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Thanx for the visit, here is the place to learn about me!

THIS IS ME: A girl from the south of Sweden. I'm married to my wonderful husband since 2004 and we live with our cat Billie and dog Stella. Stella is a Lancashire Heeler and Billie is the one you see on my avatar. They are our babies and are very spoiled with love and care! I love to read both books and fanfics. I also watch TV and get inspired from different movies and shows. I am suffering from a depression and I write as a way to think on other things instead of how bad I feel. I have just dared to put one of my stories up though and I think that there is so many more talented out there so I spend most of my time reading others stories instead.

WARNING: I am born and raised in Sweden and still lives here so Swedish is my first language. I can English too but I am NOT claiming that I am very good at it. I hope that you understand what I have written. If not please inform me so I can explain what I mean and perhaps get some help to fix my mistakes!


Mostly reads slash-fics

Like fiction where another canon male caracter is Harry Potters father like Severitus.

Have read all 7 HP books and I was right when it came to Snape...don't want to spoil

Don't like that there isn't any good Lamb/Veronica fics over at the Veronica Mars board

Hate that Veronica Mars is of the air!!

Hate that the Harry Potter saga is over...but thanx to internet for the fanfics pages!

Is addicted to fanfiction and can spend half my night in front of the computer reading

Mostly reads HP fiction.





Harry/Lucius Malfoy

Harry/Lord Voldemort or Tom Riddle

Harry/Most Weasely Males (NOT Ron)

Three/moresomes with Harry and some of the guys above.

Sometimes I read other pairings but this is the favourites


Veronica/Logan Echolls






What the heck, in VM I read most of the pairings actually.




My wiews on spanking is that it's wrong. I live in a country where we have a law against spanking our children. This law have exsisted since 1979. I was born in 1980 and have grown up without spanking. To me spanking is childabuse and I will never see it as something that is needed to raise your children. I have no kids of my own and maybe because of that some thinks that I should just shut up. But I and everybody I now have been raised without spanking and we turned out alright all of us. None of us have been in jail, doing drugs or anything like that. Maybe somebody thinks "just stay away from stories that contains spanking then" and the answer is that I do most of the time. Sometimes I read this stories and everytime I thinks "What's illegal, why are you spanking as a puni...oh, yeah, it's not illegal everywhere :-D

Everybody are alowed their own opinion on the matter, but to me it is a rather important thing. I have been raised knowing that even a simple spanking is a kind of abuse so it's hard for me to see why it's necessary. I just felt the need to say this. In most countries it's legal and because of that I think that many see the subject in another light, I wanted to tell my wiew and the reason behind it. I have stoped reading good stories when the spanking have made me feel bad. Mostly fics that a child (mostly HP) have been abused, got new gardians and then get a spanking as a way to learn lessons from the new gardians. To me it's totally wrong to spank a kid that already been through abuse.

When it comes to spanking in a BDSM-fic or stories like that when it's grown-ups that have it as a way to spice up their sex-life it's another thing, that kind of stories is not my favs but I read them sometimes. I feel that it is two people that have given their own consent to it, thats a whole other thing than children getting spanked. Of course there is the slave-stories where you can argue that the spanking is not something 2 people decide together. The answer to that is that I don't stand behind slavery either.

Well if anybody got this long I want to say thanx for reading and I send a big hugh to you all! Hopefully I'm going to hear from some of you.

Love, Hughs and kisses // Betty

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