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Changed my name.

Updating: Updating itself is a problem for me. I get very excited about a fic idea and jump right into it. Unfortunately my lack of planning comes back to bite me in the ass and I quickly begin to waver over what to do next. It has also become my goal to write five thousand words a chapter for every story. I'm slow enough as it is and this will only make me slower.

Posted fics/progress/status:

A Tale of One City: It's not abandoned, I swear. It's just not top priority, though it really should be simply because I posted it.

Progress: 0/5000

Status: On hold, may be rewritten

Possible future fics/what I'm working on/progress:

Sweeney Todd/Sleepy Hollow: Prequel to another story I haven't yet written. It will be gen/friendship fic thingy between Ichabod Crane (played by Johnny Depp in 1999) and, of course, Sweeney Todd. Takes place before Sweeney goes back to London and it should be dark dark dark if I do things right.

Harry Potter: Big fandoms are not my thing to write in. I don't know why but I can never come up with plots/ideas for them despite my efforts. So I asked my friend who told me to write a Remus/Harry time travel fic (they'll be about the same age). So I am, eventually, but unfortunately I'm not particularly enthused about it.

Cyborg 009: Small fandoms, ftw! It's an AU where Joe did not become Cyborg 009. It will either turn out to be gen or het with the pairing Joe/Francoise. Joe will still majorly feature in the story despite any pairings and despite not being 009.

Alan Wake/Dr. Horrible's...: Did I mention my brain is weird? This is less a crossover and more like a fusion. Here's the premise: Dr. Horrible is sent to Bright Falls for some mental rehabilitation thanks to the Evil League of Evil's astounding health benefits. Bad things happen. Gen.

Progress: Chapter two is at about 500/5,000 and chapter one desperately needs to be rewritten.

Assassin's Creed/White Collar (CollarCreed): That U-boat had been carrying many amazing artifacts when it was sunk, including a Piece of Eden. Neal and Mozzie suddenly find themselves in a lot of trouble as their ill-gotten gains bring attention from far worse than the FBI. AU as of that episode happening forever ago. Gen.

Progress: 1,367/5,000

Prototype/L4D2: Um, so Dana runs into the L4D2 gang, Alex is screwing around and eating zombles in the background, and Nick thinks there's a creepy distinct hunter stalking them. Which, you know, is close enough. Gen.

Progress: 1,677/5,000

Jem: There needs to be more Jem fic. It'll probably be Jem/Riot because I hate Rio and very much like Riot despite him being blonde and tan.

There's more fics, I'm sure, I just can't think of them right now.

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