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...Hi, and welcome!...

You can now actually private message me. :-) I forget to update this here even though it's been open for awhile. Please keep questions to story-related though.

Update: I now have a fictionpress account, 4-Koneko-4

Anime is awesome!


My favorite anime are

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

My fav. couples: Takuto and Mitsuki, Izumi and Meroko

Tokyo Mew Mew

My fav. couples: Ichigo and Kish, Ryou and Lettuc, Pudding and Tart, and finally Zakuro and Pie.

Sailor Moon

My fav. couples: Darien and Serena, Amy and Greg

...I also like...

Fruits Basket

My fav. couples: Kyo and Tohru

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

My fav. couples: Chaki and Maron

Ultra Maniac

My fav. couples: Ayu and Kaji, Nina and Hiroki


My fav. couples: Kagome and Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku

Card Captor Sakura

My fav. couples: Syaoran Li and Saukra Kinomoto


My fav. couples are Tai and Sora, Izzy and Mimi (Digimon Adventure), T.K and Kari (Digimon Adventure 02), Takato and Jeri (Digimon Tamers), and finally Takuya and Zoe though I can understand Kaji and Zoe (Digimon Frontier)

Magic Knight Rayearth

My fav. couples: Fuu and Ferio

...I recently started watching...

Pita Ten

Angelic Layer

School Rumble

Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle

Kaliedo Star (?)

Memaid Melody (?)


...My favorite mangas are...

Full Moon Wo Sagashite (so awesome!)

Tokyo Mew Mew


...I also like...


...I recently started reading...

Magic Knight Rayearth

Kitchen Princess (created by the creator of Zodiac P.I)

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Mammote! Lollipop


...My favorite books are...

Warriors (it's about cats, there's a section for it here on fanfiction.net)

Harry Potter books


My favorite TV shows are


Ned's Declassified

Zoey 101

...Story Plans...

This talks about stories I may write in the future, or stories that I'm working on/completed. It gives you some information on some things that I thought about doing, thinking about doing, and more. You can find the links to my actual stories below.

Confusing Web of Love:

Status: Complete

Well, this story is complete! It seems through reviews that out of the choices I gave everyone wants a sequel, so I plan to start one soon. :) I like how the ending came out, but I may go back and revise some parts of other chapters.

Takuto's Always There

Status: In-Progress

I like this story, and now that I'm nearing the end it's getting to the sad part. Don't worry though, it will end happily!

I'd like to say thank you to Wikipedia, which is just so helpful when I forget names/spelling from anime.

Finally, I want to thank God!!! I couldn't write at all if it weren't for God!

...Have a great day!!...

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