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hello there

im kalie well duh look at my pen name

i absolutly love twilight and theres nothing you can do about it

this is my first time to fanfictio.net

i love writing. i write best when im pissed or angry

just beacause i have a short attention span doesnt mean... 'look! shiny!'

ha ha im sorta a dork

la la oh hi how long have you been standing there.

i have a terible memory and i lose my train of thought easly

im the worlds biggest klutz in the world

just yesterday i triped over a wire and i scraped my knee


my favorite colors aqua blue and black and pink

i love being sarcastic

well thats it

email me!!!

or im me


kalie bo balieee


more about me

. . About You . .
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Height: 54
Favorite Color: black
Screen Name: kaliebobalieee
Favorite Band: panic!at the disco
Favorite Movie: when a stranger calls
Favorite Show: house md
Your Car: must be invisable
Your Hometown: is atlanat
Your Present Town: is dallas
Your Crushes First Name:samm
Your Grade: 9
Your Style: prep
. . Have You Ever . .
Sat on your rooftop?: no. ive sat on stephanies roof though
Kissed someone in the rain?: no
Danced in a public place?: yes
Smiled for no reason?: yes...
Laughed so hard you cried?: yess
Peed your pants after age 8?: no
Written a song?: yes it sucked beond reasoning
Sang to someone for no reason?: yeah it scared the crap out of the person
Performed on a stage?: yes
Talked to someone you don't know?: yes
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: yes
Made out in a theatre?: no
Gone roller skating since 8th grade?: no cant say i have..
Been in love?: yes..
. . Who was the last person to . .
Say HI to you?: asime
Tell you, I love you?: ...
Kiss you?: ...
Hug you?: my mom
Tell you BYE?: asime
Write you a note?: leslie
Take your photo?: my om
Call your cell phone?: jennifer
Buy you something?: ...idk
Go with you to the movies?: sarah debus
Sing to you?: ..
Write a poem about you?: ...
Text message you?: victoria
Touch you?: ..
. . What's the last . .
Time you laughed?: when reading crouching vampire hidden leaves
Time you cried?: last night
Movie you watched?: uhhh... miss. congenality 2
Joke you told?: i dont tell jokes
Song you've sang?: collide
Time you've looked at the clock?: right now
Drink you've! had?: root beer
Number you've dialed?: mydad
Book you've read?: ...summer share cape cod style
Food you've eaten?: ramon noodles
Flavor of gum chewed?: i dont like gum
Shoes you've worn?: my bercanstokes
Store you've been in?: abercrombie
Thing you've said?: somthing in french
. . Can You . .
Write with both hands?: no
Whistle?: yes
Blow a bubble?: with wat gum?
Roll your tounge in a circle?: yes
Cross your eyes?: yes
Touch your tounge to your nose?: no my tonges not that long
Dance?: kinda
Gleek? sure.. why not.
Stay up a whole night without sleep?: yes
Speak a different language?: kinda
Impersonate someone?: no
Prank call people?: yes
Make a card pyramid?: no
Cook anything?: with or without setting it on fire?
. . Finish The Line . .

I wish ...: someone would like me
So many people don't! know that ...ima dancer
I am ...: okay
My heart is ...: pure


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summer camp with the cullens reviews
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ok sheer stupidity out of sheer boredness. its a oneshot so dont ask for more. okzayy theres only room for 2 characters on that list thingy but me and ron are on there to.
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