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The updates to my story won't come as often as it used to, 'cause school just started for me and well I'm in Yr 9 now so lots of work to do =.= But that doesn't mean I'm putting my story on hold. Thanks for all the reviews as well. I really appreciate it Sorry once again for the slower updating.

Guys Thanks for the reviews so much. I really appreciate it. I'm thinking of starting a new story after I finish this one but I'm not sure whether to do HitsuHina again or IchiRu. Any ideas on story lines would be great. Not too much detail though Thanks again everyone for the support.

Oh man...I wanted to release the "Valentine's Day" chapter on Valentine's Day...BUT...I have camp to go to on Wednesday...How sad...Yeah so on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, don't expect any updates 'cause I'll be far far away xD

OK I'm back =.= Gahh there was NO computers OR reception at camp...how sad...newaiz...I'm starting a new fanfic for Byakuya X Hisana 'cause I'm kinda blank with the HitsuHina one at the moment. Sorry =/

About Me

Well...I'm a Yr 9 in Australia, NSW. I'm Chinese surprise surprise hahas but I was born in Adelaide. I started writing after we had to write this fiction story for English and my teacher said I had talent...I do? and then I came across Bleach and I became so obsessed with HitsuHina so I decided to write a fanfic and I started during the summer holidays because the summer holidays were SO BORING! You are welcome to add me on MSN or email me

Future Stories

I'm thinking of doing a IchiRu fanfic as well after I finish my HitsuHina one. Maybe a series of Hitsugaya random stories or Hinamori as well. I'm also writing this story that has nothing to do with Anime whatsoever but I'm not sure if I want to post it up

To my beloved readers

Thank you so much for your reviews. I couldn't have made it this far without your reviews I thought a couple of times to STOP writing the fanfic altogether Sorry if I don't reply 'cause I don't really actually have time. Thank you so much once again guys


Some readers have asked me over and over again about if Aizen or Ichimaru is dead so I will confirm it here Ahem...Aizen is dead! Thank God! But Ichimaru is still alive. He's being a chicken and hid out somewhere xD Anyway I don't plan to include Ichimaru in my story anymore

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The Will To Protect reviews
HitsuHina two plots..What happens when Hinamori's beloved is turned against her? What happens when a mirror appears in front of Hinamori? Please Review Disclaimer: Hitsugaya and Hinamori are not owned by me nor are the other Bleach characters in the story
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