange phenomenon. When two friends are confronted by the last two Pokemon, who has time traveled from either the future or past, come and tell them of their destiny. Will they be able to rescue all the Pokemon, and save the rest of humanity? Or will they fall victim to whatever is occurring?

7: Mews Gift~ One night, a girl makes a wish that changes her life, literally. She said she wanted change, and to have the guy of her dreams start to notice her. Well, after that, she encounters a Mew, and rescues it. But the Mew was already dying, and transferred it's powers to her. The next morning, she wakes up to be a freak. Half human, half pokemon freak. She doesn't know how to control it, either. And what happens when Dillon finds out? Be careful what you wish for.

8: Learning to fly~ Samade just wanted to run away from her old life. she wanted to start all over. So, she moved to konoha, where, hopefully, things start to change. Jsut walking into the village, she knows she was supposed to live here. She meets a lot of people who befriend her right away. She even falls in love with one of them. OCXNaruto

Upcoming projects:

1: Transformation: Origin~ The world of Pokemon barely started. All ready, colonies are starting up in all of the regions, ruled by emperors. But when the arrival of New creactures called Pokemon arrive, they're not so welcoming. Wars break out with the two species. One of the regions, Hoen, is accepting of the creactures and befriends them. More wars break out, with three regions againt one, will they be able to hold their own?

2: Naruto story~ At least fifty years after the original characters, a new set of heroes will emerge. Oruhi is part of a clan that is slowly recovering from it's past. The Kurama clan,which is a clan of skilled genjutsu users. She struggles because of her kekkei genkei, and can't use her abilities to the fullest because of it. But, will an old enemy return after being thought dead?

3: No name yet~ Based in the future, after an organization that is anti-pokemon releases a virus that is slowly killing away all Pokemon. Another company, after failed attempts, tries to bring back the pokemon species, when they find a ancient tablet that says, :"Together, thee elemental Stones stand for nothing, but together, they stand for everything." A breakthrough occurs when three elemental stones are found, that would change everything. Now, a couple years later, a boy finds that being what he is is not a good thing after all...

3: Motto Tsuyoku Naritai!~ Shugo chara story, totally rewritten. Cecily: a girl that wants to be kinder, and to be treated like a princess. Emilie: A girl that wants to get down and dirty. Madeline: A girl that wants to be treated with respect and to be more open. Nathan: a guy that wants to open up about himself. And Jack: a farmer boy who wants to be more of a gentleman. What do they all have in common? They all want to become stronger within themselves.

4: Reincarnated Love!~ Inuyasha story. In Kagome's world, present times, a girl runs the streets, homeless. the only thing is, she's Inuyasha's Reincarnation. And she has a sacred jewel shard. After discovering the portal to the past, she's in for life. InuyashaXOC

5: No name yet~ Pokemon Story. In the real world, two people get into witchcraft. They concider themselves to be full blown witches after two years of studying the wiccan way of life. After one of them buys a new book of spell that comes out, she's hooked. They find this one spell, in particular, and one of them wants to try it out. But he's in for the ride of his life as he's thrown into the world of Pokemon, as a Pokemon.

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